Easy Internships- Prepare yourself For The Dream Job!


Career aspirations for most students set in when they are in college. They have plans to join jobs immediately after graduation and become a part of their dream workforce. However, when it comes to jobs, students need to be very careful as the job market has become very competitive. It is prudent for them to start thinking about college internships that will help them in their personal growth and be the stepping stone to a lucrative career.

How can internships help you get the competitive edge?

In college, you become an adult, and it is here that you start planning for the career that lies ahead. You must ensure that you are equipped with the right work skills and practical knowledge to be successful in the field. However, the college will give you the academic education and the professional degree you need for the job. It will never give you the work skills that are required for a lucrative career ahead. This is why you must ensure that you have the right internship for your needs. Many students are afraid of internships as they believe that they are hard and will take a lot of your time. What they fail to understand is that a college internship will go the extra mile when it comes to bagging your dream job.  There are easy internships for you to take when you are in college. They provide you with the skills you need to proceed with a lucrative career ahead.

Internships also help you to experience new skills. You will be able to learn the skills of working in a team, leadership, organization, communication, and analysis. You will be working with skilled and experienced managers who will guide you along the way. They will help you understand the different facets of the job you are aspiring to take. At the same time, they will also give you much information about the latest trends and technologies that are being embraced today in the corporate world. You will gain practical experience and exposure when it comes to the professional arena. By the time you complete your graduation and earn your degree you have the practical work skills that give you a competitive edge in the market.

Increase your confidence with the right internships

When it comes to your faith, internships go a very long way in building it. You also can develop your self-esteem with the good internships. You should take time and search for the perfect internship for the career that lies ahead. You can take the help of a student advisor and find out the different kinds of internships available for your needs. At the same time, it is crucial for you to ensure that you complete your internships successfully before you apply for your dream job.

Finding the right internship for your career goals is not a mammoth task at all. There are several websites on the Internet to help you with college internships. You may also enroll in an academic program that provides you with an internship too.

The Educational System: Just a Financial Market?


Our classrooms have always been a battlefield. There has always been a battle on what to teach, and how to teach the future generation.

Everybody wants to plant the seed of their own ideas and beliefs in their children’s head, and unfortunately, that of other people’s children too. And with the rise of technology new players have entered the field, tech giants and their fight for future, loyal, customers.

The yea-sayers argue that modern day computers, multimedia screens and the internet are a learning aid that enhance the learning process, and with kids being practically born computer literate, it is the natural course to take. The naysayers, on the other hand, fear losing control over the younger generation, predicting a moral and social breakdown. And everybody else is fighting to get a piece of the paychecks to come.


Apple generally has a good hand in this game. Most children tend to follow their parents example, and a lot of parents seem to fall for whatever Apple throws at them. That’s why Apple products accompany most kids from the crib, giving Cupertino a little headstart in the race for brand dominance.


Alphabet (the corporation formerly known as Google) is taking the open source, “no evil” approach. Their Chromebook has established itself as a worthy, cheap alternative to the classical PC/ laptop, and the price difference to a MacBook doesn’t really put them in the same league. The Android platform is also taking big steps towards becoming a competitive operating system, it even took over Microsoft’s Windows as the most used OS.


That leaves us with Microsoft. Recently Satya Nadella (Microsoft SEO) announced the company’s take  at the lucrative K-12 market with Intune for Education, a cloud-based solution for educators.There will also be an affordable,lightweight operating system à la Chrome OS for cheap ChromeBook alternatives, and the integration of Office 365 Education. The management at Redmond is not going to give up its decade of dominance without a fight.

It is not all bad

Although big corporations having such a big hand in the education system leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, due to the under financing of the system, and the reluctance of politicians to prioritize education, we can be glad that someone is investing in the future generation.

“Competition is good for business”, so it really doesn’t matter who wins the most future customers. The three richest tech companies in the world are competing to make the best product and the kids are going to benefit from it.

How to Get a Job as a Remote DBA Expert


To become a DBA, you definitely need college education. Employers prefer persons with at least a bachelor degree in information systems, computer science or management of information systems. You can also take related online degree majors such as information security. Exploring a health informatics degree or medical informatics degree will also come in handy if you are interested in healthcare data or records.

Work experience is usually required, hence the need to work for other organizations before you consider a career as a DBA. Most of the advanced DBA jobs will require you to have professional certifications that are earned on the job or post-degree. The certifications will give you more job security as well as a higher pay rate. The Oracle database administrator and Microsoft SQL Server are the most popular certification series for professionals.

As a beginner, you will need to start as a junior DBA. The problem with this option is that not many companies hire junior database administrators. The reason for this is because organizations are looking for persons who know exactly what they are doing when managing their databases. As a result, most companies focus on experienced DBAs. This does not, however, mean that you cannot get a good paying job as a DBA. The key is to know your competition when job hunting.

Start with job sites

The Internet is one of the best tools you can use when searching for a job as a DBA. Here, you will get to search through multiple job posting sites as well as individual organizations that are looking for remote DBA experts. Always start with a simple Google search. This will give you quality links that you can use to search for jobs more keenly.

When searching for a job online, you have to make sure that you have digital formats of all your documents. Your curriculum vitae and all certificates must be in soft copy. You can scan all your certificates. Always send all of them to the job opening. It is also okay to send a direct mail to a company you feel might be interested in DBA services. You should also send applications to remote DBA companies; they might be in need of junior DBAs.

Promote internally

A simple fact you need to understand about a career as a DBA expert is that it is easier to be promoted than to get hired. This means that even if you have been a junior DBA for some years, don’t focus too much on finding a job elsewhere. You should focus on getting promoted. You can make yourself a natural candidate for a promotion even before the position opens. For example, you can volunteer to spend time with other DBAs, help with scheduled outages or ask to sit around and watch the senior DBAs work.

A career as a DBA is lucrative. On average, you will get an annual salary of $69,000. Some DBAs even earn upwards of $115,000. On average, the DBAs earn more than the network systems and data communication analysts or the telecommunication specialist.