Social media is used by many and 80% of people use social media sites to get information regarding doctors, hospitals, medical news and information. Social media can be extremely useful tool for communicating general healthcare information to the public, establishing professional connections and sharing experiences. Still there should be censor on the extent of the information shared as for HIPAA compliance. HIPAA violations occur due to sharing of too much of information on the social media sites. HIPAA training should be imparted to the healthcare employees while using the social media.

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts of social media and HIPAA violations and compliance in medical practice.

1] Understand what is considered as HIPAA violations on social network:

As per HIPAA  compliance, a breach is an impermissible use as per the privacy rules that includes the security or privacy of the protected health information. Posting verbal conversation about patient to unauthorized individuals even if the name is disclosed. Sharing photographs or any information without consent of the patient. To assume that the posts or photos have been deleted when they are still to be viewed by the public. Sharing pictures of workplace that happens to have visible patients files.

2] Do not post anything on social media that you will not say in a common public place. This is the basic rule if you are in doubt about a post, picture or comment check with the compliance officer or your colleague before putting it on social media sites.

3] Train the employees adequately– Train the employees on HIPAA privacy and security policies when they are hired and repeat it at least annually. The best way to limit the violation of rules of privacy make sure that they do not use social media sites during working hours. Also extend your rules and policies of HIPAA compliance to social media networks.

4] SEVERITY OF PUNISHMENT OF HIPAA VIOLATIONS– Do not refrain or overlook the severity of punishment of violation of the HIPAA compliance. If the employees are mishandling the public health information and share it or disclose it inappropriately, they should be punished severely. The punishment could be imprisonment or fine or both of it. If HIPAA breach occurs on social media sites then the compliance officer should be informed regarding all aspects of breach. There after notification to the individual must be sent in no case later than 60 days, top HIPAA violations and prevention is available. If the breach involves more than 500 individuals then in this situation the compliance officer will send notice to the media and to the secretary of HHS. The employees involved in breach should be retrained on HIPAA compliance.

HIPAA compliance is an ongoing vigilant process of your overall compliance program. By providing HIPAA training to the employees at the time of their joining and then repeating it at regular intervals the breach or violation of Public Health Information can be stopped.


OT Technician Course – Scope and Career Prospects


OT Technician Course in India has a greater and a larger scope. It is a 3 years course and the curriculum consists of practical sessions as well as classroom sessions. Though there is a diploma course also available and its duration could be 1 year to 2 years. This is a shorter version of the 3 year old full-fledged course. There are a number of colleges which offer Diploma Courses in Operation Theatre Technique and then there are a number of courses also for the said trade. Some of the various courses are as under:

Various courses under the OT Technician Trade
• B Sc. Anaesthesia and Operation Techniques
• B. Sc. Med Tech
• Diploma in operation theatre techniques
• Executive diploma program in operations management
• B.Sc. in Operation Theatre Technology
• B.Sc. in Operation Theatre Management
• B.Sc. in Operation Theatre and Anaesthesia Management
• B.Sc. in Operation Theatre Techniques
• B.Sc. in Medical Technology (Operation Theatre)
• B.Sc. in Surgical Technology

Scope of diploma in operation theatre technician

Diploma in operation theatre technician in India is quite job oriented. A number of variants of this particular course are available in India as mentioned above and these cover more or less the same topics. The training curriculum and the subjects are also similar even if it is called by some other name. The technicians that are working in Operation Theatres are the related healthcare professionals. Their job is to assist the doctor during the surgeries by arranging the surgical instruments before any surgery is to take place, sterilizing and cleaning the instruments before and after the surgery and also carrying out the commands as given by the surgeon.

Career Prospects

In hospitals and emergency care units, operation theatres are present. In these operations theatres, there is always a requirement of OT Technicians. And of course during a surgery or an emergency the surgeon would not be able to handle the equipment as well so therefore the OT technicians are very helpful. The OT Technician course enables people to find job in hospitals, emergency care units, dispensaries and ICUs.

Many times, we give all the credit to the surgeons and the nurses to save the lives of the patients by performing operations. Surely they do deserve it, but the OT Technicians are also the part of the team which deserves the rightful credit.

Therefore, the skilled and talented OT technicians are always chosen by the high end hospitals and emergency care units and clinics. For an OT Technician, the jobs are available in the both private and the public sector.

The remuneration also is dependent on a number of factors such as employer profile, skills and talents of the OT technician, aptitude and the academic grades as obtained by the individual. The starting salary range in case of privately held clinics is almost 15000-20000 per month whereas in Government held clinics it is dependent on the scale and the salary band. In the countries abroad, the salary scale for the same profile is much higher than India and also the demand for such technicians is also very high.

Tips for Choosing a Fence Contractor


Choosing a contractor for your home improvement is being tossed into the thick of things. The success of any home improvement project depends on the artistry of the contractors and their ability to meet deadlines and also stay within the budget. It is a harsh world out there with everyone trying to take advantage of you. Building contractors are instrumental in maintaining the safety and standards of any work. They also have the know-how of the existing legislation and are therefore your partners when pushing the paperwork for a construction.

When you want to revamp your space and bring new life to a drab looking area, the contractor will help translate your vision to reality. Chances are half the people reading this article are first time DIYers or people who have had awful experiences with a contractor. It is hard to put all your trust in a stranger to translate your dreams into reality. You can rest easy because at the end of this article, you shall have known the best way to choose a contractor for your project.

So, you have this project. You need someone skilled and seasoned enough to handle the nitty-gritties of your project. You need someone who will not be frustrated when you make changes to the plan, whether aesthetic or structural. Someone who can handle it is your best bet. Here are some of the tips to follow when you are looking a fence contractor.

Use an accredited and rated contractor

Just like any other product, fence contractors are registered professionals who have to meet some minimum requirements to be certified as fit to work. Having certification is one way to guarantee the outcome of the job. Professionals are ready to state their reputation and back up their claims with great results. If a contractor is bonded, insured and licensed to work in the region, you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands.

Contractor specialization

Just like any profession, fence contactors have their areas of specialty. The area of specialization vouches for the contactors credibility and knowledge. It means they understand that thematic area right down to its intricacies. They can be very efficient in detailing work and recodifications specially to suit regulations. Your worries and concerns about the contractor not getting what you want can be taken care of by a specialized contractor. This is the most important tip since this determines whether they can work on your restoration or modification.

Be clear about the budget and see if the contractor can work within your margins

Having a feasible budget that is adequate to coverall the things you want done is paramount. A contractor is supposed to work within the bounds of your budget. Discuss extensively on the best and worst-case scenarios and be honest about your expectations. You must have a realistic budget. Therefore, being introspective and knowing about all your cash flows is vital.

Reviews from friends and similar projects

The best CV is one of the jobs done by the contractor. The level of satisfaction gained by other people with similar projects will give you a rough idea of whom to choose to run your project. Getting referrals from friends who have undertaken similar projects is better than starting in oblivion. Word of mouth advertising is the best way to get the best contractor. The best thing to do is to understand is that you are procuring a service with your money and thus you have to get value for your money.

Trust your gut

Most of the time, the decision to choose a contractor is made hard by the fact that people are not willing to put their trust in a complete stranger. Just throw caution to the wind and let the craftsman amaze you. The above tips on choosing a home improvement contractor wouldn’t work if you weren’t ready to trust someone with your project.




Interesting Escape Room Games for Your Gadget


Escape room games are best played live, but you can also find them on iPhones and android devices. They are a great way to pass time as you wait your turn at the doctor’s or as you soak up the sun on a park bench. They have similar characteristics to live escape games. The only difference is that you are not locked up in an actual room from which you need to figure out how to escape.

Some of the gadget escape room games are quite simple but you will also come across some pretty complex ones. These ones try your wits to the limit. If you are the kind of person that hunts for opportunities to exercise your brain and test your resilience, you should try to find the complex ones that throw you into the deep end…literally.

Finding the perfect escape room game for your gadget

The internet will give you more options than you can possibly imagine once your type out your ‘order’. Something as random as Escape room Sacramento or simply escape room games will give you many to choose from. The literature on these games will help you decide which game is perfect for your needs.

Examples of games you can search for

Depending on whether you want a free game or one that you have to pay for, there are many to choose from.

  • Adventure series
  • ‘Can you escape’ games
  • Cube escape series
  • The Escapists
  • Into the Dead
  • Lifeline series
  • Monument Valley
  • The Room Series

These are specifically for androids. They are designed to keep you enthralled and sometimes creep you out. You still get that adrenalin rush as you try to get out of hairy situations from scary characters or creepy locations…or both.

  • The Room
  • Machinarium
  • Zombie Shooter
  • All That Remains
  • Device 6
  • Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton

These ones are created for the iPhone. Like the android games, they can be very engaging as they give you harrowing situations to get yourself out of.

It is quite thrilling getting from one level to the next and finding that you beat some ghoul or monster that had your brain picked out for dessert.

Thrill seekers will always want to find themselves in life or death situations where they have to depend on their wits to survive. Whether it is a real live escape room or a virtual one, the goalis the same: to get out.

The cool thing about the gadget games is that you do not need to have partners in order to play. You can also play them wherever you are: on the bus, on queues, in a restaurant as you wait for your order, in the parking lot, at the park, orin bed.

While there are more thrills with live escape rooms in comparison to virtual games, escape room games of both varieties give you almost the same thrills and getting escape room Sacramento or something related on your search bar could be the beginning of real adrenalinpumping times.





3 Effective Ways to Retrieve Data from a Dead PC


An unexpected shutdown of your computer while you are working on a file or saving it, can lead to permanent data loss. After a sudden power failure when you restart your system, you might discover that the files and other data are failing to boot up. To see whether your files and data are safe, you try to connect the hard disk to another system and still find out that all your data are gone. You find yourself in an anxious situation where you desperately look for ways to recover the data from your dead PC.

Often the reason behind the unexpected shutdown of your computer is due to a fault in the operating system or a certain hardware issue. Regardless of the reason, your prime concern is to safely recover your data, for which you can also consult with a professional data recovery Philadelphia firm. Here are three methods that will help you in recovering data from your dead PC.

# Utilize the Hard Disk as an External Hard Drive

You can recover data and important files from the crashed system’s hard disk. For this, you have to connect the hard disk to another computer and use it as an external hard drive. Apart from that, different computers come with different configurations; hence, it is imperative to check the crashed computer’s specification prior to using the hard disk as an external HDD. If your system identifies the hard drive, yet you are not able to access the data, then making changes to the assigned drive letter might do the work. When you are done saving the files from the hard disk to the computer, you can again install the Operating System on the crashed PC and transfer the files and data to it.

# Retrieve Data from the Hard Disk using BIOS Utility

In order to recover data from a crashed system, it is necessary to safely remove the hard drive from the dead PC and connect a USB stick with the OS files stored on it. After that, boot your dead PC using the USB stick. Often, there are some errors in the Operating System, for instance, the deletion of DLL files or any software flaw, or damage to the installer. If you find out that your computer is not actually dead, you can avail a Windows installer disc or a bootable USB. If by any stroke of luck you have the backup of your files, then you can also restart your computer and enter the Safe Mode followed by the booting process. Safe mode starts the Operating System with basic drivers and limited functionality required for running the OS.

# Invest in a Windows Data Recovery Software

Another great option is to use effective data recovery software. When you use a data recovery software there is no need to waste your time and efforts in connecting the hard drive. With so many options of data recovery software available in the market, you can find the suitable one for your system. All you need to do is run the installer and launch the software after the completion of the installation.


Hopefully, you have now understood that if your system fails to boot up, you might end up losing all your important files and data stored in the PC. Follow these methods to prevent permanent data loss and safely retrieve the data from the dead computer.


Why Is It Essential To Engage A Job Agency Toronto?


The ability to hire and fire at will is not a matter of fun and games though. The recruiting manager is almost always a harried man who keeps formulating strategies to hire effectively when the time arrives to fill a vacancy. The picture is not bright on the other side of the divide though with the prospective employees trying to find jobs in earnest. The placement agencies appear as a Godsend to both the interested parties as they help them to meet their goals without added hassles.

A job agency Toronto is usually engaged by the employer who asks them to find the right employees for him. The agency may help in finding general employees or provide specialized services pertaining to recruitment. The agencies can help to recruit temporary staff or locate a highly qualified executive as per the needs of the employer.

How a job agency helps the employer

The agencies can help the HR department to recruit without wasting their time and money. The concerned recruiter can definitely initiate the process by checking the database thereby uncovering details of several candidates that are a close fit for the profile in question. This saves the company almost a month in time while it also manages to save almost 20% of the candidate’s salary that would have been spent to locate the employee otherwise.

Most companies opt to engage a reputable headhunter when they need to hire for a senior position in the company. The job agency Toronto finds the right candidate discretely and sends him along for an interview. The position is not advertised publicly as there are many instances of poaching from a competitor’s territory. The agency, however, does not claim a onetime fee for their services here. Instead, it enters into a contract with the concerned company that agrees to part with a percentage of the new employee’s salary. There is often a replacement clause incorporated within the contract.

Many staffing agencies work to fill the temporary vacancies of their retainers as well. The functions of an office do not come to a standstill when its trusted employees choose to take a vacation or fall ill therefore. The temporary employee handles the work load in the interim period thanks to the staffing agency. There are multiple companies that go for temp. workers initially but retain them as permanent employees if they prove their worth after a period of time.

How a job agency helps the employee

The job seekers often feel disappointed on not receiving proper responses even after applying to hundreds of companies. A quality job agency Toronto will be able to help secure a good job by interviewing the hopeful candidates, polishing their skills and revising their resumes before sending their candidature to the actual employer. The outcome of the interview may be positive allowing the job seeker to obtain the coveted job without having to incur additional expense. The agency will not allow the candidate to be disappointed if the outcome is negative though and will present him to another employer in order to fill another vacancy.

Enrolling with a job agency is definitely to the advantage of a job seeker especially when he happens to be a fresher. The agency provides helpful feedback and enhances his skill set via trainings. In short, the candidate soon develops the ability of marketing his candidature in the best manner thereby tasting success shortly.

Heat and Cool Your Home with Quality Solar Thermal and Heat Pump Systems


When it comes to choosing residential heating and cooling systems, the first things that home owners consider is the system’s energy efficiency and independence. And it is for this reason that solar thermal and heat pump systems are all the rage for thousands of homeowners.

In addition to these systems being relatively efficient in the house, they are also cost-effective and do not harm the environment. Energy generating companies agree that solar thermals systems are a good option for residents who are used to traditional energy sources like electricity for domestic use. In fact, solar thermal energy systems have been around for some years now although they are commonly used in commercial settings and industrial spaces.

What most people don’t realize is that the technology used in solar thermals isperfect for water heating and plumbing systems in both commercial and residential buildings. All you need for your solar thermal water heating system is a water storage tank, preferably one with a heat exchanger, a solar thermal collector, and a water pump system. Using a heat transfer fluid from the thermal collector, the water in the storage tank is heated up through the heat exchanger system.

There is a wide variety of solar thermal and heat pump systems available in the market. Don’t be anxious though for this post provides you with some factors you must consider when choosing a home heating system. (Please) keep reading…

  • The average temperature in your location –Your location is an important factor when choosing your heating system. Why, you may ask? Well,high temperatures may negatively affect the efficiency of your heat pumps and solar thermal systems. Extremely low temperatures will also affect the systems efficiency. Therefore, it is best that you choose a heating system that is designed to handle the average temperature in your area of residency.


  • The type of heating system – There are several heating systems available in the market today. For example, some of the most common and approved heat pumps are air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, absorption heat pumps and hybrid heat pumps. These heat pumps have unique features though they do the same kind of work at the end of the day. So, it is up to you to choose one that suits your domestic needs and one that is reasonably priced.


  • The size of the heating system –Another important factor to consider is the size of the heat pumps and the space you have at home for the system to be installed. The number or rooms you intend to heat or cool will also determine how big or small the heating system should be. A ridiculously small system will not maintain your preferred temperatures and might end up wearing out faster than expected. On the other hand, an oversized heat pump will end up wasting too much energy if you only need to heat a small space.

Air quality– Last but not least, for your general well-being and the well-being of your loved ones, it is imperative that you choose heat pumps that improve the quality of air that you breathe.

Winter is coming: winter survival guide for real estate agents and realtors


Most people simply assume that the real estate agents are living the high life. It is far from being the truth. Real estate agents and realtors sometimes have to live from check to check, unless their commissions come in! Sometimes, the duration between the closure and its reflection on their account balance can be over 30 days. This disrupts the cash flow, and it can create a crater in the business resources. Downtime for any business is bad, and for realtors, it can mean missed open houses, seminars, conferences, and promotions.

Winters can be slow for business

Depending on where you live and where your business is, fall can be a dreary time. The real estate market is often slow during fall and its slumbers during the winter. Thankfully, once the sun starts shining the moods of the prospective home buyers again pick up, and the market somewhat picks up by the end of spring. So, how do most of the real estate agents see through these unforgiving winters and survive till another summer with the business still afloat?

How to survive the dormant market?

It does not have to be special powers or black magic. Realtors and agents who opt for commission advances can sail through the rough patches and find a more fertile market in the summers. The commission advances real estate agents vary according to their prowess and upcoming closures.

Do not let people forget you

With the advance cash, you can invest in some outdoor advertising during the fall. This can help you keep the name of your business alive amidst the snow and the wind. You might want to book prime time slots on TV, but if you are a part of the digital crowd, definitely go for digital local paid ads on Facebook, Google and other popular websites in your locality.

Keep refreshing their memory in creative ways

You can also take help from cheap but reliable postal services to send out “Thank You” notes, season’s greetings and postcards to your clients. This will help you get more reviews, recommendations, and referrals. Even fridge magnets, stickers, and calendars can do the trick! Did you know? Over 75% of the real estate businesses in the USA are a result of word-of-mouth promotions.

Work on your digital persona

Winters leave people lazy and reluctant to step outside. Make the most of this time to create your new CRM or revamp your old website with new client information. The world of digitization commands you to put all your client details and potential client details on that database and update it on your website. Having an up-to-date system will always tell you which strategy performs best and it will help you stay on top of your email list.

Commission advances are a great way to add some color and fun in the otherwise mundane lives of real estate agents and realtors. Now, other than paying credit card bills, utility bills and fixing old wiring, you can spruce up your business ideas while the world hibernates.