5 crucial situations that warrant the need for a DUI Lawyer


Nobody ever plans on driving while drunk. However, most people happen to drive even after they have consumed excessive amounts of alcohol. If you are convicted of a DUI, you may need the services of an attorney to help you out. However, this will depend on the severity of your case and the charges that you are facing. Read on to know when it is appropriate for you to hire a DWI lawyer.

If you are innocent

You should hire an attorney if you are innocent of the charges against you. This is important especially if you failed the breath test or the sobriety test. You should not try to argue out about your innocence on your own. Seeking the help of a legal counsel will help you to win the case. You do not want to be sentenced or penalized for something that you have not committed.

You lack legal knowledge

The legal system is quite complex for most ordinary citizens. Therefore, if you are facing DUI charges and do not understand the laws governing it, it is advisable that you get a legal representative. Most people tend to be overwhelmed and confused when they are arrested for DUI charges. You can choose to hire a lawyer or work with the public defender. Make sure that you do not represent yourself during your court hearings to avoid stern higher bails, alcohol monitoring, pre-trial supervision or extensive sentences.

DMV issues

You will need a DUI lawyer at Hurwitz Law Group if you have a criminal case and a case with the department of motor vehicles. If you do not handle your DMV case, you may end up losing your driving license even after winning the DUI case. The case with the department of motor vehicles is different from the DUI, as it is governed by distinct regulations and statutes. Therefore, you will need a DUI lawyer to save your driving license.

Additional charges

If you have additional charges that may result in a longer sentence, for instance, repeat offense, damages, property, injuries or endangering a child, then you will be aggravating your case. A lawyer will assist you in mitigating some of these issues. However, in most states, these additional mistakes have mandatory penalties particularly for individuals who have repeated cases of DWI.

How a lawyer can help you

A lawyer will ensure that you are prepared enough to go to the courts. Your legal representative will also complete all the requirements needed for your court appearance. The lawyer will also ensure that you complete treatment or educational program necessitated for the State for you to regain driving privileges.

The decision to work with a lawyer for your case will depend on your financial situation, personal case, the state you reside in and your ability to represent yourself and professionally handle the entire process without help. It is important for you to analyze your current situation and determine whether you need a legal representative. Most lawyers will offer free initial consultations for their clients and this makes it easy for clients to talk to an attorney.