Your Complete Guide to Choosing a Car Vacuum


Mechanics have always said that half the work in maintaining your car is simply ensuring it is clean. Accumulation of dirt does more than just make your car unsightly; it can actually make your car deteriorate faster.

Why invest in a car vacuum?

You may use a regular vacuum to clean your car, but there are three compelling reasons why you should consider getting a proper car vacuum:

  • Accessibility – Even without considering the hassle of dragging your house vacuum to your car, a house vacuum may not be able to reach those hidden places in your car to remove all the dirt. Car vacuums can reach in between seat cushions, door jambs and air vents to remove all dirt.
  • Storage – Car vacuums are compact and designed to fit easily into your car trunk in case you need to go somewhere. The only exception to this rule is the wall-mounted utility vacuum. You can choose between corded units and battery-operated types. In addition, you can hold them in one hand when cleaning, which is perfect as you can use your free hand to do something else.
  • Accessories –Most car vacuums come with attachments and accessories that make car cleaning easier, e.g. crevice tools, upholstery tools and other specialty tools which can help you clean various parts properly. You can get them together with your vacuum on purchase or buy them separately depending on the brand.

Consider getting a brush attachment which can help you clean dirtier parts of the car such as carpets and dirty seats.


Tips to consider

The following are tips you can use to find a car vacuum that will serve you well:

  1. Car size and vacuum usage

A small auto vacuum will serve you well if you own a small car, such as a sedan. In general, the bigger the car, the bigger your vacuum should be. In addition, if you live in a very dusty place or take frequent trips on unpaved terrain, you’ll need a more powerful vacuum which will be able to handle the frequent usage without breaking down. You can still get a handheld machine with more power; you don’t need to change the size.

  1. Suction ability

Apart from the actual suction power of the vacuum, the way you handle it will affect the efficiency of the vacuum. More powerful handheld vacuums are ideal if you have heavier needs, e.g. if you have pets in the car often. Better suction ability will mean you don’t need to use as much effort for a proper clean.

  1. Attachments

One of the most important things to do when buying is to ensure you have all the attachments you need, and these have been detailed in the previous section. It is better to negotiate to have some attachments included in your purchase price, but you may have to buy others separately.

  1. Type

You should choose a vacuum that can be used for both wet and dry cleaning, i.e. combination cleaners. This way, if there’s a spillage in the car, you can easily use your vacuum to clean up. Don’t assume that dirt will always be in dry form.