Winter is coming: winter survival guide for real estate agents and realtors


Most people simply assume that the real estate agents are living the high life. It is far from being the truth. Real estate agents and realtors sometimes have to live from check to check, unless their commissions come in! Sometimes, the duration between the closure and its reflection on their account balance can be over 30 days. This disrupts the cash flow, and it can create a crater in the business resources. Downtime for any business is bad, and for realtors, it can mean missed open houses, seminars, conferences, and promotions.

Winters can be slow for business

Depending on where you live and where your business is, fall can be a dreary time. The real estate market is often slow during fall and its slumbers during the winter. Thankfully, once the sun starts shining the moods of the prospective home buyers again pick up, and the market somewhat picks up by the end of spring. So, how do most of the real estate agents see through these unforgiving winters and survive till another summer with the business still afloat?

How to survive the dormant market?

It does not have to be special powers or black magic. Realtors and agents who opt for commission advances can sail through the rough patches and find a more fertile market in the summers. The commission advances real estate agents vary according to their prowess and upcoming closures.

Do not let people forget you

With the advance cash, you can invest in some outdoor advertising during the fall. This can help you keep the name of your business alive amidst the snow and the wind. You might want to book prime time slots on TV, but if you are a part of the digital crowd, definitely go for digital local paid ads on Facebook, Google and other popular websites in your locality.

Keep refreshing their memory in creative ways

You can also take help from cheap but reliable postal services to send out “Thank You” notes, season’s greetings and postcards to your clients. This will help you get more reviews, recommendations, and referrals. Even fridge magnets, stickers, and calendars can do the trick! Did you know? Over 75% of the real estate businesses in the USA are a result of word-of-mouth promotions.

Work on your digital persona

Winters leave people lazy and reluctant to step outside. Make the most of this time to create your new CRM or revamp your old website with new client information. The world of digitization commands you to put all your client details and potential client details on that database and update it on your website. Having an up-to-date system will always tell you which strategy performs best and it will help you stay on top of your email list.

Commission advances are a great way to add some color and fun in the otherwise mundane lives of real estate agents and realtors. Now, other than paying credit card bills, utility bills and fixing old wiring, you can spruce up your business ideas while the world hibernates.



When choosing the type of investment it is important to consider all variants such as lifestyle and personality. We can help you understand the pros and cons whether to invest in real estate or other financial assets.

Among the many markets to invest on, there is one in particular that is slightly different from the others: the real estate.

Unlike stocks, currencies and commodities, the real estate market is based on a reverse investment rule. To invest in stocks traders usually think to save money before investing. As for the real estate, the investors buys soon (borrowing money) to pay the debts later.


Compared to financial assets, real estate offers a safer leverage. Historically, real estate has also been an excellent hedge against inflation, as well as protection against the dollar’s decline.

Despite the ups and downs of the markets, buying shares and keeping them for long periods of time, it could represent the best way to wealth. A stock of high quality shares will not only profit every year, but their dividend will increase. It will also be much easier to diversify by investing in stocks, through some brokers that allow you to invest a minimum monthly sum. The important thing is always choosing an authorized broker and you can do so by choosing the best brokers on website.

On the other hand, people are psychologically more open to investing in real estate because it is a tangible good that can be seen and physically controlled. Also, it will be even harder to be defrauded in real estate because of the inspection process that takes place before selling a property.


The general perception is that there is a significantly higher number of people who have managed to significantly increase their assets by investing in real estate rather than with the usual financial assets. This perception is the result of the different approach we use to invest in real estate compared to the one followed to invest in stocks, currencies and commodities.

There are different reasons why people think that investing in real estate brings more gains than investing in financial markets.

The first reason is the mindset that we tends to allocate large amounts of money to buy houses. Most people think that it is quite reasonable to invest 200% of their assets in buying a single property. While they are risk averse to the thought of spend $1000 on the EUR / USD currency pair.

The second reason is that people tend to invest in real estate with a very long time horizon. On the contrary, the majority of investors in financial assets tend to consider a “long-term” period not more than twelve months.

The third reason is that investors tend to devote more time to plan a real estate investment than in financial assets. In the case of a reduced income, the installment of a mortgage is always honored. Most traders, on the other hand, tended to dedicate little time and effort to planning and to immediately suspend payments to the first hurdle.

If you are considering buying a property it is good to start getting into the perspective that brick is just one of the many ways to invest. This is a fairly simple concept even ifwe tend to give to the house a special status. In fact, the real estate investments, except the first home, should be treated like any other financial assets.