Experienced a Sudden Drop in SEO Rankings? Here’s why!


Stop what you are doing and for a moment, try to imagine this. You wake up one morning, check your ranking reports, and realize that your site’s hard-earned top rankings are nowhere. They are gone, without traces. How does that sound? It is difficult; almost unspeakable to be honest. So what could be the likely reason? What are the possible symptoms that something like that is on the way? Time is ripe for you to find out.

Manual Search Engine Penalty

According to Las Vegas SEO experts, this should be the first aspect on your checklist when you realize a sudden drop in rankings, say by ten positions. The manual actions can result from unnatural back links, thin content, user-generated spam, or a hacked site. Simply log in to Google Search Console for verification. Once in, hover to the Search Traffic Tab and proceed to the Manual Actions section. You will most definitely find a notice if this is the case. You will most likely get information on whether the influence is on specific pages or entire site.

The associated penalties can result from on-page or off-page violations. To avoid the penalties related to on-page violations, focus on creating your own content and limit participation in link-schemes. Preventing off-page violations on the other hand requires consistent monitoring of your site. Check regularly for the possibility of sudden influx of spammy links.

Lost Links

Everyone understands just how essential link building is when it comes to search engine rankings. Acquiring low-quality links will definitely have a negative impact on your search engine rankings. It becomes even worse when you lose high-quality links you had initially, especially for a site that has a few links. You can use tools like SEO SpyGlass to verify if lost links is the possible reason for the drop in position. If so, you should get in touch with the webmaster to try and salvage the situation. To avoid any surprises, you need to conduct a periodic audit of your links. If possible, consider doing so once every month.

It’s your competitor

If you have stayed in the SEO realm long enough, you must understand by now that this is a never-ending process. Unlike other marketing methods which are one-off things, topping search engine ranking is a continuous process. If your ranking dropped, there is almost every possibility that your competitor went up the rankings. To recover from this, you need to find out why your competitor outsmarted you.

It can be as simple as using Rank Tracker and checking the Keyword Map dashboard. Confirm the Keyword Difficulty tab and update it. You will be able to view a couple of stats on your competitors. You can also check other stats including InLink Rank, on-page optimisation and social signals. With such information, you can work round the clock to get back on track.


Rising to the top of Google rankings is a challenging task but maintaining it is even harder. Slight happenings can result in a sudden drop in rankings. Knowing the possible reasons behind this can go a long way in helping you deal with this.

Bio: Kirk Sullivan is a freelance content writer. He has been working with several digital marketing companies and data management companies to decode the interdependent relationship of SEO and location-based services.