The Educational System: Just a Financial Market?


Our classrooms have always been a battlefield. There has always been a battle on what to teach, and how to teach the future generation.

Everybody wants to plant the seed of their own ideas and beliefs in their children’s head, and unfortunately, that of other people’s children too. And with the rise of technology new players have entered the field, tech giants and their fight for future, loyal, customers.

The yea-sayers argue that modern day computers, multimedia screens and the internet are a learning aid that enhance the learning process, and with kids being practically born computer literate, it is the natural course to take. The naysayers, on the other hand, fear losing control over the younger generation, predicting a moral and social breakdown. And everybody else is fighting to get a piece of the paychecks to come.


Apple generally has a good hand in this game. Most children tend to follow their parents example, and a lot of parents seem to fall for whatever Apple throws at them. That’s why Apple products accompany most kids from the crib, giving Cupertino a little headstart in the race for brand dominance.


Alphabet (the corporation formerly known as Google) is taking the open source, “no evil” approach. Their Chromebook has established itself as a worthy, cheap alternative to the classical PC/ laptop, and the price difference to a MacBook doesn’t really put them in the same league. The Android platform is also taking big steps towards becoming a competitive operating system, it even took over Microsoft’s Windows as the most used OS.


That leaves us with Microsoft. Recently Satya Nadella (Microsoft SEO) announced the company’s take  at the lucrative K-12 market with Intune for Education, a cloud-based solution for educators.There will also be an affordable,lightweight operating system à la Chrome OS for cheap ChromeBook alternatives, and the integration of Office 365 Education. The management at Redmond is not going to give up its decade of dominance without a fight.

It is not all bad

Although big corporations having such a big hand in the education system leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, due to the under financing of the system, and the reluctance of politicians to prioritize education, we can be glad that someone is investing in the future generation.

“Competition is good for business”, so it really doesn’t matter who wins the most future customers. The three richest tech companies in the world are competing to make the best product and the kids are going to benefit from it.