Why You Might Want to Consider Investing in Tesla Solar Roof


The steady rise of electricity costs and the need to go green has led to an increased demand for solar energy. Consequently, there have been rapid advancement sin solar technologies. Just recently, Tesla launched a new line of solar roof tiles. They might not have gained much traction but one thing is certain; homeowners will go for it as soon as they realize its immense benefits.

Compared to the traditional solar panels, Tesla solar roof tiles come with multiple advantages. Let’s consider some of the obvious reasons that would make one invest in this new generation solar technology.

Great appeal

Looks do matter, especially where roofing is concerned. At the onset, solar panels were huge and unpresentable. It wasn’t so easy to make use of solar energy while still maintaining the sleek look of your roofing. With the advent of Tesla solar tiles, a lot is bound to change. These solar roof tiles blend well with the surrounding shingles while maintaining a great look.

What makes these tiles even more awesome is the fact that they have been designed to withstand the elements and maintain the sleek look over an extended period. Tesla tiles come in a variety of designs to meet the tastes of various homeowners. For one, there is the popular textured tile that goes well with the standard shingles. If you need something different, you can settle on the smoother versions of the tiles. Tesla is soon coming up with Slate and Tuscan styles, giving consumers more designs to choose from.

Eco-friendly roofing approach

In the last couple of years, there have been growing concerns on carbon footprint. People from all divides agree that using environment-friendly products is the way to go. By using solar roof tiles from Tesla, you will be reducing the need to burn oil and coal to produce energy. With Tesla solar roof tiles from https://www.pelamiswave.com/tesla-solar-roof/, youcan make use of renewable energy that is also environmentally friendly.

Infinite warranty

The tempered glass construction feature that solar roof tiles from Tesla come with makes them nearly indestructible. It is said that Tesla roof tiles are almost three times stronger than the normal roofing tiles. Tesla has come with a warranty option where they are willing to replace any roof tiles for the homeowners. The durability and additional sense of security through unlimited warranty makes investment in Tesla solar roof tiles so tempting.

Might be affordable in the long run

To think that solar roof tiles made by a high-end firm like Tesla can be cheap might appear counterintuitive. However, investing in solar roof tiles from Tesla will save homeowners more money in the long-term. The initial cost might be huge but the long-term benefits outweigh the costs. These tiles also increase the overall value of your home with time.

Investing in solar energy is a wise idea, one that is friendly to both the environment and the pockets. The fact that Tesla solar roof tiles make you go green while maintaining the great curb appeal of your home makes them nearly irresistible. Investing in them is something you might want to consider.