10 Essential Features of Field Service Management Software


A reliable field service management software will transform the operation of your business. This is because you will be able to handle all aspects of your business with ease. This is crucial because most owners of small and medium-sized companies wear many hats in their organizations. Having a system that can simplify your field operations is important. Read on to know why your business needs an FSM system.

Saves time

With a field service management system, you will not need to go through endless piles of paper documents, scribbled notes, and photographs on hundreds of projects. This is because this software provides room for your field technicians to input their work descriptions, materials used, labor time, customer signatures, photos and all the information you need on different projects. This information can be digitally stored and you can access it from wherever you are.

Efficient systems and improved processes

A field management system ensures that all your business data is readily available. This means that you and your employees have instant access to the data that you require to get your technicians working efficiently in the field. As a result, your staff will work more efficiently and quickly because they have everything they need regarding the customers and their history.

Lowers business costs

It is essential for small and medium-sized companies to keep track of their operation costs. Tracking such costs can be difficult when using a manual system. A field service management system features several tools that will help you track your expenditures and incoming cash and your loss and profit patterns. The software will store all your invoices, job requests, confirmation forms, inventory and other crucial paperwork. Therefore, you will not lose cash due to a misplaced sheet or chart. Furthermore, with more accurate and faster invoices, you will get your cash quickly.

Improves customer satisfaction

Modernized software will make it easy for you to understand and keep track of your clients. This software combines customer tracking benefits associated with a CRM and the enhanced operations of a system that immediately responds to new customer requests. Your technicians can easily access customer information and check out the history of clients with your business. This means that they can handle customer requests more quickly and be more prepared than they would be if they depended on traditional manual systems.

Resource optimization

The routing and assignment of your field personnel will be optimized with the FSM software. Dispatch optimization enables your field technicians to handle as many jobs as possible in a day. It helps to minimize drive time, reduce fuel charges and emissions and boost productivity. This software will facilitate crew selection by focusing on skill sets, union work classifications, time commitments, proximity, overtime, certifications, contacted service levels, noncompliance penalties, and other important factors.


An FSM software will simplify management of your entire field service lifecycle. It will help you effectively manage your equipment, labor, work orders, service parts, returns, warranties, projects, and contracts. This means that you will be able to handle the entire flow of your field operations without any problem because everything is accounted for in detail.

If you want to improve the field operations of your business, then a field service management software is ideal. This system will help you manage your business effectively and maximize your profits. An FSM system is ideal for businesses that send employees or technicians to the field by assisting them in automating scheduling, billing, customer information, and dispatching.

Important VPN Information You Should Have


Internet privacy and security is more important today than it has ever been. This is because of the increased number of hackers and rise of big data processing. Companies want to collect every piece of information they can. The good news is that you can improve your security and privacy with a VPN.

A VPN is a service that helps secure your Internet connection and also gives you more control over the many ways your online activity is tracked. VPN is a way of providing both security and privacy. It helps create a secure, encrypted connection between your computer and remote servers. When on a VPN proxy server, your network traffic will pass through the protected tunnel and no one, including your ISP, will be able to see what you are doing. Your IP is hidden.

Privacy and security

As you can see in the previous paragraph, VPN services are great for your security and privacy. They come in handy when using public wireless networks which pose great risks to users since attackers are within the same network. They can sniff your web traffic and even hijack your accounts. In addition to that, governments can track your online activities to discover political affiliations or identify dissidents among other things. The VPN secures your connection so that you are able to connect to remote servers securely. All that the government or hackers or anyone that might be monitoring you will see is that you are connected to a VPN and nothing else.

Bypass geo-blocking

At times, you want to access certain content but you are unable to because you are not within the region that the content is available. For example, when travelling to the UK, you might want to stream your favorite TV show in the US. Since you are no longer in the US, you might not be able to stream that show. A VPN service can help geo-shift your IP so that you are seen to be in the US and you will be able to watch your show comfortably. The case is the same if certain content is blocked in your country by the government. A VPN can help bypass certain firewalls. All you need to do is get more VPN information on what your preferred VPN service provider can do for you.

Free versus paid

There are both free and commercial VPN services available. The problem with the free VPNs is that they display ads and you have a limited number of servers as well as connection speeds. This might be enough for occasional users. Another problem with free VPN is that the IP assigned to you might be blocked by various websites because such IPs might have been abused by spammers, hackers or other users with ill intentions. Commercial VPN services make a better choice since they don’t have any of the aforementioned limitations. You enjoy better speeds and improved privacy and security.

Picking a VPN service is not something you should ever do lightly. Weigh your options keenly and take a look at what other service providers are offering before making a choice.

Air Conditioner Maintenance- Importance of Regular Tune Ups


Many homeowners make the unfortunate mistake of not seeking professional services for their air conditioning units until they have a major problem. If you plan to stay cool and relaxed within your home without being concerned about costly energy bills, it is essential to keep your air conditioning tuned up and maintained.

Efficiency and Savings

A regular check up for the air conditioning system in your home can help to extend its life and add several years to its lifespan. It will also help you save significant sums of money on energy bills and you can use your substantial savings to cover annual maintenance expenses. Regular visits from professionals will enable you to identify small issues before they develop into bigger and more costly problems.

General Maintenance

Similar to maintaining a vehicle by changing the oil and rotating the tires to yield a longer life, a new air conditioning is an investment that should be properly taken care of. General maintenance consists of checking the functionality of the system.

  • Cleaning the condenser coil ensures that it is free of debris and completely clean. They system needs to be thoroughly checked to find out whether or not it is working optimally as well as if there is a leak or improper connection.
  • A unit that is well-maintained and taken care of can last for several years in comparison to the diminishing number of years that are associated with neglected systems. Units that are not regularly serviced lose considerable percentages of their efficiency on an annual basis and this could lead to a costly A/C system replacement.
  • Homeowners can actively participate in maintaining their units by making sure that they change the filters on their systems as often as recommended each year to keep them functioning smoothly and enhancing the flow of air. Are air conditioning tune ups worth it? Learn more here.


  • An air conditioning system is likely to lose capacity if it is not maintained. The cost of maintaining your unit will be offset by the lower cost of energy and subsequent savings as well as being able to avoid costly repairs.
  • Refrigerant leaks are among the expensive repairs with rising prices for replacements. People who have older units and experience a leak can consider purchasing a new unit that works with environmentally friendly refrigerants.
  • When something costs a lot to repair, it is usually time to channel your resources towards a new unit.

Professional Maintenance Services

Homeowners are advised to seek professional opinions when they need to replace or repair their air conditioning systems because units can last for a long time when they are properly maintained. Hire licensed companies that can maintain your system and make sure you find a service provider that is trustworthy and reliable. Many warranty companies are restricted to honoring contracts when licensed professionals handle the work.


Prolonging the lives of high efficiency and new air conditioning units requires maintenance that will positively affect overall performance. You will be able to avert problems before they spiral out of control and save the money that you would be compelled to spend on expensive replacements, repairs and energy bills.

Appointment Scheduler – The Need of the Hour


Ever imagined how WordPress made life simpler and easier for many business verticals around the globe. In fact, many business owners who were surviving on limited resources and losing a huge chunk of their clientele are now dominating through their vast approach in which WordPress and it’s free and paid resources played an impeccable role.

Out of many businesses around the globe, majority of them demands time management which is equally important for companies, individuals and the consumers or customers since time management makes it certain that everyone is doing their job with punctuality and nobody is losing anything because of insufficient time.

As WordPress provided many useful resources for many web owners including some of the best free WordPress themes and thousands of supportable WordPress plugins for powering your website to handle some very complicated and unimaginable tasks, saving time has always been the most important process of them all.

Appointment schedulers is the need of the hour for many business verticals such as doctors, hotels, beauty industry, hospitals, IT companies and almost every single service based company. To minimize the work load you should use appointment scheduler plugins to automate your appointment schedules online and also to minimize the risk of human errors that could turn to disastrous and unwanted result and can eventually save some time and money.

There are many good appointments scheduling plugins available on WordPress but we would personally recommend Appointment Scheduler plugins by Weblizar which is an amazing plugin loaded with so many amazing features one could ever imagine about.

These irresistible features make Appointment Scheduler one of the best appointment automation tools out in the market. Where many other tools are just surviving over the intent of learning how things are working, this plugin is certainly making it’s place by pointing out to some of the very common issues and problems an organisation can face.

The free version of the plugin can be downloaded from wordpress.org or from weblizar.com.

There are many features that make Appointment Scheduler plugin the best from the lot.

  • Accept Online Appointment On Your Website
  • Appointments Management Dashboard
  • Check All Appointment Statistical Report
  • Calendar View For Admin With Appointment Status Filter Like Pending / Approve / Cancel / Completed
  • Calendar View For Admin With Extra Filter Like Services / Customers
  • Set Business Booking Hours
  • Create Modify Services
  • Categorize Services
  • Paid & Free Booking
  • Manage Appointment With Search And Pagination Option
  • Export Your Appointments List
  • Export Your Clients and Customers List
  • Customize Booking Settings
  • Customize Frontend Booking Appearance
  • Backup Services
  • Backup Customers
  • Custom Time Slot Duration Settings
  • Custom Time Slot According To Service Duration
  • Set Booking Instruction For Clients And Customers
  • Custom CSS Setting to Customise Design and Style With Own CSS
  • Email Notifications Settings
  • Send Booking Notification Message To Clients and Customers
  • Notify Customer On Booking Confirm and Cancel
  • Notify Administrator when Someone Book New Appointment
  • Set Business Time OFFs
  • Set Lunch Hours
  • Set Repeating Time OFFs / Holidays
  • Turn OFF Weekends Using Holiday Feature
  • Complete Settings Panel
  • Set System Time Format
  • Set System Date Format
  • 50+ Curreny Settings
  • Set Frontend Theme Color
  • Display Business Logo On Booking Form
  • Show Business Information On Booking Form
  • Show Business Opening Hours On Booking Form
  • Show Social Media Links On Booking Form
  • Customize Next And Previous Buttons During Booking & Scheduling Process
  • Plugin Details & Guide

These are some of the features that you’ll get with the free version of the plugin available to be downloaded from wordpress.org

Demo of the paid version is available on weblizar.com

It is strongly recommended to use appointment scheduler plugin if your business falls into any service categories mentioned above to make it easier to manage your business and your clients as well.

Custom Admin Login – A WP Plugin With 200 Five Star Ratings


WordPress is an open source platform providing a base for 28 percent websites all around the globe. Out of 100 websites, 28 website are built using WordPress just because of a simple reason and that is the freedom to customize your website the way you want it through many available free and premium themes and paid and free plugins.

Every objective that you need to achieve has an associated plugin to it which will help you minimizing the task load that needs to attain the result and it has its subsequent benefits as it saves you ‘Money’ and most important of all your ‘Time’.

Customization includes changing anything and everything that your website needs to consummate its attractive looks or dazzling performance in a better way. Whether it’s about creating an image slider on your website or adding some social sharing buttons, you’ll find it all on wordpress.org.

Today we are going to discuss one such plugin which is amazing in its own way and gathered love from all around the way in a fashionable manner. And the proof of the love and support this plugin is getting is the ratings it has accumulated in this time period.

Custom Admin Login is one amazing WordPress plugin that allows you to customize your admin login panel completely. Its wide range of customization options gives you the freedom to present a trendy look to all your customers signing up or logging in to your website.

Here is the list of features that would force you to download this amazing wordpress plugin for your website:

  • Add Your Own Custom Logo On Login Form
  • Background Colour
  • Background Image
  • Background Image Slide Show
  • Login Form Position
  • Login Form Colour
  • Login Form Colour Opacity
  • Login Form Font Colour
  • Login Form Font Size
  • Login Form Button Colour
  • Login Form Button Size
  • Login Form Background
  • Redirect Users like (All Subscribers, Editors, Authors and Contributors) on Custom URL
  • Add Social Media Icon On Login Form
  • Social Media Icon Colour
  • Social Media Icon Size
  • Interactive Plugin Dashboard
  • Customize Login Form Positions

Admin custom login has more than 40,000+ active installs and 3,00,000+ total downloads. Support team is doing a great job, so in case if you are looking to try this plugin and stuck somewhere, just hit the support forum to resolve your query asap.

You should definitely try this plugin if you are looking for something that’s out of the box with some unique set of handling options.

Utilize Instagram marketing opportunities to enhance your business


It will surely be a huge mistake for you if you ignore Instagram as an impacting social media platform for the promotion of your business brand considering it as a smaller venue of operation. Being a smart entrepreneur, you must explore and include Instagram in your marketing strategy to familiarize and popularize your brand and find more and more clients for your products.

As the different social media platforms, is based on Google algorithm, are now playing a paramount role in promoting brands and generating their markets, corporate sectors are getting more yearning to use the opportunities as real viable advertisement options. Like other popular platforms, Instagram is also gaining significant marks from SEO experts at present and therefore, it is wise for you to include the platform in your business strategy for creating the brand value of your product and making people crazy about it.

Instagram is an app where you can share your photos and videos, and it’s all about pictures which create a thousand times impact on the mind of the people than words. It had been succeeded in making the web browsing more visual and inspires active participation in the photo and video sharing results in an efficient platform for increasing relationship with the customers. Therefore, to benefit from theses excellent features of Instagram, you need to have a comprehensive marketing strategy for the enhancement of the brand value of your product.

You are to set up your account and manage it in highly professional manner

First, you need to set up an account and manage it with highly professional expertise so that you can avail best out of it. You are to ensure that people love to see and enjoy the photos you share regarding the events of your business and they take an interest in the product you are trying to promote. Your motive would be to involve as maximum people as possible with your account to ignite craze about your brand.

Post photos with prudence

Since you are always carrying a high-resolution camera on your smart phone, there is always a temptation to snap even irrelevant things and post them on your account, which won’t be of any value to your customers. If you post a bunch of dull, pointless and trivial photos, your followers might sense it as insipid, and as a result, they might get annoyed. They can even mark them as spam. Therefore, you must adopt a prudent approach in posting photos in your Instagram account. Focus on highlighting the interesting incidents happened in your factory or office and post the photos in your account to generate interest amongst people about your company. However, do not repeat same occurrences in your post as they might create apathy in the minds of real Instagram followers and as a result, they can start feeling them vapid.

Keep in your mind your audience’s preference

You must have a real understanding of the preferences of your audience even regarding your fresh and exciting posts. You should go through the feedbacks of your audiences regularly. It will help you understand the preferences and likings of your followers. You will also realize about thoseposts which they will not like. Even you may go through the accounts of your competitors and scan those posts and images which are popular. It will help you adopt a right approach for promoting your product over your rivals.

You need to identify the profit location

If you are representing a direct sales company, you have limited options regarding your monetization. Direct sales companies do not allow their affiliates for taking out advertising spaces. You are to act to a profit location by the demand of your situation. You better generate an intriguing freebie instead of posting your affiliate link here. The link will collect emails from those people who are interested in the product and seeking further information about it. You are to lead them to appropriate content which will further make them interested in your product. That is how you can lead your Instagram audience to profit location which now will be followed by sales funnel.

Have a good lesson about your product for your audience and give variety of leads

It is imperative now for you to educate your audience about your product. Unless you are not making them to learn about your product with its detailed features, they will not show any interest in it. Therefore, educating your audience about your product is the most necessary thing for you in building trust amongst your customers. You are to make your leads interesting and versatile for that. You should adopt a proper marketing plan that includes email marketing, discounts, and different valuable graphics. These will involve some people for considering purchasing your product.

Keep on knocking

The purpose of Instagram marketing is to create an environment where people will start taking an interest in your product and even consider buying it. Therefore, you must be keen in your approach that you are to convince your audience about your product by using this platform. You should keep the fact in your mind that human nature is forgetful. If you think that your one post regarding your product will be enough to make people crazy about it for a long time, you are illuding yourself.

Your audience is not going through only your posts. Every day, they are browsing some web pages including many social sites. If you do not knock them repetitively with the features of your product, it will not create an impression in their minds and lead them to consider buying it. Therefore you must keep on repeating the features of your product by posting different compelling images of it and keep your eyes and ears open about the responses of the audience. Check the comment box frequently and try to comprehend the market psychology. You will realize by yourself how to exploit this platform in the maximum for the promotion and sell your product.

Always keep the fact in your mind direct sale is always profitable on social media. Only you are to prove to your audience that you are beneficial for them. Therefore, utilize your Instagram account and enhance your business by promoting your product for sale.

How to Become a Good DBA Consultant: Key Qualities you should Posses


The road to becoming a world recognized DBA is not an easy one to take. However, panic not my friend, everything that you need to know about becoming a DBA administrator and the responsibilities that come with the title are all laid out in this post. Keep reading!

As it is with other demanding careers, I am sure that you want to equip yourself with all the relevant information to ensure that you have a good start in a career that not so many have the passion for. If truth be told, for you to become a good DBA, you must above all other things create a strong foundation from which you can grow.

  • Certification – Remember the phrase ‘Education is the key to success? Well, this is so true when it comes to employment and career choices. It is your certification that will give you ranks in the employment world. Therefore, for you to get attached to a company as the acting DBA, you must have some education background and credentials to back you up.

For example, Oracle, being one of the prevalent integrated hardware and software businesses in the world, offers certification for each supported version of a product. It is the certification that will help you deliver technical support and recommendations for companies that run specific Oracle products.

As a matter of fact, an Oracle certification might just secure you a promotion and/or a raise. Therefore, enrol for a certified course in database administration from Oracle; take it further into bachelors and master’s degree.

  • Experience–It takes industrial experience for one to be labelled a good DBA. Since more and more companies are now relying on database administration to secure their crucial data and information, you must prove yourself worth the position of a DBA. The best way for you to understand the whole shebang about databases and your responsibilities as the DBA consultant, then you must have years of experience.

Therefore, during your first steps into this career, seek first the experience and not just the pay, because at the end of the day, the experience will give you a chance in higher places.

  • Commitment – Being a DBA requires commitment at its highest level. Unlike other careers when people have occasional breaks during a financial year to relax, a DBA should be able and willing to work, perform and deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yes, you heard it right; it is quite a demanding job!

There is basically no specific working plan for a database consultant. The responsibilities that come with the title are so huge and at most times stressful. Believe it or not, DBA administration consultants work even during holidays because tasks like database maintenance don’t have a time frame.

With the three tips mentioned above, you can rest assured that your career in database administration and consulting is headed for greatness. Money will simply start to flow your way and more companies will be begging for your services. The more you polish your expertise through industrial experience; you get more chances to flourish in your career.

How to Pick the Right Gas Flow Meter


There are many reasons to invest in a flow meter for your gas application. By constantly monitoring the flow of gas at your facility, you are able to detect leaks and reduce wastage. By checking the flow, you are able to enhance safety and also increase efficiency in the delivery of the flow to the required points. Gas meters are used in industrial, commercial and residential settings where this product is used.

Whatever your application, measuring the accuracy of gas flow is crucial and if you are shopping for a flow meter to help in this, you need to get more insight on the same. There are different types of flow meters including mass flow, velocity, differential pressure meters and positive displacement flow meters. With the right information, it becomes easier to buy a flow meter that is suitable for accurately measuring gas flow.

Differential pressure flow meters –This type of gas flow meter relies on Bernoulli’s principle where the measurement of gas flow is equated to a pressure drop over an obstruction on the path of the gas flow. They include the orifice plate and averaging pilot tube.

Velocity flow meters – These flow meters measure velocity of the gas flow at one point or more points and then work out the flow velocity over the area. They include turbine flow meters, ultrasonic flow meters and vortex flow meter.

Mass flow meters –These determine the mass of the gas flowing through the flow meter. They include the coriolis flowmeters and thermal mass flow meters.

Positive Displacement –These include the Reciprocating Piston Meter, Nutating Disc and Rotary Vane Meter.

It is important to get the specification on the flow meter you choose in order to determine whether it will suit your unique application. It is advisable to choose a fast response flow meter and check the accuracy of the device. A trigger alarm will also come in handy in gas measurement and control and this should be a component of the flow switch you buy.

Buying the Best Gas Flow Meters

It is important to start your flow meter shopping process by determining what you need for your application. For instance, determine the type of flow you have as this will determine the type of flow meter you will buy. Once you have determined your needs, including the unique application requirement flow rate and any other needs, it is now time to go to the market.

As a rule of thumb, you should not be guided by cost alone. Instead, you should consider the brand reputation and read reviews for the flow meter you want to buy. It is important to go for the widest turndown which is defined as the ratio of the maximum and minimum flow rates a flowmeter can measure within its specified accuracy range.

Other factors to consider include ease of installation and maintenance. Go for a low-maintenance appliance which will not require regular maintenance and repairs. You should also ensure the supplier will offer necessary support if need be. A warranty will also come in handy to assure you that the flow meter is highly functional.

Optimizing organic CTR for increased traffic and sales


Click through rate measures the number of new people visiting your website to check out your products and services. CTR is a direct measure of the effectiveness of your online marketing strategy. If you have an advertising plan in place, you will have a higher CTR. You must already know that boosting a post through social media and sponsored ads will get you more visitors. These are all benefits of paid search results.

Organic CTR is a little different. It includes only those visitors who have found you from direct Google searches. They have not come via an advertised path or from social media boost. It is a direct link that is not a result of your advertising efforts. Organic CTR is not dependent on your advertising budget. The exact number of people who click on your website from the Google search results is your organic CTR.

The link in the first place of Google SRL gets the most number of clicks. It claims almost 33% of all traffic. This means, the higher you are on the ladder, the more will be your website traffic.

Why is your organic CTR necessary?

Your total CTR will tell how smartly you have invested in advertising and PR. Your organic CTR will determine how well your title, keyword and website content is performing. This judges the performance of your site content on other sites in competition.

A general boost in organic click through rates improves your website ranking. This will rake in more views and create a positive feedback loop. Google takes to click through data as a reliable ranking signal.

How can you boost your organic CTR?

A recent study from Search Engine Watch stated that as keywords increase length, there is a constant increase in CTR, conversion rate and conversions per 1000 impressions. The ideal length of keywords is between 31-35 characters. The efficiency of the long-tailed keywords varies from industry to industry. The study also noted that keywords above 40 characters were not efficient and didn’t generate as many impressions. Always think of phrases containing the keyword that will be around 31-35 characters.

Should you review your title?

The title is the first thing any reader and visitor will notice about your post. You may want to make it one of your USPs. SEJ states that constructing titles from different perspectives keeps things interesting. There are four tactics you can try –

  • The jester
  • The hero or anti-hero
  • The feel good friend
  • The bad news bearer

On this note, we must let you know that including new punctuations do not create new titles. You need to add at least ONE new word to create a new title for your post. This strategy will help you repurpose old posts (with moderately high CTRs) by adding a new title, subheads, links, and metadata.

What are a few ways to increase your organic CTR?

Organic results depend upon direct user interaction. Your potential visitor and client will judge your website by the snippet they can see on their Google search results page. Here are ten ways in which you can increase your organic click through rate in the next couple of weeks –

  1. List all pages in order of descending CTRs. Once you find the reasons more people are drawn to page A and not B, you can quickly adjust your content strategy.
  2. Use power words that elicit an emotional response from your readers. For example – “children’s books that inspire creativity” is more useful than “10 books for bedtime stories” as a post title.
  • Reformat your content to include more lists, bullets, tables, and subheads.
  1. Include custom URLs with keywords in each of them for all indexed pages.
  2. Use numbers or refer to the volume of the feature. For example – do not just say sun-kissed beaches you can visit this summer. Include “5 suns kissed beaches you can visit this summer”.
  3. Work facts into your post. Include valid sources. People are more likely to garner a positive impression about sites that give them facts.
  • Include your special offer in the title of your page.
  • List down all possible questions your followers can ask about a product or post. Add the possible answer in the page description.
  1. Make a direct offer to your potential customer in your metadata.
  2. Include a call to action in your website metadata.

Increasing your organic CTR is the easiest way to get new buyers. This is not a standardized process, homogenized for all marketers. Each brand has its requirements and just like all good SEO services; you need to tweak your organic CTR strategy to best suit your company website interests. At the end of a successful strategy, your website will have more viewers, buyers, and higher conversion rates.