Pre Workout Supplements – are they Safe to be Used Before a Training Program?


Before discussing the title, let’s first question a very basic thing: what do you mean by food supplements?

Finding out the answer to this question is critical because a lot of people in the society have a misconception regarding the use of food/nutritional supplements when it comes to the bodybuilding or fitness industry. A big percentage of these people are of the opinion that the supplements are nothing, but a pure form of steroids or some kind of abusive drugs that do more harm to our body than any good. But, many have taken food supplements at some point in their lives. Wondering when and how?

Haven’t You Taken any Supplement in Your Life? You have!

Well, after the birth of a child, besides natural breast milk, the doctor suggests the toddler be fed with some powdered products mixed with milk or water. They may read growth enhancer, brain charger or immunity booster as their catchy taglines. While you grow up, there are certain protein powders available in the market that your parents ask you to have for developing your immunity power. Well, these are all food or nutritional supplements that help your body to balance on the nutritional deficiency. Your daily diet plan may not be always sufficient to provide you with the required amount of nutritional component for muscle building and endurance training. Supplements that are being used for the bodybuilding and fitness training purposes are exactly the same thing. They are the isolated or concentrated form of protein, amino acids, carbs, vitamins, minerals and other nutritional components. However, when it comes to high-intensity training to develop muscles and create a gem of a body, different types of supplements in their purest forms, are required. They may be expensive, but are definitely not harmful.

Supplements During Fitness Training

Whether you are aiming to build muscles, shed flab, look massive or have a lean appearance, it’s necessary to enrich your body with the right kind of nutritional elements. Supplements can do this in the best way without making you look for different food products and understanding their nutritional value or measuring the quantity to consume. The best pre workout site will always recommend the use of creatine supplement as a pre-workout and whey protein supplement as a post workout. This is the basic supplement routine you can follow.

Understanding Creatine as an Essential Pre-workout Supplement

Our body creates and stores natural creatine in the body. The compound is scientifically known as Phosphocreatine. When you take a creatine supplement, it helps in boosting the naturally stored Phosphocreatine, resulting in that extra power and energy to the muscles required to lift heavy weight and challenges your endurance level. Creatine has the power to pull water into your muscle cells, thus improving the protein synthesis process.

There are different types of creatine-based supplementation products. You need to consult your fitness coach before using or purchasing one. However, if you are new to the fitness industry, it will be best to use 2-3 scoops of Creatine Monohydrate powder in a glass of warm milk or water and stir it really well. Consume it 30 minutes before the workout. The effects will really amaze you.