Things to Avoid When Engaging an Interstate Moving Company


Moving a long distance away across the country is even more of a hassle than the normal move to a different town in the same state. Not only do you need to ensure that your goods are packed better to stand the rigors of the move but you also need to avoid making some basic mistakes that can create a lot of havoc. Some useful tips:

Don’t Sign the Contract Blindly

Never assume that the contract the moving company hands to you is a standard one that need not be read. Make it a point to read it carefully and ask questions about everything that is not clear. Ask the company to specifically point out any additional fees that may be chargeable and arrange to have the rest struck out from the contract. Make it very clear what their responsibility is and how much they can charge you, subject to even contingencies.

Avoid a Moving Company That Demands Only Cash Payment

Any legitimate and reputed DC moving company will typically offer a number of methods that you can use to pay them, including check, bank transfer, credit card, etc. Beware of companies that only accept cash even though it may not be a big bother for you. When you pay by cash there is no paper trail, and the company can later simply turn around and either denythe payment made by you or say it was for a lower amount and they are still to get the balance.

Don’t Sign-Off the Paperwork Unless All Your Belongings Have Been Delivered

After the company makes the delivery, you should physically verify that all the boxes and other items have been actually delivered before you sign the paperwork that certifies completion of the delivery. It is not unusual for interstate movers to transship consignments from one truck to another depending on logistical convenience. So, it is quite possible that some articles will be delivered later. Make sure that all the items have been delivered and refuse to sign any delivery notes or similar paperwork unless you get everything. Do not get mislead that the moving company will ensure that the delivery will be made soon and that the paperwork is just a formality.

Find Out Who Is Responsible For Insurance

If your goods are costly, you should definitely have them insured for the move. While most of the moving companies have tie-ups with insurance companies that let them offer very decent rates, do not assume that they are taking care of the insurance. Ask for a quote, compare it with those that you have obtained independently, and go ahead with the one that appears reasonable.


When moving, it is essential that you maintain a list of the inventory so that you can check it off with the deliveries being made. Ideally, each box should have a distinctive number to make identification easy. As a matter of abundant caution, you should never entrust very important documents, valuables or fragile goods to the moving company.