Tips on How to Pack Right for a Super Golf Vacation


It is all too very easy for golf enthusiasts to get lost in the selection of the golfing venue and holiday destination and completely forget about packing adequately for the trip. If you don’t pack with a little thought and foresight, you will not only ruin a lot of the joy of your golfing holiday but also you will be reduced to mooching off your companions. While you should definitely pack light, it’s also very important that you pack right. Some useful tips:

Decide On Your Shoe Strategy

Of course, you need to take along your favorite and most comfortable pair to wear on the greens. It is usually very sensible to carry a spare pair in case you manage to ruin it with water or mud. Because you will not be playing golf every day, you should also carry a pair of trainers for casual use. Including a pair of street golf shoes can be quite handy for replacing the second pair and the trainers. Remember you are on a holiday, so you’ll need a pair of dressy shoes for those dinners at the resort’s classy restaurants, however, this pick really depends on your evening plans. A pair of flip flops is great for lounging around the pool or taking a walk on the beach.

Dress to Suit the Weather but Be Prepared for Surprises

Depending on where you have booked your golfing holiday, you will need to carry climate-appropriate clothes. However, regardless of the destination being located in misty mountains or near sunny beaches, you will need to keep in mind that the weather can change dramatically in an instant, so you need to carry with you apparel to combat rain and cold, even if the weather forecasts do not show any such need. Explore to get an idea of the clothing requirements at various popular golfing destinations around the world.

Be Smart About Money

Some people like to travel with loads of cash, while others carry the bare minimum and let their credit cards do the heavy lifting. If you are visiting some remote and exotic destination in some foreign land, do inquire if the resort will accept credit cards and whether there are any ATMs around should you want cash. Carrying a decent amount of cash, especially in singles, is great for tipping because large denomination notes will be a big waste. It is better to carry the foreign currency with you rather than change dollars outside as your own bank will usually provide the service free of any charge.


A perfect golfing trip revolves around getting the details right. Remember to carry a charger for the phone and laptop, and an adapter so that you can plug it into the wall socket even in foreign lands. Carry printed copies of your passport, schedules, addresses and important phone numbers to reduce your dependence on electronic devices. Do carry OTC medicines for aching muscles, indigestion, insect bites, etc. and some high-protein dried food in case you get stranded somewhere.