A Complete Guide for Finding the Right Self-Storage Unit


There are many reasons you could be looking for self-storage in your city. There are many types of self-storage facilities and they come in handy when you are in need of fast, convenient and affordable storage for your prized possessions. Whether you are downsizing or you just need more room for your belongings, a self-storage unit comes in handy.

Versatile and Safe Storage

These facilities offer the most convenient storage options for a wide range of situations. Business owners are also finding these storage units to be ideal when they have no more space for their inventory. From prized art, music instruments, electronics, and furniture to vehicles, a self-storage unit offers just the space you need for safe storage.

You also have unlimited access to your items any time of day or night and what’s more, you have a wide selection of flexible storage options to choose from.

Well, the demand for storage space has seen self storage units mushrooming in every neighborhood. The fact that this is an unregulated industry has seen many people fall for scams and lose their treasured belongings. To avoid the same fate, you need to take time when choosing the best self-storage unit.

Below are some tips to help you identify the best storage facility:

  1. Assess Your Needs

Before even starting your search for storage, assess your needs to make your job easier. Do you need long-term storage or will you be removing your items within a few days? The best storage unit should perfectly suit your needs without blowing up the cost; look for the right fit in terms of size to avoid paying for space you don’t need.

  1. Excellent Security

Whatever you are going to store in a storage unit, make sure you assess the security in the compound. Many users complain of loss of their valuable items. Therefore, look for extra security features including video surveillance, security personnel, computerized access, and flood lighting among others. Security is one of the factors you should never compromise on when looking for the right storage.

  1. Hygiene/ Cleanliness

It is advisable to go for a state-of-the-art facility which is maintained to the highest standards. Take time to walk around the facility and don’t just believe the manager’s word. Check for critter and mold growth on the surfaces and any other signs that will help you determine the hygiene standards maintained at the facility.

  1. Accessibility

Depending on the items in storage, you should consider accessibility as a major factor. For instance, if you need to access the stored items every other day, look for a facility that is available 24/7. What’s more, the storage unit should be near the road. If you choose a facility that is too close to the city, the rates will be higher.

  1. Read Reviews

Take time to read online reviews and testimonials to learn more about a specific storage facility. It is easier today for consumers to share information about the services they use. When you go online, you will find such details easily and they will help you make an informed decision.

You should also look out for lighting and air conditioning in the storage unit you choose, discounted storage rates, on-site management, convenient loading docks, parking space and excellent customer service.