Optimizing organic CTR for increased traffic and sales


Click through rate measures the number of new people visiting your website to check out your products and services. CTR is a direct measure of the effectiveness of your online marketing strategy. If you have an advertising plan in place, you will have a higher CTR. You must already know that boosting a post through social media and sponsored ads will get you more visitors. These are all benefits of paid search results.

Organic CTR is a little different. It includes only those visitors who have found you from direct Google searches. They have not come via an advertised path or from social media boost. It is a direct link that is not a result of your advertising efforts. Organic CTR is not dependent on your advertising budget. The exact number of people who click on your website from the Google search results is your organic CTR.

The link in the first place of Google SRL gets the most number of clicks. It claims almost 33% of all traffic. This means, the higher you are on the ladder, the more will be your website traffic.

Why is your organic CTR necessary?

Your total CTR will tell how smartly you have invested in advertising and PR. Your organic CTR will determine how well your title, keyword and website content is performing. This judges the performance of your site content on other sites in competition.

A general boost in organic click through rates improves your website ranking. This will rake in more views and create a positive feedback loop. Google takes to click through data as a reliable ranking signal.

How can you boost your organic CTR?

A recent study from Search Engine Watch stated that as keywords increase length, there is a constant increase in CTR, conversion rate and conversions per 1000 impressions. The ideal length of keywords is between 31-35 characters. The efficiency of the long-tailed keywords varies from industry to industry. The study also noted that keywords above 40 characters were not efficient and didn’t generate as many impressions. Always think of phrases containing the keyword that will be around 31-35 characters.

Should you review your title?

The title is the first thing any reader and visitor will notice about your post. You may want to make it one of your USPs. SEJ states that constructing titles from different perspectives keeps things interesting. There are four tactics you can try –

  • The jester
  • The hero or anti-hero
  • The feel good friend
  • The bad news bearer

On this note, we must let you know that including new punctuations do not create new titles. You need to add at least ONE new word to create a new title for your post. This strategy will help you repurpose old posts (with moderately high CTRs) by adding a new title, subheads, links, and metadata.

What are a few ways to increase your organic CTR?

Organic results depend upon direct user interaction. Your potential visitor and client will judge your website by the snippet they can see on their Google search results page. Here are ten ways in which you can increase your organic click through rate in the next couple of weeks –

  1. List all pages in order of descending CTRs. Once you find the reasons more people are drawn to page A and not B, you can quickly adjust your content strategy.
  2. Use power words that elicit an emotional response from your readers. For example – “children’s books that inspire creativity” is more useful than “10 books for bedtime stories” as a post title.
  • Reformat your content to include more lists, bullets, tables, and subheads.
  1. Include custom URLs with keywords in each of them for all indexed pages.
  2. Use numbers or refer to the volume of the feature. For example – do not just say sun-kissed beaches you can visit this summer. Include “5 suns kissed beaches you can visit this summer”.
  3. Work facts into your post. Include valid sources. People are more likely to garner a positive impression about sites that give them facts.
  • Include your special offer in the title of your page.
  • List down all possible questions your followers can ask about a product or post. Add the possible answer in the page description.
  1. Make a direct offer to your potential customer in your metadata.
  2. Include a call to action in your website metadata.

Increasing your organic CTR is the easiest way to get new buyers. This is not a standardized process, homogenized for all marketers. Each brand has its requirements and just like all good SEO services; you need to tweak your organic CTR strategy to best suit your company website interests. At the end of a successful strategy, your website will have more viewers, buyers, and higher conversion rates.