How to Make Your Business PowerPoint Presentation More Impactful


PowerPoint presentations are an integral part of office meetings. This presentation software is so popular because it is extremely simple to use. Virtually everyone can use it to create compelling presentations. However, there are certain tips and tricks that will enable you to make your presentations more impactful. A quick look:

Set the Default Display of the Slides to 16:9 Instead of the Conventional 4:3 aspect ratio

In most cases, the presentations that you make will be either on widescreen flat TVs or on your laptop, the screens of both of which are standardized to the 16:9 aspect ratio. By building your presentation in the older 4:3 display format, you are not making the best use of the screen space available to you. In fact, the empty black spaces on either side of the slide look quite ugly to viewers and spoil the aesthetics of the presentation. By adopting the widescreen slide format, any new-generation video that you embed in your presentation will also be displayed on the full screen instead of being letterboxed and shrunk.

Use a Font Size That Can Be Easily Read by the Audience

PowerPoint presentations have a better impact since they give your speech a visual representation. The presentation can be made more compelling by using images, videos, graphs, charts, and diagrams to illustrate the point you are trying to get across. Use PowerPoint org chart templates to add more punch to your presentation.

Whatever text that you need to use should be the bare minimum and be in a bulleted style that is easy to follow by the audience. Most importantly, the text should be in a font size that will permit it to be read easily by even the persons sitting at the back of the room.

Use High-Contrast Colors

Whichever theme that you select to give your presentation slides enhanced aesthetics, you should ensure thatit can provide high contrast to the text. This means that you should be able to use light-colored text on dark backgrounds and vice versa to make it easy for the text to be read. Resist the urge to use light-colored backgrounds or color gradients even if they really look appealing as it is very easy for the text to lose the desired visibility. While the combination of white and black is the easiest to read, it can be very boring so if you are using colors, ensure they contrast well.

Resize Images with Care

When you are using images in your presentation, you will need to resize them, therefore, ensure they fit properly on the slide. If you are careless, you could end up distorting the image by messing up the aspect ratio when you make it tall or wide. Using one of the corner nodes ensures that the resizing does not go awry.


Be careful when putting your presentation together and make sure that the audience does not get confused or finds it difficult to read the slides. Putting yourself in the shoes of the audience can ensure a presentation that communicates well.