6 Kids’ Party Entertainment Ideas That Every Parent Must Know


Parents who have organized parties for their children before know that this is not an easy thing to do. This is because there is a lot to consider, for example, food, venue, decorations, invitations, party bags, and even hiring an entertainer. In addition, parents need to look for ways to keep the crowds amused and entertained throughout the party. Here are party ideas that you can choose to suit your theme and your budget.

Circus and clowns performers

Clowns have evolved over the years from the sinister models that we experienced in our childhood days. Nowadays, they are fun and bright even though they still use the same old tricks. If you want to have a modern experience of circuses and clowns, you should look for performers who offer kids’ party deals in your locality. You can also hire gymnasts, unicyclists, and fire breathers for your upcoming party.


Cartoonists are an ideal choice for audiences who are above five years. It will be difficult to have younger kids sitting still for a long period of time. Cartoonists are an excellent addition to any kids’ party theme.  Furthermore, the pictures made can be framed afterwards and make an excellent alternative to the conventional party bag when paired with a piece of cake.


Puppet shows are ideal for younger children. Your audience should be able to stay calm for a few minutes to enjoy the shows. You need professional puppeteers who are highly experienced and creative to guarantee a great session for your party attendees. They should be really creative and have unique ideas that the kids have never seen before to keep them engaged.

Face painters

Another activity that works best with most kids’ party themes is face painting. Face painters can easily transform the appearance of the party attendees into any character, object, or animal that their hearts desire. It is best to hire a team of face painters instead of a solo artist, especially if you have a big crowd. This is because your guests will become frustrated if they have to wait for long hours to have their faces painted.


Magicians can be an excellent addition to your kid’s party. Adults and children alike can be wowed by the animated performers and their tricks. Younger children appreciate simpler tricks and shorter shows because their attention tends to wane with time. Older groups would love close-up magic or card tricks that are engaging. Make sure that the birthday girl or boy is included and is a star in the magic tricks.


The kids’ party circuit is now experiencing an influx of Anna and Elsa characters. This can be a great addition to your party, especially if the birthday is for a girl. There are kid entertainers that can handle all types of princess characters like Thumbelina, Cinderella, Elsa, and many more. Such performers can also help teach kids a lot about royalty. To know more try Yabadoo kids parties and book your party.

Most entertainers will easily pull off some of these entertainment ideas at your kid’s party. They will choose age-appropriate activities depending on the interests ofyour child. This will ensure that everyone attending the party has a fun and memorable time.



Gold Apple Watch- A Luxury Gift for Her


Who is this ‘her’?

Any woman close to your heartwhom you love and respect – your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, or daughter.

Nobody else can love you as much as your mother does. Anything you do for her is less than that what she has done for you. She would sleep on the wet side of the bed and make you sleep on the dry side. She would not sleep in the nights when you were ill. If you have become capable of doing anything today, the credit goes to her. So, she deserves your respect and loves the most. A gold Apple watch can be an exciting gift for her. You can present it to her on her birthday, marriage anniversary, or on the Mother’s day.

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The watch can be a great gift for your daughter as well if you have. She will feel proud of you and show it proudly everybody telling her father has given it to her.

Why have I recommended you a gold Apple Watch to gift the woman you love the most?

The first reason is women love the gold from their heart and the second one is the features of the watch.

Below are some features that compelled me to recommend this watch.

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  • She can use Facebook.
  • She can listen to music.
  • You can send an SOS.
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  • Moreover, much more.

By now, you must have understood why I had recommended you this gift. Your gift will not only make her life comfortable but give her elegance as well.