Quick Tips for Vaping Beginners


Switching to vaping can seem a bit overwhelming at first. As with other new hobbies or lifestyle changes, you’ll need to learn a few things to get started. The good news is that many other normal people have done it before you and by taking a little time to learn, you’ll learn how to make vaping work for you in a fun way.

Below are some useful tips from the pros to start you off on the right path.

Disassemble your vaping device every night

Daunting as it may seem at first, this nightly disassembly is important because it prevents spills which are quite common. Contact between the e-juice/e-liquid with the battery or button may lead to damage of your vaping device. A high-quality vaping kit is an investment you want to take care of by doing this small, simple task every night.

Be careful not to crack the delicate apparatus

Needless to say, the durability of vape tanks varies from one manufacturer to another. Furthermore, certain vape juices are best used with vape tanks made out of certain materials. For example, certain types of plastic vape tanks are known to warp when used with certain juices.

It is therefore a good idea to research on the e cig liquid you intend to use and how it might work with the type of material used to make the vape tank you plan to use. If you’re planning on using a wide variety of e-juices, you’re better off buying a vape kit that hasa glass tank for maximum durability.

Properly maintain the vape juice

Your vaping kit (the mod, tank and atomizer) needs to be properly used and maintained, as do your vaping juices. Before using vape e-juice, make sure you shake it well to ensure that the nicotine, vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) mix properly to give you a great vaping experience.

It is also imperative that you store the juices away from direct sunlight. The nicotine will likely be an important ingredient for you if you’ve just made the switch from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes. So keep in mind that exposure to direct sunlight reduces the potency of the nicotine in the e cig liquid.

Another crucial juice maintenance tip is that you should never leave the e-juice bottle open. If the juice is too intense, you can let it breathe a bit. However, leaving the juice bottle open for too long will diminish the flavor. To be on the safe side, avoid leaving the bottle open for more than 30 minutes at a time.

Refill or replace the vape tank or atomizer

Depending on the vaping device you buy, you’ll have to refill the vape tank or replace it altogether. For a beginner, the easiest tank/atomizer to use might the kind that is filled from the bottom. All you need to do is refill the tank and vape. For slightly more advanced devices, you’ll have to occasionally replace the coils, which are available at any online vapestore. Shop around to get the best prices for these components.