Essential Things You Should Know about Steroids


Are you on a mission to build your body? In that case, you are definitely thinking of taking anabolic steroids, right? Do you have a clear idea about it? Actually, anabolic steroids are the synthetic steroid drugs that help in building up your muscles, enhance protein production and rectify the effects of testosterone, lacking in a male body. If you have decided to buy anabolic steroids, you should make sure certain things.

  • Are you a beginner?
  • Have you consulted a doctor?

If you get positive answers to these questions, you can proceed further. So, here you will find some common queries that people ask when they want to start steroids; and there are suitable answers too. Have a look.

  1. What is a Steroid?

Testosterone is the male hormone which is responsible for producing sex hormones in the male body. When it is not produced naturally or the production rate is low, the anabolic steroids are prescribed to boost up the level of testosterone production. Usually, sportspersons, like bodybuilders or those involved in weightlifting use the steroids to increase the body mass and the strength.

  1. Are You Old Enough to have Steroids?

You can only take steroids, if you are above 2 years old. Taking them below the age limit can be risky. If you use them as an underage consumer, those drugs can stop the natural growth of your body. You may not grow taller or your shoulder may not get wider. Not only that, but there are other rules also for having steroids. If you are 25 years old, but started working out only a few months ago, you should not go for anabolic steroids.

  1. What to Take – Injections or Tablets?

If you are OK to take anabolic steroids, you need to know whether you should buy injectable anabolic steroids for sale or oral anabolic steroids. As oral steroids are tablets, they pass through the gastrointestinal tract and leave their effect on the liver. But, the injectable ones are for intra-muscular use. They don’t leave any track on the liver. The injections, on the other hand, are very risky, if injected into the vein. This can hail death also. Nonetheless, injectable steroids can also damage your kidneys or cause you big losses.

  1. Where to Inject?

If you have decided to use injections, you should inject under your gluteus maximus muscle, which is at your hip area. It will be better, if you consult an expert for injections, as often, such injections cause abscesses that can be deadly.

  1. When Should You Take Injections?

You can choose any time of the day. If you are taking drugs like, sustanon, deca, enanthate, etc., you should aim for at least once a week; though twice a week will give you the best results. Drugs like Dianabol must be taken regularly.

These are the questions that pop up inside your mind when you think of taking the anabolic steroids. No matter when you start taking these, you should consult a physician.