Social media is used by many and 80% of people use social media sites to get information regarding doctors, hospitals, medical news and information. Social media can be extremely useful tool for communicating general healthcare information to the public, establishing professional connections and sharing experiences. Still there should be censor on the extent of the information shared as for HIPAA compliance. HIPAA violations occur due to sharing of too much of information on the social media sites. HIPAA training should be imparted to the healthcare employees while using the social media.

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts of social media and HIPAA violations and compliance in medical practice.

1] Understand what is considered as HIPAA violations on social network:

As per HIPAA  compliance, a breach is an impermissible use as per the privacy rules that includes the security or privacy of the protected health information. Posting verbal conversation about patient to unauthorized individuals even if the name is disclosed. Sharing photographs or any information without consent of the patient. To assume that the posts or photos have been deleted when they are still to be viewed by the public. Sharing pictures of workplace that happens to have visible patients files.

2] Do not post anything on social media that you will not say in a common public place. This is the basic rule if you are in doubt about a post, picture or comment check with the compliance officer or your colleague before putting it on social media sites.

3] Train the employees adequately– Train the employees on HIPAA privacy and security policies when they are hired and repeat it at least annually. The best way to limit the violation of rules of privacy make sure that they do not use social media sites during working hours. Also extend your rules and policies of HIPAA compliance to social media networks.

4] SEVERITY OF PUNISHMENT OF HIPAA VIOLATIONS– Do not refrain or overlook the severity of punishment of violation of the HIPAA compliance. If the employees are mishandling the public health information and share it or disclose it inappropriately, they should be punished severely. The punishment could be imprisonment or fine or both of it. If HIPAA breach occurs on social media sites then the compliance officer should be informed regarding all aspects of breach. There after notification to the individual must be sent in no case later than 60 days, top HIPAA violations and prevention is available. If the breach involves more than 500 individuals then in this situation the compliance officer will send notice to the media and to the secretary of HHS. The employees involved in breach should be retrained on HIPAA compliance.

HIPAA compliance is an ongoing vigilant process of your overall compliance program. By providing HIPAA training to the employees at the time of their joining and then repeating it at regular intervals the breach or violation of Public Health Information can be stopped.


How To Promote Your Marketing Blog On Various Social Media Sites


In the information age, corporate enterprises are realizing the importance of social media to promote their marketing blogs to large online audience. People who surf the internet loves these informal web pages because their content is very informative and up-to-date. Moreover, these companies get the opportunity to meet the individuals who browse through their business blogs at a personal level in the virtual world. However, all of this is meaningless for you, as an entrepreneur, if your potential online customers cannot find your blog. The following tips can help you generate online traffic to your marketing blog by utilizing the power of social media:

  • Create a personal profile that is relevant to your business

As an entrepreneur, there is no point creating a personal profile of yourself that is not relevant to the kind business you are operating. In order to expand your online business, you have to establish potential “connections” on why these online viewers should consider you an expert to discuss a particular topic. Moreover, it should be easy for them to find your marketing blog on the internet. For this, you need to write up a personal profile that gives informative details of the type of commodities and services your business offering these potential customers. Social media sites like Facebook contain certain web pages where you upload relevant information relating to your business.

  • Search for potential customers

In the virtual world, you need to attract potential clients to your business rather than wait for them to visit you. However, social media makes it easy for you as an entrepreneur to search for individuals with interests that are similar to yours. This is because it is possible for you to find them with the help of certain keywords. You want to attract that segment of the online audience to your marketing blog who interest to the type of business enterprise you are operating. The only way to achieve this objective is by continuous updating the content on this particular web page. This is one of the most important social media tips for promotion of a marketing blog to remember.

  • Be active

To ensure that your business strives in the virtual world, you need continuously update the information in the contents of your marketing blog for online viewers to show any interest. In fact, people who browse the internet may not consider it polite if you spam them junk commercial email without updating the content of your marketing blog. It is like going to a social function where you initially do not introduce yourself as entrepreneur to the individuals present but suddenly distribute your business cards when it is over.

  • Take advantage of the features of various social media sites

Every social media site has certain specific features that can help you as an entrepreneur to upload your marketing blog and introduce it to your target online audience. For instance, with Facebook you can create separate pages where you can provide information about your business. Similarly, you can connect your marketing blog’s RSS to your personal profile.

The above tips will go a long way in helping you promote your business’ marketing blog in various social media sites.

Author Bio – Larry Watson is a digital marketer and helps both small and large businesses with social media tips for promotion of a marketing blog for better traffic and revenue for their companies.

3 Social Media Practices that Actually Boost SEO


Social media has been around for a little over a decade now. Through the years, new networks have come up and recently, mentions on top social media networks is considered by search engines when determining ranking. Needless to say, the proper use of social media can actually boost SEO. This post looks at some of the key practices that will do wonders in elevating your search engine rankings.

Grow your number of followers

The number of followers you have on social media has an impact on your search engine rankings. Businesses with 100 Twitter followers will not get the same ranking bonus as a corporation that has millions of Twitter followers and Facebook likes. However, when growing your followers, you need to note that Google can easily detect when you are buying proxy Twitter followers. Grow your followers the organic way. The process is tedious, but with consistency, you will be able to grow your numbers.


A few things you should consider doing when growing your numbers include the following:

  • Only post useful articles
  • Offer helpful tips
  • Provide general discussion items
  • Allow open inquiries
  • Ask people to follow you
  • Ask friends to re-share your content

Encourage external inbound links

The best thing about social media is that it encourages external websites to link to your content. The more external links you have, the more authority you will have in the eyes of Google. Needless to say, more authority will help you get better ranking. However, for you to get more inbound links, you have to only post high-quality and authoritative content. That is how you attract links.

When using this strategy, social media will serve as a broadcast channel. Don’t forget to use relevant hash-tags in order for your posts to get more visibility. You must also not be afraid to add your content in the existing discussions and threads. This will help boost your social reputation and build your authority. At the end of the day, getting more external links will boost SEO.

Encourage social sharing

Social sharing is perceived by Google as an indication of validation. The more people share your content, the more value that content will have in the eyes of Google. This shows search engines that you have a strong authority and hence your content will be ranked better on search engine results. Encourage shares, likes, favorites, re-tweets and replies. All these lead to increased authority.

The key to encouraging social sharing is to appealing to it directly. You can offer rewards for people who share your posts. Interactive surveys that encourage people to ‘like’ or ‘share’ your posts will also do wonders. You must also not be afraid to ask your audiences to share your content.

The above are just some of the things you can do to boost SEO with social media. However, for the practices to work seamlessly, you have to ensure that your profiles are regularly updated. Nobody wants to follow a dormant or dull profile. How active your page is will determine the overall command you will have.

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