A Quick Guide to Making a Career in Pharmacy


Pharmacists are a vital component of the medical care delivery process acting as a bridge for many functions between doctors, hospitals, and patients. Pharmacists are experts on compounding, dispensing, and storing medicines, as well as offering advice on the optimum use of medication and health safety practices to patients.

Role of Pharmacists

Pharmacists on the NHS perform essential tasks such as advising healthcare professionals like doctors and nurses on choosing medicines and using them correctly for the best outcomes for patients. They are expected to use their expertise in deciding drug safety and interaction with other medications, advicecaregivers regarding the best way of drug delivery and the optimum doses. They also have the responsibility of interacting with patients, addressing their health concerns, advising them on using drugs safely and responsibly, recommending OTC drugs and helping patients to manage long-term medical conditions. Pharmacists also play important roles in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, academia, and in the government.

What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

To be eligible to practice pharmacy, you require a registration with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). This is an independent body that acts as the regulator in Great Britain for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy premises. To register, you must have successfully completed a four-year MPharm degree that is accredited in Great Britain or Northern Ireland and also a 52-week preregistration training program in Great Britain. Passing a GPhC registration assessment is mandatory. The full treatments available here declaration by clinics would not be possible without the active involvement of qualified pharmacists.

To apply for an MPharm course, you should have three A-levels in chemistry and biology, math or physics (min A-B grade) besides five GCSEs, including math, one science subject, and English (min A-C grade). Alternatively, if you have completed a two-year foundation degree in pharmacy, you can join in the second year of the four-year MPharm course. Individual pharmacy colleges may have their own admission requirements;hence it is recommended that you check carefully before applying to avoid disappointment.

Essential Skills and Personality Traits Expected In Pharmacists

To be successful in pursuing a career in pharmacy, you will need to have a number of skills and personality characteristics. Among the most critical are being methodical and accurate, interested in the upkeep of other people’s health, understand the principles of medicines and drug interaction, show a high degree of responsibility, and have an ability to be sensitive to the application of the regulatory and legal frameworks. Further, they should possess a high degree of interpersonal skills, including the ability to communicate clearly and unambiguously, be able to work in a team, be competent in supervisory roles, and display a high degree of empathy to patients and their families


Pharmacists who desire to rise fast in their careers should keep their knowledge and skills up to date by undertaking continuing professional development. Becoming a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) allows them to network with the medical and pharmacist fraternity, as well as,let them attend the various seminars and conferences for a healthy exchange of ideas.

What you need to know when picking teacher’s aide training


Being a teacher’s aide allows you to make direct contribution in the education industry. Through your efforts you are able to touch the life of a child. If you are interested in building a career in this field, you should carry out adequate research as this will help you have a more success outcome. The research will allow you to start your career on a firm foundation.

When it comes to finding out more about the course, you should focus on the core areas. This will equip you with the information you need to make decisions that will be useful for your career.

Basic requirements

Many school districts have different requirements set for teacher aides. You should find out what your school district requires for this career. You will  consider the basic requirements and start from there. You will need to see what basic level education you require as well as the necessary training. From this information, you will know whether you have the qualifications for this career. If you do not have, you can take steps to build what you have until you attain the basic requirements. The research gives you a clear starting point as you will know whether you have what it takes to be a teacher aide. Apart from academic qualifications, find out if you need specific aptitudes or other skills that will make it easy to thrive in this industry.

Course requirements

After you find out about the requirements you need to meet, the next step is finding out more about the training courses needed for the career. You will find different levels in this career. Each level requires different qualifications. You should find out more on the recognized levels for the schools in your areas. You will know what you need to do to build your certification to the higher levels. You should also consider the opportunities available and choose options that will give you greater advantage. Also choose courses that give you all round training that prepares you for the job market adequately. The courses should give you confidence that you will carry out your duties well. Knowing more about the courses will allow those that are relevant to your career.

Best options available for training

The next step in your research is identifying the best training options you have. You should consider where you will take the course. You will find various online and offline institutions offering these courses. Your decision on which to pick will depend on the benefits you gain. You should also go for options that will offer you mote advantages over others. You should think about the courses offered, how they are relevant to your career path. The institution you pick should give you the best support that will allow your training to go on without a hitch. You should have access to the training materials and other resources that will help you study well. The choice of training institution offers an important part of preparing for your career in the teaching industry.


HR Certifications: Global Fellow Program in Talent Management


Professional certifications in Human Resource while still not mandatory, definitely hold some importance. As employers realize the importance of certified HR professionals as compared to the non-certified ones, the demand for the certified human resource professionals are on the rise. While certifications do add to your credentials, fellow programs in talent management will add that extra zing to your career.

Fellow programs whether Associate Fellow Program in Talent Management or Global Fellow Program in Talent Management prepares an HR professional as a global talent leader. So what are these fellow programs in talent management and how do they help in your human resource career.

What Are Fellow Programs In Talent Management?

Fellow programs in talent management helps human resource professional prepare for the higher responsibilities in their careers through global talent management. Based on your qualifications and experience there are two fellow programs in talent management namely Associate Fellow Program in Talent Management and Global Fellow Program in Talent Management.

So what is Associate Fellow Program in Talent Management? What does the program include and how does it prepare you as a global talent management – are these the questions plaguing your mind right now. If yes, then read on to know more about these fellow programs in talent management from reputed management institute.

Associate Fellow Program in Talent Management: If you are a certified human resource professional seeking higher responsibilities in your career then Associate Fellow Program in talent management is just the right program for you. The program is designed to make the students adept in creating a mark in their roles as global talent manager or other HR related jobs. You can take the program before, after or during the certifications.

Global Fellow Programs in Talent Management: Global Fellow Program are for the HR professionals who want to take their talent leadership skills to the next level. The program has been designed for senior human resource professionals and other related fields of human resource management who are seeking to expand the impact of their leadership in talent management and influence others with their knowledge.

How Professional Certifications and Global Fellow Program in Talent Management Help in Your Career Growth?

As a certified human resource professional you are already way ahead of your competitors both in your role and in job, so with the global fellow program in talent management you will add one more credential in your kitty. If you have been eyeing a promotion and despite your certifications you are not able to get that promotion then maybe it is time to enroll yourself in global fellow program in talent management, as the program will fill in the missing links in your qualifications, add weightage to your skills and prepare you to take more global challenges in the talent management.

As the business grow, it becomes difficult to globally manage the human capital and this is where your professional certifications and global fellow programs in talent management help you.



OT Technician Course – Scope and Career Prospects


OT Technician Course in India has a greater and a larger scope. It is a 3 years course and the curriculum consists of practical sessions as well as classroom sessions. Though there is a diploma course also available and its duration could be 1 year to 2 years. This is a shorter version of the 3 year old full-fledged course. There are a number of colleges which offer Diploma Courses in Operation Theatre Technique and then there are a number of courses also for the said trade. Some of the various courses are as under:

Various courses under the OT Technician Trade
• B Sc. Anaesthesia and Operation Techniques
• B. Sc. Med Tech
• Diploma in operation theatre techniques
• Executive diploma program in operations management
• B.Sc. in Operation Theatre Technology
• B.Sc. in Operation Theatre Management
• B.Sc. in Operation Theatre and Anaesthesia Management
• B.Sc. in Operation Theatre Techniques
• B.Sc. in Medical Technology (Operation Theatre)
• B.Sc. in Surgical Technology

Scope of diploma in operation theatre technician

Diploma in operation theatre technician in India is quite job oriented. A number of variants of this particular course are available in India as mentioned above and these cover more or less the same topics. The training curriculum and the subjects are also similar even if it is called by some other name. The technicians that are working in Operation Theatres are the related healthcare professionals. Their job is to assist the doctor during the surgeries by arranging the surgical instruments before any surgery is to take place, sterilizing and cleaning the instruments before and after the surgery and also carrying out the commands as given by the surgeon.

Career Prospects

In hospitals and emergency care units, operation theatres are present. In these operations theatres, there is always a requirement of OT Technicians. And of course during a surgery or an emergency the surgeon would not be able to handle the equipment as well so therefore the OT technicians are very helpful. The OT Technician course enables people to find job in hospitals, emergency care units, dispensaries and ICUs.

Many times, we give all the credit to the surgeons and the nurses to save the lives of the patients by performing operations. Surely they do deserve it, but the OT Technicians are also the part of the team which deserves the rightful credit.

Therefore, the skilled and talented OT technicians are always chosen by the high end hospitals and emergency care units and clinics. For an OT Technician, the jobs are available in the both private and the public sector.

The remuneration also is dependent on a number of factors such as employer profile, skills and talents of the OT technician, aptitude and the academic grades as obtained by the individual. The starting salary range in case of privately held clinics is almost 15000-20000 per month whereas in Government held clinics it is dependent on the scale and the salary band. In the countries abroad, the salary scale for the same profile is much higher than India and also the demand for such technicians is also very high.

Why Is It Essential To Engage A Job Agency Toronto?


The ability to hire and fire at will is not a matter of fun and games though. The recruiting manager is almost always a harried man who keeps formulating strategies to hire effectively when the time arrives to fill a vacancy. The picture is not bright on the other side of the divide though with the prospective employees trying to find jobs in earnest. The placement agencies appear as a Godsend to both the interested parties as they help them to meet their goals without added hassles.

A job agency Toronto is usually engaged by the employer who asks them to find the right employees for him. The agency may help in finding general employees or provide specialized services pertaining to recruitment. The agencies can help to recruit temporary staff or locate a highly qualified executive as per the needs of the employer.

How a job agency helps the employer

The agencies can help the HR department to recruit without wasting their time and money. The concerned recruiter can definitely initiate the process by checking the database thereby uncovering details of several candidates that are a close fit for the profile in question. This saves the company almost a month in time while it also manages to save almost 20% of the candidate’s salary that would have been spent to locate the employee otherwise.

Most companies opt to engage a reputable headhunter when they need to hire for a senior position in the company. The job agency Toronto finds the right candidate discretely and sends him along for an interview. The position is not advertised publicly as there are many instances of poaching from a competitor’s territory. The agency, however, does not claim a onetime fee for their services here. Instead, it enters into a contract with the concerned company that agrees to part with a percentage of the new employee’s salary. There is often a replacement clause incorporated within the contract.

Many staffing agencies work to fill the temporary vacancies of their retainers as well. The functions of an office do not come to a standstill when its trusted employees choose to take a vacation or fall ill therefore. The temporary employee handles the work load in the interim period thanks to the staffing agency. There are multiple companies that go for temp. workers initially but retain them as permanent employees if they prove their worth after a period of time.

How a job agency helps the employee

The job seekers often feel disappointed on not receiving proper responses even after applying to hundreds of companies. A quality job agency Toronto will be able to help secure a good job by interviewing the hopeful candidates, polishing their skills and revising their resumes before sending their candidature to the actual employer. The outcome of the interview may be positive allowing the job seeker to obtain the coveted job without having to incur additional expense. The agency will not allow the candidate to be disappointed if the outcome is negative though and will present him to another employer in order to fill another vacancy.

Enrolling with a job agency is definitely to the advantage of a job seeker especially when he happens to be a fresher. The agency provides helpful feedback and enhances his skill set via trainings. In short, the candidate soon develops the ability of marketing his candidature in the best manner thereby tasting success shortly.

All About Finance Options for Higher Education for Students of All Backgrounds


John Dewey had very rightly put it in simple words, “Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.” These words rightly describe the vital role of education in our lives and for the upliftment of the world we live in. It not only moulds our thoughts and actions and helps us navigate towards the right direction, but it also helps in shaping our future. All employers seek qualified, highly educated and skilled individuals to work for them, which is why, the demand for quality education is always on the rise. The fast-growing competition and the even faster growing global population have added to this frenzy.

For individuals who have just graduated from college, the next step constitutes further honing of their skills by looking for relevant opportunities for higher education. From writing SOPs, finding teachers to write a good recommendation letter to arranging for ways to pay the fees- the efforts required in the initial stages before an individual takes off for higher education, either in his/her native country or overseas are quite enormous. While SOPs and LORs are taken care of with the help and suggestions of acquaintances who have previously gone through this stage, the hunt for the right funding option for higher education is often faced alone and unadvised for most of us.

Understanding that a practical financial solution is more than welcome at this stage, here are the best options to arrange funds for your higher education:

Grants and Scholarships-First and foremost are grants and scholarships which have come to be the most sought-after solution for students who go abroad for their masters or their Ph.D. There are course-specific grants, grants for bright students from economically backward families, government scholarships, college/university-specific scholarships based on the score obtained in qualifying tests like IELTS, GRE, or GMAT to name a few. The internet is the best resource for this option.

Moreover, some colleges and universities provide partial or complete fee waivers based on merit to students when they apply.

Loans- Among loans, there are education loans and personal loans for higher education to choose from- these are provided by banks as well as Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs). You can apply for them after checking your eligibility for the same and going through the interest rates and terms of lending.

Borrowing from Known Acquaintances- If you are comfortable borrowing a part of your college/university fees (or the entire fees) from a known acquaintance, you can definitely go ahead with it. Here, make sure to consider all worst-case scenarios such as a delay in repayment as it can end up affecting your relationship with your friend or relative.

Crowdfunding- This too has become a popular finance option of late as the internet helps in connecting students looking for funds and educational sponsors with willing investors who wish to pay for the fees or loan money to students.

Jobs and Internships- A majority of the students who go abroad for higher education often take up simple jobs (full-time or part-time, depending on their schedule) to pay for their living expenses or for paying their college/university fees.










Easy Internships- Prepare yourself For The Dream Job!


Career aspirations for most students set in when they are in college. They have plans to join jobs immediately after graduation and become a part of their dream workforce. However, when it comes to jobs, students need to be very careful as the job market has become very competitive. It is prudent for them to start thinking about college internships that will help them in their personal growth and be the stepping stone to a lucrative career.

How can internships help you get the competitive edge?

In college, you become an adult, and it is here that you start planning for the career that lies ahead. You must ensure that you are equipped with the right work skills and practical knowledge to be successful in the field. However, the college will give you the academic education and the professional degree you need for the job. It will never give you the work skills that are required for a lucrative career ahead. This is why you must ensure that you have the right internship for your needs. Many students are afraid of internships as they believe that they are hard and will take a lot of your time. What they fail to understand is that a college internship will go the extra mile when it comes to bagging your dream job.  There are easy internships for you to take when you are in college. They provide you with the skills you need to proceed with a lucrative career ahead.

Internships also help you to experience new skills. You will be able to learn the skills of working in a team, leadership, organization, communication, and analysis. You will be working with skilled and experienced managers who will guide you along the way. They will help you understand the different facets of the job you are aspiring to take. At the same time, they will also give you much information about the latest trends and technologies that are being embraced today in the corporate world. You will gain practical experience and exposure when it comes to the professional arena. By the time you complete your graduation and earn your degree you have the practical work skills that give you a competitive edge in the market.

Increase your confidence with the right internships

When it comes to your faith, internships go a very long way in building it. You also can develop your self-esteem with the good internships. You should take time and search for the perfect internship for the career that lies ahead. You can take the help of a student advisor and find out the different kinds of internships available for your needs. At the same time, it is crucial for you to ensure that you complete your internships successfully before you apply for your dream job.

Finding the right internship for your career goals is not a mammoth task at all. There are several websites on the Internet to help you with college internships. You may also enroll in an academic program that provides you with an internship too.

The Educational System: Just a Financial Market?


Our classrooms have always been a battlefield. There has always been a battle on what to teach, and how to teach the future generation.

Everybody wants to plant the seed of their own ideas and beliefs in their children’s head, and unfortunately, that of other people’s children too. And with the rise of technology new players have entered the field, tech giants and their fight for future, loyal, customers.

The yea-sayers argue that modern day computers, multimedia screens and the internet are a learning aid that enhance the learning process, and with kids being practically born computer literate, it is the natural course to take. The naysayers, on the other hand, fear losing control over the younger generation, predicting a moral and social breakdown. And everybody else is fighting to get a piece of the paychecks to come.


Apple generally has a good hand in this game. Most children tend to follow their parents example, and a lot of parents seem to fall for whatever Apple throws at them. That’s why Apple products accompany most kids from the crib, giving Cupertino a little headstart in the race for brand dominance.


Alphabet (the corporation formerly known as Google) is taking the open source, “no evil” approach. Their Chromebook has established itself as a worthy, cheap alternative to the classical PC/ laptop, and the price difference to a MacBook doesn’t really put them in the same league. The Android platform is also taking big steps towards becoming a competitive operating system, it even took over Microsoft’s Windows as the most used OS.


That leaves us with Microsoft. Recently Satya Nadella (Microsoft SEO) announced the company’s take  at the lucrative K-12 market with Intune for Education, a cloud-based solution for educators.There will also be an affordable,lightweight operating system à la Chrome OS for cheap ChromeBook alternatives, and the integration of Office 365 Education. The management at Redmond is not going to give up its decade of dominance without a fight.

It is not all bad

Although big corporations having such a big hand in the education system leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, due to the under financing of the system, and the reluctance of politicians to prioritize education, we can be glad that someone is investing in the future generation.

“Competition is good for business”, so it really doesn’t matter who wins the most future customers. The three richest tech companies in the world are competing to make the best product and the kids are going to benefit from it.

How to Get a Job as a Remote DBA Expert


To become a DBA, you definitely need college education. Employers prefer persons with at least a bachelor degree in information systems, computer science or management of information systems. You can also take related online degree majors such as information security. Exploring a health informatics degree or medical informatics degree will also come in handy if you are interested in healthcare data or records.

Work experience is usually required, hence the need to work for other organizations before you consider a career as a DBA. Most of the advanced DBA jobs will require you to have professional certifications that are earned on the job or post-degree. The certifications will give you more job security as well as a higher pay rate. The Oracle database administrator and Microsoft SQL Server are the most popular certification series for professionals.

As a beginner, you will need to start as a junior DBA. The problem with this option is that not many companies hire junior database administrators. The reason for this is because organizations are looking for persons who know exactly what they are doing when managing their databases. As a result, most companies focus on experienced DBAs. This does not, however, mean that you cannot get a good paying job as a DBA. The key is to know your competition when job hunting.

Start with job sites

The Internet is one of the best tools you can use when searching for a job as a DBA. Here, you will get to search through multiple job posting sites as well as individual organizations that are looking for remote DBA experts. Always start with a simple Google search. This will give you quality links that you can use to search for jobs more keenly.

When searching for a job online, you have to make sure that you have digital formats of all your documents. Your curriculum vitae and all certificates must be in soft copy. You can scan all your certificates. Always send all of them to the job opening. It is also okay to send a direct mail to a company you feel might be interested in DBA services. You should also send applications to remote DBA companies; they might be in need of junior DBAs.

Promote internally

A simple fact you need to understand about a career as a DBA expert is that it is easier to be promoted than to get hired. This means that even if you have been a junior DBA for some years, don’t focus too much on finding a job elsewhere. You should focus on getting promoted. You can make yourself a natural candidate for a promotion even before the position opens. For example, you can volunteer to spend time with other DBAs, help with scheduled outages or ask to sit around and watch the senior DBAs work.

A career as a DBA is lucrative. On average, you will get an annual salary of $69,000. Some DBAs even earn upwards of $115,000. On average, the DBAs earn more than the network systems and data communication analysts or the telecommunication specialist.