OT Technician Course – Scope and Career Prospects


OT Technician Course in India has a greater and a larger scope. It is a 3 years course and the curriculum consists of practical sessions as well as classroom sessions. Though there is a diploma course also available and its duration could be 1 year to 2 years. This is a shorter version of the 3 year old full-fledged course. There are a number of colleges which offer Diploma Courses in Operation Theatre Technique and then there are a number of courses also for the said trade. Some of the various courses are as under:

Various courses under the OT Technician Trade
• B Sc. Anaesthesia and Operation Techniques
• B. Sc. Med Tech
• Diploma in operation theatre techniques
• Executive diploma program in operations management
• B.Sc. in Operation Theatre Technology
• B.Sc. in Operation Theatre Management
• B.Sc. in Operation Theatre and Anaesthesia Management
• B.Sc. in Operation Theatre Techniques
• B.Sc. in Medical Technology (Operation Theatre)
• B.Sc. in Surgical Technology

Scope of diploma in operation theatre technician

Diploma in operation theatre technician in India is quite job oriented. A number of variants of this particular course are available in India as mentioned above and these cover more or less the same topics. The training curriculum and the subjects are also similar even if it is called by some other name. The technicians that are working in Operation Theatres are the related healthcare professionals. Their job is to assist the doctor during the surgeries by arranging the surgical instruments before any surgery is to take place, sterilizing and cleaning the instruments before and after the surgery and also carrying out the commands as given by the surgeon.

Career Prospects

In hospitals and emergency care units, operation theatres are present. In these operations theatres, there is always a requirement of OT Technicians. And of course during a surgery or an emergency the surgeon would not be able to handle the equipment as well so therefore the OT technicians are very helpful. The OT Technician course enables people to find job in hospitals, emergency care units, dispensaries and ICUs.

Many times, we give all the credit to the surgeons and the nurses to save the lives of the patients by performing operations. Surely they do deserve it, but the OT Technicians are also the part of the team which deserves the rightful credit.

Therefore, the skilled and talented OT technicians are always chosen by the high end hospitals and emergency care units and clinics. For an OT Technician, the jobs are available in the both private and the public sector.

The remuneration also is dependent on a number of factors such as employer profile, skills and talents of the OT technician, aptitude and the academic grades as obtained by the individual. The starting salary range in case of privately held clinics is almost 15000-20000 per month whereas in Government held clinics it is dependent on the scale and the salary band. In the countries abroad, the salary scale for the same profile is much higher than India and also the demand for such technicians is also very high.