Things to Pack before Heading for a Wildlife Vacation at a Tadoba Accommodation


Nothing could be more exciting than planning a wildlife vacation at the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve that is situated in Maharashtra, India. This sprawling tiger reserve is pretty often called the ‘jewel of Vidharba’, thanks to the amazing flora and fauna that is found here. The Tadoba National Park is the destination to head for if you are looking for a getaway that is marked by serenity and tranquility. The pristine forest is worth exploring and you need to get prepared for a thrilling jungle safari at the National Park.

Vacations could be great fun but it could be quite challenging to organize and plan the entire trip. It is important to pay attention to everything that goes into packing as you must not forget to carry your essentials. While packing for a wildlife vacation, always remember to consult a doctor so that you carry all relevant medication associated with the wildlife trip. You must consider maintaining a checklist. You may go on striking things out till you are 100% sure that you have managed to pack everything that would be needed for your wildlife trip.

Before turning your attention to packing, you must, however, research on the Tadoba hotels so that you spend your vacation in a cozy and comfortable hotel or resort that is situated within a close proximity to the fascinating National Park.

Here are some of the packing essentials.

Remember to Take Along a Plug Converter

You must include the appropriate electrical plug adapters. In the event you end up with the wrong ones, you would not be able to charge your cell phone or computer throughout the course of your wildlife vacation. In order to avoid such a panicky situation, you must do ample research on the Internet to know exactly which plug converter would work for India.

Do Not Forget Mosquito Repellent

Tadoba is certainly one of the most popular tourist hot spots in India. You must visit the renowned National Park only after proper planning and perfect packing. When you are exploring the jungle, it is best to apply mosquito repellent on the exposed areas of your body to avoid mosquito bites that may lead to dangerous diseases such as malaria, dengue, encephalitis etc. You may use the standard spray or a biodegradable lotion if you so prefer.

Carry Along a Hand Fan

In any jungle, you must expect lots of mosquitoes as these are wonderful breeding grounds for them. You must never compromise your health while having vacation fun. So, carry a hand fan when you are going on a jungle safari to protect yourself from mosquito bites. Hand fans are regarded as the most effective and smartest tool for the tourists in an effort to combat the attacks and bites from mosquitoes.

Carry the Right Clothes

You need to wear light-weight comfortable field pants to protect yourself from insect bites and splashy mud. So carry appropriate full pants to cover your legs while enjoying a jungle safari. You must carry pairs of socks that are supposed to be long enough for pulling up right over your pant cuffs. By the way, it could be a great idea to buy leach socks that are tightly woven for extra protection. You must pack scarves and bandanas to drape around your head or neck for absorbing sweat.


If you carry the above-mentioned articles along with a good camera for exceptional wildlife photography and also, a pair of sunglasses to ward off the harsh rays of the sun, you are all set for the jungle safari at the Tadoba Tiger Reserve.