How to Make Your Business PowerPoint Presentation More Impactful


PowerPoint presentations are an integral part of office meetings. This presentation software is so popular because it is extremely simple to use. Virtually everyone can use it to create compelling presentations. However, there are certain tips and tricks that will enable you to make your presentations more impactful. A quick look:

Set the Default Display of the Slides to 16:9 Instead of the Conventional 4:3 aspect ratio

In most cases, the presentations that you make will be either on widescreen flat TVs or on your laptop, the screens of both of which are standardized to the 16:9 aspect ratio. By building your presentation in the older 4:3 display format, you are not making the best use of the screen space available to you. In fact, the empty black spaces on either side of the slide look quite ugly to viewers and spoil the aesthetics of the presentation. By adopting the widescreen slide format, any new-generation video that you embed in your presentation will also be displayed on the full screen instead of being letterboxed and shrunk.

Use a Font Size That Can Be Easily Read by the Audience

PowerPoint presentations have a better impact since they give your speech a visual representation. The presentation can be made more compelling by using images, videos, graphs, charts, and diagrams to illustrate the point you are trying to get across. Use PowerPoint org chart templates to add more punch to your presentation.

Whatever text that you need to use should be the bare minimum and be in a bulleted style that is easy to follow by the audience. Most importantly, the text should be in a font size that will permit it to be read easily by even the persons sitting at the back of the room.

Use High-Contrast Colors

Whichever theme that you select to give your presentation slides enhanced aesthetics, you should ensure thatit can provide high contrast to the text. This means that you should be able to use light-colored text on dark backgrounds and vice versa to make it easy for the text to be read. Resist the urge to use light-colored backgrounds or color gradients even if they really look appealing as it is very easy for the text to lose the desired visibility. While the combination of white and black is the easiest to read, it can be very boring so if you are using colors, ensure they contrast well.

Resize Images with Care

When you are using images in your presentation, you will need to resize them, therefore, ensure they fit properly on the slide. If you are careless, you could end up distorting the image by messing up the aspect ratio when you make it tall or wide. Using one of the corner nodes ensures that the resizing does not go awry.


Be careful when putting your presentation together and make sure that the audience does not get confused or finds it difficult to read the slides. Putting yourself in the shoes of the audience can ensure a presentation that communicates well.

A Quick Guide on Choosing the Right Cruise Boat for New Year’s Eve on the Thames


The Thames River in London is one of the most inviting parts of the city. Even in the winter, if you are tired of being cooped up in the house, or will be visiting the city, this is definitely one of the places that you can visit to enjoy the outdoors. If you will be visiting London for New Year’s Eve, you should definitely consider going on a cruise down the river to enjoy the sights, have a great dinner, dance and see the fireworks from a vantage point.

There are very many different boats that ply the river and offer these services so you have plenty to choose from when it comes to Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This for most people is actually the most difficult part. Here is a guide to help you make the right choice of a boat for your New Year’s Eve party.

  1. Begin by deciding what it is you want to do – If you want to dress up and go for a formal dinner complete with fine dining, you can do that. You could also opt for a more casual event and enjoy dinner and dance aboard a disco party boat. Of course you get to take in the sights and enjoy the fireworks at midnight as you welcome the New Year.
  2. Number in your party – Most party boats take on a large number of people so if you are a party of 10, 20 or more, all you have to do is let them know. That way, they can arrange your seating so that you all get to enjoy each other’s company. Letting the company know how many you will be ahead of time is very important for planning.
  3. Take note of the weather – British weather is known to change quickly so it is in your best interest to layer up accordingly and maybe even carry an umbrella as needed. The boats tend to be warm enough, so you really just need to worry about how to protect yourself from the elements as you make your way to and from the boat.
  4. Where to get on and off – If you will be going somewhere else after that, or if you need to get on at a particular point, you need to the let the boat company know that. With many different things to do in London, you may want to enjoy other activities before heading to the boat later in the evening. Be sure to know where your pickup point will be.

If you are a small group, you will find that dinner and disco cruises will be ideal for you Be sure to book your cruise well ahead of time to ensure that you get the very best rates available. Make sure not to opt for the cheapest cruises you find but to compare what is offered within your budget range. Since there are very many boats on the Thames, you need to settle on one that meets your quality standards and matches the style that you are hoping for.

What Are the Ideal Flowers to Gift Your Teacher as a Token of Your Appreciation & Gratitude?


Teachers play a pivotal role in our personality development and success in your career. Teaching job involves a lot more responsibility than any other profession. Teachers impact the ultimate well-being and growth of a nation. Teachers are instrumental in educating the youth of any country. So we demonstrate our love, respect, and gratitude to our teachers by celebrating Teacher’s Day. In the U.S.A. National Teacher’s Day actually is celebrated on the National Teacher Appreciation Week’s Tuesday. You must gift your favorite teacher flowers to show your love and respect because no other gift could match the beauty and purity of flowers.

Selection of Color, Number & Type of Flowers

In many countries, the color, number & type of flowers you gift to someone would have special meaning and significance. In the U.S.A. it is important to choose carefully the color of yourflowers before gifting someone. Teacher Appreciation Week commences on May 2 every year and there seems to be no better way of expressing your gratitude to your esteemed educators for their dedication and hard work than gifting a fascinating floral arrangement. If you are buying a bouquet with flowers in multiple colors then there is no reason to worry about the color of the flowers and its significance.

You could simply choose a bouquet that catches your attention and buy the one that you think your teacher would like. Educators play a major role in everyone’s life, particularly, in terms of the early development of a child’s personality. Here are some colors of flowers and their special significance that you may consider while gifting flowers to Japan. You could choose any of these colors for your teachers depending on the way you feel for him or her and their personality.

  • Purple stands for respect and admiration
  • Blue signifies serenity and calmness
  • Yellow stands for joy, cheer, & happiness
  • Pink signifies grace, caring and happiness
  • Orange symbolizes fun, energy, and confidence
  • White signifies purity
  • Green for optimism


Carnations are an incredibly versatile and affordable option. They last a long time, so they are fantastic for setting down on your teacher’s table or shelf for a few days. They are available in a number of colors, so finding one in your teacher’s favorite color should be an easy task. It is also a good idea to be mindful of the color. Since red is associated with romance, it may not be the best idea to gift a red flower to your teacher. Yellow, white, or pink are all great choices.


Daisies are also available in several colors, the most popular being yellow, white, and orange. They can also be dyed to bring out unique hues and work wonderfully in a floral arrangement or bouquet. A great gifting choice; daisies are rather affordable as well.


Orchids are beautiful, unique, and long-lasting. The beautiful white and purple petals are what set them apart from other flowers. These flowers are available cut, as well as, potted.


Roses are the world’s favorite flower for every occasion. To show appreciation towards your educator, yellow or pink roses are a great choice.


Flowers are the best option for Teacher Appreciation Week. However, you could demonstrate your love and respect for your teachers anytime and in any way you like. Gifts are not always necessary. They are just a token of your appreciation and respect for your teacher.

Finding the Right Home Warranty Product for Your Essentials


Purchasing the right home warranty product to cover your essentials can be a tricky issue, especially if you are doing so for the first time. Many people end up confused or making regrettable mistakes. It will be sad if you find yourself in such an ordeal. However, it does not have to be so. By balancing considerations regarding the warranty’s premiums, options, and deductions as well as the terms and conditions, you will be able to purchase the right cover for your system components.

With the right choice of home warranty product, you are certain to remain safe, comfortable and suffer the least levels of inconvenience in case of anything. So, what should you look for in a home warranty? Saying there is one magical answer to shame this question will be a big lie. Just like most investment plans, you have to make critical considerations and enter the negotiations with some points in mind. The right set of questions will surely guide you in making the right decisions.

What is the level of wear and tear of your appliances?

We purchase appliances to make our work easier. Ordinarily, we use some of them more often compared to others. Take, for instance, dishwashers. It is almost guaranteed that every time you are home, you will use it. Provided you use your appliances in line with the manufacturer’s instructions, a home warranty plan can help you forget about unexpected repair costs or replacement costs. In case of a breakdown, the home warranty plan will take care of the problem to ensure the machine is back to its working condition.

How does the warranty complement your existing Homeowner Insurance Policy?

Just in case you were getting confused along the way, a Florida home warranty plan is not a substitute for home insurance. Home insurance provides cover for the entire home in case of natural disasters and fire. If you already have an insurance cover, you need to choose a warranty product that works in harmony with the home insurance cover. The right choice of product keeps you comfortable regardless of the eventualities.

Does it cover all the essential components of your appliance?

We live in a world where technology gets more complicated with each day. The appliances we use can be as amazingly complex as any other component can get. Repairing some of their sensitive parts can be thoroughly involving. Such parts need to be taken care of properly. In case of breakdown, they can expensive to repair. You only want to choose a home warranty product that covers such parts however gross the damage is. Anything short of that is not worth it.

What are the upper compensation limits?                           

The upper limits for repairs depend on the choice of provider. You need to settle on competitive levels of coverage in order to obtain real value for your money. That is why it is always important to carry out a background research on several home warranty plans and companies before settling on one.

Entering a home warranty agreement after making multiple considerations ensures that one understands all the necessary parameters. Ask the right questions and accept nothing short of the best solutions.



What is Soil Sampling and What Kind of Equipment You Need for It?


The quality of your soil and its good health is the fundamental element of any beautiful lawn. To do this, you need to test the soil with proper equipment. Now you can do it by yourself, or you can seek the help of some agricultural or private lab. However, soil testing is an essential factor if you intend to keep a beautiful lawn in your yard. Soil testing helps you maintain the health of your soil for a long time. By testing your soil from time to time, you are giving your soil a longer life as you protect it from harmful chemicals and elements like phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, and sulfur.

Good soil is a profitable investment

For a good soil that can reap you good results, you need to keep its nutrition in check. When it comes to testing plants, you can get particular plant parts tested. In fact, you can get a lot of information about the soil from a good plant sample as well. You can get a larger sample or different samples from a larger area of your lawn. When all the results are combined, you can get a clear idea about the quality of your soil. With all the information in hand, you can take better decisions and precautions to treat common problems.

Soil analysis

Soil analysis is a very crucial task.  Now apparently a proper laboratory is a better choice for you to get the exact results you seek. They own the appropriate soil sampling equipment which can be hard for you to afford and use at home. Apparently, the tests and analysis done in the labs are quite different from the simpler ones done at home. And not just for your garden, even farmers need their soil to be tested by proper lab equipment and knowledgeable people. The quality of the equipment is significant and can be a critical factor in determining how quick and accurate your results will be.  There are different equipment for soil sampling and plant sampling. Now, of course, these instruments are not very difficult to use.  So you can always opt for some home kits too if you do not want some time-consuming process as well.


Now you have to understand that soil is a natural resource, and like any other natural resource, it has formation, classification, and even different fertility properties. Again, plants have different classifications and nutritional requirements as well. All these information is very crucial in deciding what kind of soil you should maintain, how should maintain it, and even what kind of plant you can grow in it. Not all plants can grow in the same type of soil. Thus soil testing equipment and plant sampling tools are an essential, whether you are a farmer or just trying to maintain a garden for aesthetics. In fact, these things have become quite significant in the agricultural industry and are very helpful in determining any soil related problems quickly and efficiently.

Here are 6 Major Reasons to Get a Pergola


If you have been thinking of sprucing up your yard, then adding a pergola to the landscape is a great idea. This garden feature provides you with a sitting area, a passageway or a shaded walkway that can turn your garden from a drab place to a place where you want to hang out all the time. Why should you add a pergola to your garden? Here are just a few reasons:

  1. Block out ugly views – If you have an unsightly structure that ruins the view in your backyard, you can hide it by simply adding a beautiful pergola. It will distract from the unsightly structure and capture the attention of your guests and your family so that you enjoy your yard a lot more.
  2. Add some green – A pergola can be used to support climbing plants or to put up hanging plants, or both. Using your pergola, you can get your garden to be even greener. If they are flowering plants, you can also add a burst of color to your yard when they are blooming.
  3. Weather protection – When the sun is too hot and you keep indoors because you don’t have much shade outside, it’s time to add a pergola. With the plants covering it, you have a perfect shade from the sun and you can enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about the sun’s rays. You can still enjoy the outdoors in the hot summer months.
  4. Aesthetic value –Pergolas are beautiful structures and they add aesthetic value to the property. If you are trying to sell a home and the property is rather drab, having a pergola on the property adds interest and can breathe new life to the entire property. If your backyard is largely unremarkable, this can turn it into something to talk about and can attract prospects to purchase the property.
  5. Extended living space – If you love the outdoors and would like to extend your living space outside, you should consider getting a pergola. You may or may not have a patio or deck, but with or without them, a pergola can be a wonderful place to spend a lazy summer afternoon. You may add a shade cover to get more shade and spend the afternoon there with a book and a glass of wine, or chatting with a friend.
  6. Design variety – You can go with a kit or a custom-made pergola. If you are good with your hands, you may be able to build it yourself, but it may be a good idea to speak with a professional. Pergolas come in a variety of materials that include pressure-treated wood, vinyl, cedar wood or fiberglass.

If you love to entertain, then this is a great idea. You can hang a ceiling fan, chandelier, fabric, lights and even speakers on the frame of the pergola and have a great time with family and friends. By extending this outdoor space, you will be creating more room for cookouts, parties and more. A pergola is definitely a great choice.

A Guide to Help Choose the Best Wheelchair for Your Condition


There are many wheelchair types in the market and they are all designed to enhance the mobility of the user. Whether you are disabled or recovering from an injury, a wheelchair provides a timely solution to your mobility problems. Over the years, the design and construction of these mobility vehicles has been refined and today, you have a wide range of options best suited to your mobility needs.

While all wheelchairs are designed to assist in movement, the large number of models makes it hard to find one that suits you. To make the right choice, consider the following:

  1. Your needs – Before starting your search, consider what your health situation demands. Some of the features you find on some wheelchairs might not be of any help and you will end up paying through the nose for technology that doesn’t add value to your life.
  2. Ask for a recommendation from your doctor – Your doctor is best placed to recommend the best type of wheelchair because they know the extent of your injuries. Before going to the market, talk to your doctor or therapist and ask which type of product is best suited for your condition.
  3. Reputation of the brand – Some manufacturers have been in this industry for years and they are known to make wheelchairs that are durable and functional. Take time to do a background search of the brand because some have myriad complaints and product liability cases against them. A good wheelchair company will have positive reviews and the testimonials will also give you an idea about the quality of the brand.
  4. Look for the best features – Wheelchairs in the market today feature cutting-edge technology to enhance comfort, ease movement and enhance safety. Such features include powered steering, ergonomic seating, armrests, folding capability, anti-bacterial cushion, flat-free polyurethane rear tires, universal carry couch and cup holder, personal alarm system, foldable pushable bar pressure relief and tilt-in feature among others.
  5. Crash testing – The best wheelchairs should adhere to the highest standards in the market. One of the greatest concerns with buyers is the safety of the product they are buying. This is why crash-testing is important.

Why Go for a Lightweight Wheelchair?

Go for lightweight wheelchairs. The best wheelchairs are made from steel and lightweight aluminium frames which are tested for the highest standards. These are lighter than the standard weight of 38-50 lbs with a range of 29-34 lbs. However, some ultra-light wheelchairs go even lower, making them better if you are always on the move.

These wheelchairs are ideal for the busy individual and they come in different styles. You can choose from:

  • Rigid wheelchairs – They have the simplest frames and the lack of many features ensures the low weight.
  • Folding wheelchairs – These ultra-lightweight wheelchairs can easily be folded up for storage in a trunk.
  • Sports chairs –These are lightweight and designed specifically for various sports including basketball and hand cycling among others.

Go ahead and compare the top performing wheelchair brands and check their lightweight categories. This is where you will find the best custom-built wheelchair that suits your needs.

Some Crucial Questions to Ask Before Putting Your Dog in a Doggie Day Care


If you have decided to send your pup to a reliable doggie day care center, that is probably in the best interest of your pet. He would be in a stimulating environment where he could play and interact with other dogs and at the same time get a tremendous amount of tender loving care from the well-trained staff there. You would no longer feel guilty about leaving your pet all alone at home while you are going out for work or for any family get-together. However, it is important to choose a reliable and competent doggie day care facility for your beloved canine companion to ensure that he is in safe hands. Here are some questions to ask the day care authorities before making up your mind.

Could I have a complete tour of the facility?

Whether you could take a proper tour of the facility or not is the first important question to ask the day care authorities. It is always best to examine the place and the environment where the pet would be spending time. You must make sure that the place is neat and clean and effectively sanitized. Ask about all the safety precautions taken by the day care management. Here are some of the essential safety features of any reliable day care for doggies.

  • Proper fencing is a must
  • There should be effective ventilation. Your dog should have access to fresh air either via fresh air exchange systems or open doors and windows.
  • Safe floors such as epoxy or rubber floors for ensuring better grip
  • There should be proper gating. If there is double gating it would be improving the overall safety.


How are the dogs separated?

Often all dogs are kept in the same room. This may not be the ideal situation. A good doggie day care facility may provide separate playrooms for different dogs based on certain key factors such as the dog’s temperament, size, and even the play style. It is best to keep dogs of the same size and same temperament together. It is unsafe to put an aggressive dog with a timid one. Similarly, it is risky to put a small dog with a huge dog. Browse the Internet and visit reliable sites such as for safety and top quality services.

What is the actual dog-to-human ratio?

Some states specify a standard dog-to-human ratio for doggie day care centers while others do not. Ask the authorities if there are any set state guidelines. Experts recommend 15 dogs per person as a completely safe standard. If the dogs are really aggressive and active a staff member would be expected to look after 10 dogs only. Ifthe dogs are not so active, then one person can take care of 20 dogs as well.

What kind of activities are there for the dogs?

Dog owners must show active interest in the activities that are performed for dog’s health and fitness issues. You must ask the authorities about all the activities your dog is expected to participate in, throughout the day. Is there some sort of training going on that could improve your dog’s attitude and behavior? Often day cares indulge in behavior modification programs and training.


If you are going crazy every evening after coming back from work as your dog is bored stiff all day sitting alone at home, you must consider a doggie daycare so that your dog could take part in various stimulating activities and have a great deal of fun.

Tracing the origin of Moroccan carpets


That old is gold is once again demonstrated by the popularity of Moroccan rugs.  It ranks high among the available home decor items. Homeowners are keen to have their share of the ethnic beauty of the North African country that brings along with it the cultural lineage of the place. From its exotic cuisine to hospitality and climate, for long Morocco has been an attractive tourist destination. Its woodcarvings and leatherwork have earned notable acclaim around the world, but the sensation that Moroccan rugs have created is truly incomparable.  As you make your way through the Moroccan towns and cities, be ready to be amazed by the abundant display of rugs. These rugs now find a place of pride in homes across Europe and America as incredible pieces of artistic home decor with the enchanting appeal.

It is perfect for modern homes

Besides the aesthetic and ethnic appeal of the rugs, its versatility is another reason for its popularity. The touch of ancient African culture that is evident in the weaving patterns is so much versatility that it matches very well in any modern setting.  Never you will feel that the rug in out of place when seen in the context of the overall decor of the site. The designs and patterns display a beautiful blend of minimalism, modernity and tribalism that makes it most suited for contemporary homes. Having a Moroccan rug at home gives you the pleasure of acquiring a piece of priceless antique.

Berber rugs and carpets

Luxury homes would find Berber rugs and carpets most befitting pieces of flooring that have the unique vintage appeal.  It is a proprietary item of the Berber tribal women, whose mothers and grandmothers taught them the art of weaving rugs at a very early age when they were little girls. The skills and techniques along with the artistic minds pass on through generations that have made it possible for the rugs to survive through many hundreds of years. The Moroccan rugs UK bring along with it the cultural heritage of the tribes that create the magic carpets.  Collectively all the Berber tribes have the name Beni Ourain, which is the reason why Berber rugs have the name BeniOurain rugs.

Made from wool only

Sheep wool was the staple material for making Berber rugs that used to be handmade entirely. Sheep rearing was common in the Atlas Mountains range, and the sheared wool from sheep went into the making of rugs and carpets.  To add colours to the designs, the weavers used coloured wool made by dyeing natural wool. Although used in much smaller quantity, camel hair was the other choice for making rugs.

Although we now use rugs on floors, in its original version, it covered the body to protect people from the cold weather, hence, wool as the obvious choice. As the availability of natural materials became scarce and the demand for rugs increased, recycled fabrics and synthetic materials replaced the natural materials. However, the artistic designs and patterns of rugs that contribute to its appeal remain almost unchanged.

A Complete Guide for Finding the Right Self-Storage Unit


There are many reasons you could be looking for self-storage in your city. There are many types of self-storage facilities and they come in handy when you are in need of fast, convenient and affordable storage for your prized possessions. Whether you are downsizing or you just need more room for your belongings, a self-storage unit comes in handy.

Versatile and Safe Storage

These facilities offer the most convenient storage options for a wide range of situations. Business owners are also finding these storage units to be ideal when they have no more space for their inventory. From prized art, music instruments, electronics, and furniture to vehicles, a self-storage unit offers just the space you need for safe storage.

You also have unlimited access to your items any time of day or night and what’s more, you have a wide selection of flexible storage options to choose from.

Well, the demand for storage space has seen self storage units mushrooming in every neighborhood. The fact that this is an unregulated industry has seen many people fall for scams and lose their treasured belongings. To avoid the same fate, you need to take time when choosing the best self-storage unit.

Below are some tips to help you identify the best storage facility:

  1. Assess Your Needs

Before even starting your search for storage, assess your needs to make your job easier. Do you need long-term storage or will you be removing your items within a few days? The best storage unit should perfectly suit your needs without blowing up the cost; look for the right fit in terms of size to avoid paying for space you don’t need.

  1. Excellent Security

Whatever you are going to store in a storage unit, make sure you assess the security in the compound. Many users complain of loss of their valuable items. Therefore, look for extra security features including video surveillance, security personnel, computerized access, and flood lighting among others. Security is one of the factors you should never compromise on when looking for the right storage.

  1. Hygiene/ Cleanliness

It is advisable to go for a state-of-the-art facility which is maintained to the highest standards. Take time to walk around the facility and don’t just believe the manager’s word. Check for critter and mold growth on the surfaces and any other signs that will help you determine the hygiene standards maintained at the facility.

  1. Accessibility

Depending on the items in storage, you should consider accessibility as a major factor. For instance, if you need to access the stored items every other day, look for a facility that is available 24/7. What’s more, the storage unit should be near the road. If you choose a facility that is too close to the city, the rates will be higher.

  1. Read Reviews

Take time to read online reviews and testimonials to learn more about a specific storage facility. It is easier today for consumers to share information about the services they use. When you go online, you will find such details easily and they will help you make an informed decision.

You should also look out for lighting and air conditioning in the storage unit you choose, discounted storage rates, on-site management, convenient loading docks, parking space and excellent customer service.