How to Handpick the Best Pair of Basketball Shoes


Did you know that shopping for a sports shoe can be quite a challenge? Sports shoes are actually different from what we wear on a normal day. Therefore, a small mistake when shopping for a sports shoe can lead to serious injuries and/or under performance.

Shoes are an essential for any basketball player. And because not every shoe store has the time of day to educate the buyers on how to choose the right shoes, here are important tips for choosing the right pair of basketball shoes.

  • Know your foot size

Ever had the wrong size shoes? It is the most uncomfortable feeling ever! Imagine yourself in the court, facing your opponents in a very heated competition, and you happen to be in the wrong size shoes. Your shoes need to fit well for you to be able to perform out there. This will reduce your chances of getting sore feet, aching heels or painful ankles.

  • Know your style

Because basketball involves a lot of movement, it is important that you understand the kind of shoe that will be fit for the game. For starters, light weight shoes are a good fit. Furthermore, the shoes should come with a moderate cushion for flexibility and support. However, if you are a power player with a larger body, then heavily cushioned shoes will give you extra support and steadiness.

  • Be mindful of the shoe sole

A basket baller will spend most of the time jumping up and down and running across the basketball court. For this reason, every basket baller must select shoes with the perfect sole for this kind of activity.

The surface of the shoe sole should be made of rubber, a material that is designed to perfectly grip the floor hence offering much needed stability to the wearer. It is however important to understand that there are shoes that are specifically designed for outdoor basketball pitches and their soles are a bit heavier than those designed for indoor basketball pitches.

  • Choose your insoles wisely

A good quality insole will be an added advantage. Playing basketball involves a lot of jumping and running as well as unexpected twists and turns. Therefore, you are bound to get sore feet if you do not have the right insoles in.

Find sweat-absorbent insoles that are right for your shoes and wear cotton sneaker socks as well. This will lessen the chances of friction and traction.

  • Know when to replace your shoes

After a reasonable period, shoes are bound to wear out. Sports shoes are expected to wear out a bit faster compared to your normal day shoes. So, whenever you notice that your soles are worn out, or that you are not getting enough support when playing, it is time to replace those shoes. Get shopping again!

Choosing the perfect shoe will be the best decision you make as a player. With the above mentioned tips, trust and believe that you will have the perfect shoe to match your sport. Shop wisely in order to reduce the risk of injuries and improve your overall performance.