Appointment Scheduler – The Need of the Hour


Ever imagined how WordPress made life simpler and easier for many business verticals around the globe. In fact, many business owners who were surviving on limited resources and losing a huge chunk of their clientele are now dominating through their vast approach in which WordPress and it’s free and paid resources played an impeccable role.

Out of many businesses around the globe, majority of them demands time management which is equally important for companies, individuals and the consumers or customers since time management makes it certain that everyone is doing their job with punctuality and nobody is losing anything because of insufficient time.

As WordPress provided many useful resources for many web owners including some of the best free WordPress themes and thousands of supportable WordPress plugins for powering your website to handle some very complicated and unimaginable tasks, saving time has always been the most important process of them all.

Appointment schedulers is the need of the hour for many business verticals such as doctors, hotels, beauty industry, hospitals, IT companies and almost every single service based company. To minimize the work load you should use appointment scheduler plugins to automate your appointment schedules online and also to minimize the risk of human errors that could turn to disastrous and unwanted result and can eventually save some time and money.

There are many good appointments scheduling plugins available on WordPress but we would personally recommend Appointment Scheduler plugins by Weblizar which is an amazing plugin loaded with so many amazing features one could ever imagine about.

These irresistible features make Appointment Scheduler one of the best appointment automation tools out in the market. Where many other tools are just surviving over the intent of learning how things are working, this plugin is certainly making it’s place by pointing out to some of the very common issues and problems an organisation can face.

The free version of the plugin can be downloaded from or from

There are many features that make Appointment Scheduler plugin the best from the lot.

  • Accept Online Appointment On Your Website
  • Appointments Management Dashboard
  • Check All Appointment Statistical Report
  • Calendar View For Admin With Appointment Status Filter Like Pending / Approve / Cancel / Completed
  • Calendar View For Admin With Extra Filter Like Services / Customers
  • Set Business Booking Hours
  • Create Modify Services
  • Categorize Services
  • Paid & Free Booking
  • Manage Appointment With Search And Pagination Option
  • Export Your Appointments List
  • Export Your Clients and Customers List
  • Customize Booking Settings
  • Customize Frontend Booking Appearance
  • Backup Services
  • Backup Customers
  • Custom Time Slot Duration Settings
  • Custom Time Slot According To Service Duration
  • Set Booking Instruction For Clients And Customers
  • Custom CSS Setting to Customise Design and Style With Own CSS
  • Email Notifications Settings
  • Send Booking Notification Message To Clients and Customers
  • Notify Customer On Booking Confirm and Cancel
  • Notify Administrator when Someone Book New Appointment
  • Set Business Time OFFs
  • Set Lunch Hours
  • Set Repeating Time OFFs / Holidays
  • Turn OFF Weekends Using Holiday Feature
  • Complete Settings Panel
  • Set System Time Format
  • Set System Date Format
  • 50+ Curreny Settings
  • Set Frontend Theme Color
  • Display Business Logo On Booking Form
  • Show Business Information On Booking Form
  • Show Business Opening Hours On Booking Form
  • Show Social Media Links On Booking Form
  • Customize Next And Previous Buttons During Booking & Scheduling Process
  • Plugin Details & Guide

These are some of the features that you’ll get with the free version of the plugin available to be downloaded from

Demo of the paid version is available on

It is strongly recommended to use appointment scheduler plugin if your business falls into any service categories mentioned above to make it easier to manage your business and your clients as well.