Why Is It Essential To Engage A Job Agency Toronto?


The ability to hire and fire at will is not a matter of fun and games though. The recruiting manager is almost always a harried man who keeps formulating strategies to hire effectively when the time arrives to fill a vacancy. The picture is not bright on the other side of the divide though with the prospective employees trying to find jobs in earnest. The placement agencies appear as a Godsend to both the interested parties as they help them to meet their goals without added hassles.

A job agency Toronto is usually engaged by the employer who asks them to find the right employees for him. The agency may help in finding general employees or provide specialized services pertaining to recruitment. The agencies can help to recruit temporary staff or locate a highly qualified executive as per the needs of the employer.

How a job agency helps the employer

The agencies can help the HR department to recruit without wasting their time and money. The concerned recruiter can definitely initiate the process by checking the database thereby uncovering details of several candidates that are a close fit for the profile in question. This saves the company almost a month in time while it also manages to save almost 20% of the candidate’s salary that would have been spent to locate the employee otherwise.

Most companies opt to engage a reputable headhunter when they need to hire for a senior position in the company. The job agency Toronto finds the right candidate discretely and sends him along for an interview. The position is not advertised publicly as there are many instances of poaching from a competitor’s territory. The agency, however, does not claim a onetime fee for their services here. Instead, it enters into a contract with the concerned company that agrees to part with a percentage of the new employee’s salary. There is often a replacement clause incorporated within the contract.

Many staffing agencies work to fill the temporary vacancies of their retainers as well. The functions of an office do not come to a standstill when its trusted employees choose to take a vacation or fall ill therefore. The temporary employee handles the work load in the interim period thanks to the staffing agency. There are multiple companies that go for temp. workers initially but retain them as permanent employees if they prove their worth after a period of time.

How a job agency helps the employee

The job seekers often feel disappointed on not receiving proper responses even after applying to hundreds of companies. A quality job agency Toronto will be able to help secure a good job by interviewing the hopeful candidates, polishing their skills and revising their resumes before sending their candidature to the actual employer. The outcome of the interview may be positive allowing the job seeker to obtain the coveted job without having to incur additional expense. The agency will not allow the candidate to be disappointed if the outcome is negative though and will present him to another employer in order to fill another vacancy.

Enrolling with a job agency is definitely to the advantage of a job seeker especially when he happens to be a fresher. The agency provides helpful feedback and enhances his skill set via trainings. In short, the candidate soon develops the ability of marketing his candidature in the best manner thereby tasting success shortly.