How NBN Can Affect the Way Australians Get on the Internet


Are you wondering about how NBN can affect your Internet experience? At this point, you have most likely heard about the National Broadband Service in Australia — the federal government’s answer to faster, more dependable access to the World Wide Web Web. The technology is poised to revolutionise the way people get online.

The NBN is an Australia-wide program by the Federal government, and its’ purpose is to make sure all houses and companies throughout the nation have a fast and trustworthy Internet connection. Read on to wrap your head around how the NBN can impact your web experience and what you need to know about the latter.

How do you get connected with NBN?

Before anything else, it is essential to set the right expectations, and the first of which is the fact that switching over to NBN does not happen automatically (at least not for a few more decades). You will need to check the rollout map to see whether the NBN is readily available, or when it will become available in your area.

Did you find that your area is viable for NBN and that you are ready to go? All you have to do is pick an NBN Provider in Australia. While the government covers the expense of setup (in most cases), just remember that you will still have to pay your supplier a monthly cost.

Now NBN is not that expensive compared to conventional broadband technology– unless you want the fastest speeds readily available. The federal government is managing pricing to make sure it is fair for everyone.

NBN services are available in the following speed tiers:

  • 100 Mbps download/ 40 Mbps upload
  • 50 Mbps download/ 20 Mbps upload
  • 25 Mbps download/ 5 Mbps upload
  • 12 Mbps download/ 1 Mbps upload

For the top tiers, you will need to pay more– either by picking a plan with more data allowance or by getting a “Speed Increase” on top of a lower tier NBN plan. If you are uncertain how quick your Internet connection has to be, just take inventory of how much time you spend and what you do online over the course of a month. Your Internet service provider ought to be able to recommend a service plan that meets your requirements.

What benefits can you expect when you switch to NBN?

Perhaps the most significant benefit of the NBN is how quick it is compared to conventional ADSL. However, it is what you can do with the speed that’s important. Whether it is watching your favourite TV shows, researching your itinerary, or just inspecting your e-mails, the NBN lets you do whatever more efficiently.

However, it is not fast for you– it is quick for anyone utilising the Internet at your home. For example, with a capacity over Christmas, everybody can connect at the same time– no matter the number of computers, gaming consoles, smartphones and other mobile devices are in use. Your family can enjoy quick access to whatever content they want when they desire it– whether it is video streaming, music downloads, social media or online gaming.

The NBN is all about connection– in more ways than one. We are talking about calling friends, family and work coworkers. With clear video calls, you can see the people you care about, without any disruptions. With fast speeds, the NBN also makes working from home a viable option.