How to Prepare for Your Next International Travel


Being in a foreign country can be eye-opening  and invigorating. International vacations usually tend to be longer than domestic ones, which means you need to make sure you are well prepared for it. The trip itself will teach you some little secrets, like making sure you find a map at the airport before you leave, etc.

If you are traveling internationally soon, be sure to read these smart travel tips. They will make traveling abroad easier, efficient, cheaper and of course stress-free.


  • Have dental and medical check-ups before your trip and check to see if you need some extra vaccinations or immunizations for the place you are visiting. Some vaccines don’t reach the highest protection until about six weeks after you get the shots, so make sure to see your doctor at least six weeks before your trip. Find out about medicines you might need to take with you for prevention or for health problems that might occur during your stay.
  • Take a first-aid kit. You can customize your kit, you don’t have to bring everything with you. Here are some items that you may need: cough and cold medicines, pain medicines, an over-the-counter medicine for upset stomach, medicine for diarrhea, scissors, thermometer, pocket knife, nail clippers, tweezers and a mirror.
  • Find out what your health insurance will pay for if you see a doctor while you are traveling.

International travel is very exciting and fun, but every adventurer should be aware of certain things that may happen and that can ruin the trip. From poor water quality, to bad Internet connection to vaccinations, there are many things to consider.

  • Hotel business card. 

When you arrive at the hotel, take a hotel business card from the front desk first. So, if you ever get lost, you will have the name and the address of the hotel written in the local language.

  • Google Maps.

If you don’t have a good sense of directions, you will definitely need a map. While you are in the hotel, you can use the Wi-Fi to plot out a few routes you plan to walk that day. Then take a screenshot of every map. Later, you can find the photo and follow the path.

  • Data roaming. 

To avoid international data roaming you need to set up your cell phone. The biggest costs can come from this.

  • The six month passport rule.

If you are from U.S you already know that the country let s you use the passport up to the date inside the cover. However, that’s not allowed in other countries and some will deny your entry if the passport expired in less than 6 months. That’s because that country wants to ensure that you have a valid passport to travel back to the U.S if you get stuck overseas longer than planned. To avoid this, I advise you to renew your passport.

  • Getting cash.

The easiest way to get cash is using an ATM. But, the truth is that many U.S banks charge steep fees if the ATM is out of network. To pay that fee once, you can take out a large amount of cash at the airport. However it is never advisable to have lots of money in your pockets while traveling, so see what method works the best in the country you are traveling to.

Tracing the origin of Moroccan carpets


That old is gold is once again demonstrated by the popularity of Moroccan rugs.  It ranks high among the available home decor items. Homeowners are keen to have their share of the ethnic beauty of the North African country that brings along with it the cultural lineage of the place. From its exotic cuisine to hospitality and climate, for long Morocco has been an attractive tourist destination. Its woodcarvings and leatherwork have earned notable acclaim around the world, but the sensation that Moroccan rugs have created is truly incomparable.  As you make your way through the Moroccan towns and cities, be ready to be amazed by the abundant display of rugs. These rugs now find a place of pride in homes across Europe and America as incredible pieces of artistic home decor with the enchanting appeal.

It is perfect for modern homes

Besides the aesthetic and ethnic appeal of the rugs, its versatility is another reason for its popularity. The touch of ancient African culture that is evident in the weaving patterns is so much versatility that it matches very well in any modern setting.  Never you will feel that the rug in out of place when seen in the context of the overall decor of the site. The designs and patterns display a beautiful blend of minimalism, modernity and tribalism that makes it most suited for contemporary homes. Having a Moroccan rug at home gives you the pleasure of acquiring a piece of priceless antique.

Berber rugs and carpets

Luxury homes would find Berber rugs and carpets most befitting pieces of flooring that have the unique vintage appeal.  It is a proprietary item of the Berber tribal women, whose mothers and grandmothers taught them the art of weaving rugs at a very early age when they were little girls. The skills and techniques along with the artistic minds pass on through generations that have made it possible for the rugs to survive through many hundreds of years. The Moroccan rugs UK bring along with it the cultural heritage of the tribes that create the magic carpets.  Collectively all the Berber tribes have the name Beni Ourain, which is the reason why Berber rugs have the name BeniOurain rugs.

Made from wool only

Sheep wool was the staple material for making Berber rugs that used to be handmade entirely. Sheep rearing was common in the Atlas Mountains range, and the sheared wool from sheep went into the making of rugs and carpets.  To add colours to the designs, the weavers used coloured wool made by dyeing natural wool. Although used in much smaller quantity, camel hair was the other choice for making rugs.

Although we now use rugs on floors, in its original version, it covered the body to protect people from the cold weather, hence, wool as the obvious choice. As the availability of natural materials became scarce and the demand for rugs increased, recycled fabrics and synthetic materials replaced the natural materials. However, the artistic designs and patterns of rugs that contribute to its appeal remain almost unchanged.

Air Conditioner Maintenance- Importance of Regular Tune Ups


Many homeowners make the unfortunate mistake of not seeking professional services for their air conditioning units until they have a major problem. If you plan to stay cool and relaxed within your home without being concerned about costly energy bills, it is essential to keep your air conditioning tuned up and maintained.

Efficiency and Savings

A regular check up for the air conditioning system in your home can help to extend its life and add several years to its lifespan. It will also help you save significant sums of money on energy bills and you can use your substantial savings to cover annual maintenance expenses. Regular visits from professionals will enable you to identify small issues before they develop into bigger and more costly problems.

General Maintenance

Similar to maintaining a vehicle by changing the oil and rotating the tires to yield a longer life, a new air conditioning is an investment that should be properly taken care of. General maintenance consists of checking the functionality of the system.

  • Cleaning the condenser coil ensures that it is free of debris and completely clean. They system needs to be thoroughly checked to find out whether or not it is working optimally as well as if there is a leak or improper connection.
  • A unit that is well-maintained and taken care of can last for several years in comparison to the diminishing number of years that are associated with neglected systems. Units that are not regularly serviced lose considerable percentages of their efficiency on an annual basis and this could lead to a costly A/C system replacement.
  • Homeowners can actively participate in maintaining their units by making sure that they change the filters on their systems as often as recommended each year to keep them functioning smoothly and enhancing the flow of air. Are air conditioning tune ups worth it? Learn more here.


  • An air conditioning system is likely to lose capacity if it is not maintained. The cost of maintaining your unit will be offset by the lower cost of energy and subsequent savings as well as being able to avoid costly repairs.
  • Refrigerant leaks are among the expensive repairs with rising prices for replacements. People who have older units and experience a leak can consider purchasing a new unit that works with environmentally friendly refrigerants.
  • When something costs a lot to repair, it is usually time to channel your resources towards a new unit.

Professional Maintenance Services

Homeowners are advised to seek professional opinions when they need to replace or repair their air conditioning systems because units can last for a long time when they are properly maintained. Hire licensed companies that can maintain your system and make sure you find a service provider that is trustworthy and reliable. Many warranty companies are restricted to honoring contracts when licensed professionals handle the work.


Prolonging the lives of high efficiency and new air conditioning units requires maintenance that will positively affect overall performance. You will be able to avert problems before they spiral out of control and save the money that you would be compelled to spend on expensive replacements, repairs and energy bills.