Things to Check When You Buy a Used Car


New cars come with exorbitant price tags. Moreover, the rapid depreciation rate of brand new cars compels many people to consider the used cars as a buying option instead of the new ones. Even though investing in any used vehicle could seem to be a wise decision, you still would require being smart while choosing one. Here are some of the important factors to keep in mind while you are thinking of buying a used car. If you wish to avoid buying the so-called lemon, you must verify certain points while purchasing a used car.

The Test Drive

Always take a test drive on both the highways and the local roads so that you could understand and feel how well the car is responding and performing. On the local roads, one could feel exactly how the car is shifting and responding to sharp turns. You could become aware of the actual state of the brakes with the help of stop-and-go driving situations. When you are out driving on the highway, it would be easier for you to understand how smoothly the car engine would be running. You need to be extra alert and careful. You must note any uncommon brake and engine noises. The test drive gives you also an opportunity to examine and thoroughly assess if the electronics are working properly.

The Leak Test

You must check if the car you have chosen is leaking or not. If a car starts leaking fluids, that should be treated as a red flag; requiring professional repair and maintenance assistance.  While test driving, you could park at a clean parking space allowing the car engine to go on running uninterrupted for a minimum of 30 seconds. You could thereafter, remove the car from the spot and do a thorough visible inspection to see if there are any leaking materials.

In this context, you must know that black fluid would essentially be indicating leaking oil, while a green fluid would necessarily indicate a leakage of anti-freeze and a pink fluid would be indicating a leakage in the transmission.

Certified Pre-Owned Cars

Buying any certified pre-owned vehicle could be a smart decision as it would be providing an additional quality assurance level. Several local car dealers would be selling these cars with warranties extending beyond the original new coverage. Get in touch with used cars Brooklyn dealership to find your dream car.

Chosen Car’s History Report

A car history report could be effective in revealing title issues, service points, ownership history, and if any earlier accidents both small and big. These reports could be available online or from dealers.

Reviews of the Model & the Make

You could get involved in a little bit of investigative work on the consumer and industry reviews of the model and the make for revealing possible defects or other issues. You could browse reputed auto buying websites or go to Google search and do the needful.


If you are well-aware and go through the above-mentioned checklist, you would make the right choice. The point is that you need to do the necessary background check, only then you would end up with a used car that you could use for many years to come.