5 Ways CRM can Help Property Agents Get More Leads


In a competitive industry like real estate, good quality CRM software solutions can help independent property agents get an edge over large companies. At the same time, big enterprises can also streamline their operations using a CRM system. This article details how CRM can help property agents gain more leads and promising prospects. You can start by selecting a suitable CRM product for your needs by reading the in-depth reviews in a reliable SaaS directory.

  1. Understand Your Customers Better

The CRM solution stores useful customer data from which you can get insights about your customer needs, identify the latest trends, and tweak your sales strategies accordingly. You can thus use the data to provide better service to your customers. Plus, the reporting and analytics features can tell you how your company is performing and offer forecasts about future prospects. This will enable you to improve your marketing campaigns and add extra staff members if needed.

  1. Provide Personalized Service

From your CRM system you can get details about all interactions with your customers including copies of email messages and notes about phone calls and face-to-face meetings. With these records, you can follow up with your leads and prospects more efficiently, and provide them more detailed attention. For example, you can use information about a prospect’s budget and their preferred choice of home to set up an email marketing initiative to regularly send them appropriate listings for their needs. In this way you can offer personalized service to each of your clients.

  1. Use Effective Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing is a popular tool and 63% of property businesses reveal they utilize it and another 22% have plans to make use of it. You can integrate your CRM with your email solution to generate segmented lists and launch specific email campaigns targeting your prospects and potential buyers. This integration can help you provide relevant content and messages to each targeted segment and to find out if the campaigns are effective. Another benefit is you can use automated emails to start your engagement with prospects who provide details in your lead generation form and follow up with them.

The usefulness of email marketing extends even after your customers have bought their dream house. Now you need to shoot for repeat clients and referrals. You can use the CRM to keep in touch so that you are top of mind when customers need to purchase a second house or know someone who is trying to sell or buy a property. Create a targeted email marketing initiative to stay in contact with your past buyers and continue to build long-term profitable relationships with them.

  1. Keep Your Business Organized

Property agents can get leads from face-to-face meetings, customer referrals, online sources and more, which can make it difficult to manage all the sales opportunities. These contacts are important for you and you should ensure no lead slips through the cracks. You can use the CRM solution to store details about all the leads and track and nurture them effectively. In short, the CRM software provides a secure information hub that can easily accessed by you as well as your team members anytime, anywhere.

  1. Go Mobile to be Productive on the go

Property agents spend a lot of time in the field meeting clients, hosting events for large groups of prospects and potential buyers, and showing houses to clients. If you are meeting a client over coffee to discuss listings, you can use the CRM app’s mobile feature to make immediate notes after the discussion to record all important details when they are top of your mind.

If you are out in the field and get a fresh lead in your system, you can respond immediately to close the deal. Studies indicate that 50% of purchasers select the first agent who responds to them and they could have contacted multiple vendors. Therefore, you can use the mobile CRM features to instantly enter lead data on the go and it will be synced with your system for easy access online.


Property agents can thus effectively use real estate CRM solutions to get more leads and close them profitably. You can keep yourself informed about the latest trends in CRM software to stay updated. If you are already using a CRM solution for your real estate needs, feel free to share details about how effective it is proving for your business.