Understanding the Function of Law in the World of Business Today


Entrepreneurs are known to be specialists in certain industries and they seem to have the skill, expertise and sound knowledge in specific industries. However, some business decisions would be necessitating professional expertise and knowledge outside the core market of any business like law and finance.  It is mandatory for small businesses to comply with all existing rules and regulations that are applicable to the large organizations. So, it is important for small companies to hire the services of an expert and experienced business attorney at times who could share his legal expertise in providing effective legal solutions. Law is undoubtedly a pretty broad and extensive discipline with numerous fields which serve crucial functions in business.

The business law would be including a complicated network of federal, state and even municipal statutes. These laws would be functioning together for ensuring fairness and predictability. They would be encouraging competition through protection of property rights. Irrespective of what a business transaction involves, the law would surely be providing a way for everybody to realize their responsibilities and obligations.


Businesses require paying taxes on their income and there exists a tax law that would be determining how businesses would be paying taxes to the federal or the state government. Businesses are allowed by the Internal Revenue Service to choose a business structure that would be affecting taxation. Some of the common types of businesses are a sole proprietorship or single owner operations and partnerships or multi-owner businesses and corporations that are large businesses owned jointly by a group comprising stock shareholders. Owners of partnerships and sole proprietorships would be reporting business earnings on their distinct income tax returns. Corporations, on the other hand, are regarded as tax entities which are actually, separate from the company owners. Get in touch with an expert business lawyer if you have any taxation issue.


Antitrust law has been designed for promoting business competition simply by restricting anti-competitive behavior like monopolization and price fixing. Competition obviously is regarded healthy for any economy and it is welcomed because it results in improved products and services including fairer prices. The fact is that the government could be potentially preventing establishments from merging or compelling enterprises to consider splitting into diverse divisions for promoting competition.

Contract Law

Contract law is an extensive field which would be efficiently governing the conduct of organizations in certain specific areas including assignment of drafts, contract drafting, a delegation of duties, transactions, conditions to any contract, breach, including remedies. The UCC or the Uniform Commercial Code is a crucial part of contract law which would be governing the actual sale of goods.

The law that governs the contracts makes each party involved in the contract, to realize and fully understand their role and what expectations need to be fulfilled by them. Moreover, they would be made aware of the fact that in case any issues crop up, there surely would be a legal recourse or a remedy. Apart from the sales agreements, the non-disclosure agreements and also the non-competition agreements would be within the purview of contract law.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property implies creations of your mind such as literature, art, company logos and the inventions. Intellectual property law would be granting adequate legal protection to all the creators responsible for different kinds of intellectual property that would be giving the creators their right to profit and take suitable legal action against anyone who has copied their work without taking any permission. Intellectual property law is very effective and protects the intellectual property of an organization from being stolen by their competitors. The competitors would be penalized if they are found guilty of stealing the ideas or using them. This sort of intellectual property law is a protection that inspires businesses to carry on with their innovations.


According to the kind of business you are involved in, there would be numerous other laws that are relevant to a specific business. For instance, municipal health codes would be applicable to any sale of food. The transportation of dangerous chemicals that are used in a number of businesses would be governed effectively by the Federal Department of Transportation codes. There exist tax codes that determine if you are charging tax on your products and if so, would you be taxed on that ground? Moreover, the workers in any business are protected by the Federal Occupation and Safety Laws.