7 things you must know about Responsive Web Design


The changing technology has resulted in people shifting from laptops and desktops to smart phones, ipads and tablets. Therefore, businesses must also shift their focus to creating responsive websites for them to remain relevant. A website that can be used across different devices is the right option for organizations that want to reach many customers.

It will reduce bounce rates

You will have a high rate of bounces if your website is not responsive. This is because users will not be able to access your website when using their tablets or smartphones. If your website cannot adapt to various devices or screen sizes, your audience will be unable to see your website and will leave frustrated or unsatisfied. With a responsive website, your audience will stay longer. They may also view more pages and become loyal customers of your company.

Increases conversion rates

For you to increase the conversion rates of your website, you must provide your users with the best experience. With a responsive web design, you will be catering for the needs of all your users regardless of the devices that they are using. Visitors that have a good experience when using your website have a higher chance of being converted.

Content still reigns

Content has always reigned on the web. Therefore, to engage in responsiveweb design and blogging, you should always put your content first. Content is the core foundation of the World Wide Web. Therefore, how you design the information for various devices can greatly affect your desired outcome. Make sure that the information that you provide for your clients on different platforms is able to positively portray your brand.

Enhances quality user experience

Responsive websites provide a better experience for the individuals that are visiting your site. The users will be able to read content on your blog without straining. They will not squint or pinch the screens of their devices in order to read content. A responsive website is beneficial for you because it is your marketing tool. Therefore, you must ensure that your visitors are content and will come back to your website.

Search engines prefer responsive web design

Search engines have a preference for responsive websites compared to their mobile templates. This is because RWD utilizes a single URL for its content pieces. This makes it easy for the web users to interact. In addition, it helps the search engine crawlers when assigning indexing properties. Search engines will boost ratings for websites that are mobile-friendly, making them to perform better in the searches. They canpenalize those that are not responsive.

Companies are continuously developing novel products and one may not know what gadgets will be released in the near future.  Therefore, responsive web design is a sure way of preparing your website for the future. This is because these designs are not created for a specified screen size or device. This means that your viewers can still access your website in future regardless of the device that they will be using. One can make use of simple online guides for creating a WordPress blog that is search engine friendly. To get reliable simple online guides for creating a WordPress blog, visit this website.