How to Prepare for Your Next International Travel


Being in a foreign country can be eye-opening  and invigorating. International vacations usually tend to be longer than domestic ones, which means you need to make sure you are well prepared for it. The trip itself will teach you some little secrets, like making sure you find a map at the airport before you leave, etc.

If you are traveling internationally soon, be sure to read these smart travel tips. They will make traveling abroad easier, efficient, cheaper and of course stress-free.


  • Have dental and medical check-ups before your trip and check to see if you need some extra vaccinations or immunizations for the place you are visiting. Some vaccines don’t reach the highest protection until about six weeks after you get the shots, so make sure to see your doctor at least six weeks before your trip. Find out about medicines you might need to take with you for prevention or for health problems that might occur during your stay.
  • Take a first-aid kit. You can customize your kit, you don’t have to bring everything with you. Here are some items that you may need: cough and cold medicines, pain medicines, an over-the-counter medicine for upset stomach, medicine for diarrhea, scissors, thermometer, pocket knife, nail clippers, tweezers and a mirror.
  • Find out what your health insurance will pay for if you see a doctor while you are traveling.

International travel is very exciting and fun, but every adventurer should be aware of certain things that may happen and that can ruin the trip. From poor water quality, to bad Internet connection to vaccinations, there are many things to consider.

  • Hotel business card. 

When you arrive at the hotel, take a hotel business card from the front desk first. So, if you ever get lost, you will have the name and the address of the hotel written in the local language.

  • Google Maps.

If you don’t have a good sense of directions, you will definitely need a map. While you are in the hotel, you can use the Wi-Fi to plot out a few routes you plan to walk that day. Then take a screenshot of every map. Later, you can find the photo and follow the path.

  • Data roaming. 

To avoid international data roaming you need to set up your cell phone. The biggest costs can come from this.

  • The six month passport rule.

If you are from U.S you already know that the country let s you use the passport up to the date inside the cover. However, that’s not allowed in other countries and some will deny your entry if the passport expired in less than 6 months. That’s because that country wants to ensure that you have a valid passport to travel back to the U.S if you get stuck overseas longer than planned. To avoid this, I advise you to renew your passport.

  • Getting cash.

The easiest way to get cash is using an ATM. But, the truth is that many U.S banks charge steep fees if the ATM is out of network. To pay that fee once, you can take out a large amount of cash at the airport. However it is never advisable to have lots of money in your pockets while traveling, so see what method works the best in the country you are traveling to.

Tracing the origin of Moroccan carpets


That old is gold is once again demonstrated by the popularity of Moroccan rugs.  It ranks high among the available home decor items. Homeowners are keen to have their share of the ethnic beauty of the North African country that brings along with it the cultural lineage of the place. From its exotic cuisine to hospitality and climate, for long Morocco has been an attractive tourist destination. Its woodcarvings and leatherwork have earned notable acclaim around the world, but the sensation that Moroccan rugs have created is truly incomparable.  As you make your way through the Moroccan towns and cities, be ready to be amazed by the abundant display of rugs. These rugs now find a place of pride in homes across Europe and America as incredible pieces of artistic home decor with the enchanting appeal.

It is perfect for modern homes

Besides the aesthetic and ethnic appeal of the rugs, its versatility is another reason for its popularity. The touch of ancient African culture that is evident in the weaving patterns is so much versatility that it matches very well in any modern setting.  Never you will feel that the rug in out of place when seen in the context of the overall decor of the site. The designs and patterns display a beautiful blend of minimalism, modernity and tribalism that makes it most suited for contemporary homes. Having a Moroccan rug at home gives you the pleasure of acquiring a piece of priceless antique.

Berber rugs and carpets

Luxury homes would find Berber rugs and carpets most befitting pieces of flooring that have the unique vintage appeal.  It is a proprietary item of the Berber tribal women, whose mothers and grandmothers taught them the art of weaving rugs at a very early age when they were little girls. The skills and techniques along with the artistic minds pass on through generations that have made it possible for the rugs to survive through many hundreds of years. The Moroccan rugs UK bring along with it the cultural heritage of the tribes that create the magic carpets.  Collectively all the Berber tribes have the name Beni Ourain, which is the reason why Berber rugs have the name BeniOurain rugs.

Made from wool only

Sheep wool was the staple material for making Berber rugs that used to be handmade entirely. Sheep rearing was common in the Atlas Mountains range, and the sheared wool from sheep went into the making of rugs and carpets.  To add colours to the designs, the weavers used coloured wool made by dyeing natural wool. Although used in much smaller quantity, camel hair was the other choice for making rugs.

Although we now use rugs on floors, in its original version, it covered the body to protect people from the cold weather, hence, wool as the obvious choice. As the availability of natural materials became scarce and the demand for rugs increased, recycled fabrics and synthetic materials replaced the natural materials. However, the artistic designs and patterns of rugs that contribute to its appeal remain almost unchanged.

Air Conditioner Maintenance- Importance of Regular Tune Ups


Many homeowners make the unfortunate mistake of not seeking professional services for their air conditioning units until they have a major problem. If you plan to stay cool and relaxed within your home without being concerned about costly energy bills, it is essential to keep your air conditioning tuned up and maintained.

Efficiency and Savings

A regular check up for the air conditioning system in your home can help to extend its life and add several years to its lifespan. It will also help you save significant sums of money on energy bills and you can use your substantial savings to cover annual maintenance expenses. Regular visits from professionals will enable you to identify small issues before they develop into bigger and more costly problems.

General Maintenance

Similar to maintaining a vehicle by changing the oil and rotating the tires to yield a longer life, a new air conditioning is an investment that should be properly taken care of. General maintenance consists of checking the functionality of the system.

  • Cleaning the condenser coil ensures that it is free of debris and completely clean. They system needs to be thoroughly checked to find out whether or not it is working optimally as well as if there is a leak or improper connection.
  • A unit that is well-maintained and taken care of can last for several years in comparison to the diminishing number of years that are associated with neglected systems. Units that are not regularly serviced lose considerable percentages of their efficiency on an annual basis and this could lead to a costly A/C system replacement.
  • Homeowners can actively participate in maintaining their units by making sure that they change the filters on their systems as often as recommended each year to keep them functioning smoothly and enhancing the flow of air. Are air conditioning tune ups worth it? Learn more here.


  • An air conditioning system is likely to lose capacity if it is not maintained. The cost of maintaining your unit will be offset by the lower cost of energy and subsequent savings as well as being able to avoid costly repairs.
  • Refrigerant leaks are among the expensive repairs with rising prices for replacements. People who have older units and experience a leak can consider purchasing a new unit that works with environmentally friendly refrigerants.
  • When something costs a lot to repair, it is usually time to channel your resources towards a new unit.

Professional Maintenance Services

Homeowners are advised to seek professional opinions when they need to replace or repair their air conditioning systems because units can last for a long time when they are properly maintained. Hire licensed companies that can maintain your system and make sure you find a service provider that is trustworthy and reliable. Many warranty companies are restricted to honoring contracts when licensed professionals handle the work.


Prolonging the lives of high efficiency and new air conditioning units requires maintenance that will positively affect overall performance. You will be able to avert problems before they spiral out of control and save the money that you would be compelled to spend on expensive replacements, repairs and energy bills.

Appointment Scheduler – The Need of the Hour


Ever imagined how WordPress made life simpler and easier for many business verticals around the globe. In fact, many business owners who were surviving on limited resources and losing a huge chunk of their clientele are now dominating through their vast approach in which WordPress and it’s free and paid resources played an impeccable role.

Out of many businesses around the globe, majority of them demands time management which is equally important for companies, individuals and the consumers or customers since time management makes it certain that everyone is doing their job with punctuality and nobody is losing anything because of insufficient time.

As WordPress provided many useful resources for many web owners including some of the best free WordPress themes and thousands of supportable WordPress plugins for powering your website to handle some very complicated and unimaginable tasks, saving time has always been the most important process of them all.

Appointment schedulers is the need of the hour for many business verticals such as doctors, hotels, beauty industry, hospitals, IT companies and almost every single service based company. To minimize the work load you should use appointment scheduler plugins to automate your appointment schedules online and also to minimize the risk of human errors that could turn to disastrous and unwanted result and can eventually save some time and money.

There are many good appointments scheduling plugins available on WordPress but we would personally recommend Appointment Scheduler plugins by Weblizar which is an amazing plugin loaded with so many amazing features one could ever imagine about.

These irresistible features make Appointment Scheduler one of the best appointment automation tools out in the market. Where many other tools are just surviving over the intent of learning how things are working, this plugin is certainly making it’s place by pointing out to some of the very common issues and problems an organisation can face.

The free version of the plugin can be downloaded from or from

There are many features that make Appointment Scheduler plugin the best from the lot.

  • Accept Online Appointment On Your Website
  • Appointments Management Dashboard
  • Check All Appointment Statistical Report
  • Calendar View For Admin With Appointment Status Filter Like Pending / Approve / Cancel / Completed
  • Calendar View For Admin With Extra Filter Like Services / Customers
  • Set Business Booking Hours
  • Create Modify Services
  • Categorize Services
  • Paid & Free Booking
  • Manage Appointment With Search And Pagination Option
  • Export Your Appointments List
  • Export Your Clients and Customers List
  • Customize Booking Settings
  • Customize Frontend Booking Appearance
  • Backup Services
  • Backup Customers
  • Custom Time Slot Duration Settings
  • Custom Time Slot According To Service Duration
  • Set Booking Instruction For Clients And Customers
  • Custom CSS Setting to Customise Design and Style With Own CSS
  • Email Notifications Settings
  • Send Booking Notification Message To Clients and Customers
  • Notify Customer On Booking Confirm and Cancel
  • Notify Administrator when Someone Book New Appointment
  • Set Business Time OFFs
  • Set Lunch Hours
  • Set Repeating Time OFFs / Holidays
  • Turn OFF Weekends Using Holiday Feature
  • Complete Settings Panel
  • Set System Time Format
  • Set System Date Format
  • 50+ Curreny Settings
  • Set Frontend Theme Color
  • Display Business Logo On Booking Form
  • Show Business Information On Booking Form
  • Show Business Opening Hours On Booking Form
  • Show Social Media Links On Booking Form
  • Customize Next And Previous Buttons During Booking & Scheduling Process
  • Plugin Details & Guide

These are some of the features that you’ll get with the free version of the plugin available to be downloaded from

Demo of the paid version is available on

It is strongly recommended to use appointment scheduler plugin if your business falls into any service categories mentioned above to make it easier to manage your business and your clients as well.

Things to Avoid When Engaging an Interstate Moving Company


Moving a long distance away across the country is even more of a hassle than the normal move to a different town in the same state. Not only do you need to ensure that your goods are packed better to stand the rigors of the move but you also need to avoid making some basic mistakes that can create a lot of havoc. Some useful tips:

Don’t Sign the Contract Blindly

Never assume that the contract the moving company hands to you is a standard one that need not be read. Make it a point to read it carefully and ask questions about everything that is not clear. Ask the company to specifically point out any additional fees that may be chargeable and arrange to have the rest struck out from the contract. Make it very clear what their responsibility is and how much they can charge you, subject to even contingencies.

Avoid a Moving Company That Demands Only Cash Payment

Any legitimate and reputed DC moving company will typically offer a number of methods that you can use to pay them, including check, bank transfer, credit card, etc. Beware of companies that only accept cash even though it may not be a big bother for you. When you pay by cash there is no paper trail, and the company can later simply turn around and either denythe payment made by you or say it was for a lower amount and they are still to get the balance.

Don’t Sign-Off the Paperwork Unless All Your Belongings Have Been Delivered

After the company makes the delivery, you should physically verify that all the boxes and other items have been actually delivered before you sign the paperwork that certifies completion of the delivery. It is not unusual for interstate movers to transship consignments from one truck to another depending on logistical convenience. So, it is quite possible that some articles will be delivered later. Make sure that all the items have been delivered and refuse to sign any delivery notes or similar paperwork unless you get everything. Do not get mislead that the moving company will ensure that the delivery will be made soon and that the paperwork is just a formality.

Find Out Who Is Responsible For Insurance

If your goods are costly, you should definitely have them insured for the move. While most of the moving companies have tie-ups with insurance companies that let them offer very decent rates, do not assume that they are taking care of the insurance. Ask for a quote, compare it with those that you have obtained independently, and go ahead with the one that appears reasonable.


When moving, it is essential that you maintain a list of the inventory so that you can check it off with the deliveries being made. Ideally, each box should have a distinctive number to make identification easy. As a matter of abundant caution, you should never entrust very important documents, valuables or fragile goods to the moving company.

A Complete Guide for Finding the Right Self-Storage Unit


There are many reasons you could be looking for self-storage in your city. There are many types of self-storage facilities and they come in handy when you are in need of fast, convenient and affordable storage for your prized possessions. Whether you are downsizing or you just need more room for your belongings, a self-storage unit comes in handy.

Versatile and Safe Storage

These facilities offer the most convenient storage options for a wide range of situations. Business owners are also finding these storage units to be ideal when they have no more space for their inventory. From prized art, music instruments, electronics, and furniture to vehicles, a self-storage unit offers just the space you need for safe storage.

You also have unlimited access to your items any time of day or night and what’s more, you have a wide selection of flexible storage options to choose from.

Well, the demand for storage space has seen self storage units mushrooming in every neighborhood. The fact that this is an unregulated industry has seen many people fall for scams and lose their treasured belongings. To avoid the same fate, you need to take time when choosing the best self-storage unit.

Below are some tips to help you identify the best storage facility:

  1. Assess Your Needs

Before even starting your search for storage, assess your needs to make your job easier. Do you need long-term storage or will you be removing your items within a few days? The best storage unit should perfectly suit your needs without blowing up the cost; look for the right fit in terms of size to avoid paying for space you don’t need.

  1. Excellent Security

Whatever you are going to store in a storage unit, make sure you assess the security in the compound. Many users complain of loss of their valuable items. Therefore, look for extra security features including video surveillance, security personnel, computerized access, and flood lighting among others. Security is one of the factors you should never compromise on when looking for the right storage.

  1. Hygiene/ Cleanliness

It is advisable to go for a state-of-the-art facility which is maintained to the highest standards. Take time to walk around the facility and don’t just believe the manager’s word. Check for critter and mold growth on the surfaces and any other signs that will help you determine the hygiene standards maintained at the facility.

  1. Accessibility

Depending on the items in storage, you should consider accessibility as a major factor. For instance, if you need to access the stored items every other day, look for a facility that is available 24/7. What’s more, the storage unit should be near the road. If you choose a facility that is too close to the city, the rates will be higher.

  1. Read Reviews

Take time to read online reviews and testimonials to learn more about a specific storage facility. It is easier today for consumers to share information about the services they use. When you go online, you will find such details easily and they will help you make an informed decision.

You should also look out for lighting and air conditioning in the storage unit you choose, discounted storage rates, on-site management, convenient loading docks, parking space and excellent customer service.

4 Quick Tips for Choosing the Perfect Soccer Cleats


Whether you know it as soccer or football, this game is one of the most popular sports all over the world. People of all ages and from all walks of life can play soccer. What really matters is the skill, the interest and of course the right gear and you are good to go.

Speaking of the right gear, most people ask what safety geara soccer player should buy. Well, if you love soccer, then you know for a fact that injuries can be a huge blow to your entire career. Luckily, some injuries can be avoided if the player invests in safety gear like ankle braces and soccer cleats. Playing soccer with ankle braces keeps your ankles covered and reduces the chances of you getting an ankle sprain, twist or tear.

Fact is, as soccer players showcase their talent, it is their feet that do all the work. Therefore, having the right footwear in the field is a must. As a matter of fact, players find it hard and frustrating to run around the soccer pitch when they are wearing the wrong type of footwear. Here are a few quick tips that will help you choose the right pair of soccer cleats.

  • Go for the right size

You must at all times ensure that your soccer cleats fit well. You should try them on, run around and find out if you are comfortable in them. You can also try kicking a soccer ball for as this is the only practical way for you to find the right pair of cleats. Therefore, ensure that your cleats are neither too tight not too loose.

  • Find a light pair

Light cleats make it easy for the wearer to move freely. And because you will be spending more time running across the pitch, it is important that you find yourself a light pair of soccer cleats.

  • Go for high cleat performance

As a soccer player, this is another key feature that you should look for when buying your soccer cleats. Remember that you might be playing on different soccer fields and for that reason; you needs cleats that will perform well regardless of the type of playing field. Ask around from other players or browse the internet to find that perfect pair.

  • Go with the trend

New designs and styles of soccer cleats are always being introduced to the market. For example, some of the newest brands have a variety of cleats designed to perform well in different weather conditions. Picking such cleats will be an added advantage for the player and at the end of the day, this would make your entire game better and more enjoyable.

In conclusion, having the best soccer cleats doesn’t make you a good player. It all boils down to the skills, tricks, talent and above all, your practice for you to become a good soccer player. So, as much as you will heading to your next soccer game with a new pair of cleats, you must bring all these other aspects with you too.

Factors That Determine the Cost of Roofing


Prior to contacting roofers, the first thing you should do is to understand how much the project will cost you. This is the key to avoiding delays in project completion due to lack of funds. The purpose of this post is to examine the key factors that will affect the overall cost of a new roof.

Roof size

This is no brainer. The bigger the roof is, the more it will cost you to install, replace or repair. This is for the simple fact that a lager roof needs more materials and more labor. When giving a quote, roofers will mainly charge you based on the square footage divided by 100. This gives the roofing square. One roofing square is equal to 100 square feet. Most of the materials you will find are sold by square and not by the square foot.

Roof pitch

Another thing that will affect the cost of roofing is the slope or pitch of your roof. A steep roof will cost you more than a flat roof. The pitch of the roof will determine the type of the required underlayment system. This plays a crucial role in pricing. Roofs that are very steep – more than 6:12 pitch – are risky to walk on, hence roofers will need special equipment. Needless to say, this will translate to higher costs. A pitched roof requires more materials than a flat roof. It will therefore be cheaper to work on a flat roof than on a pitched one.

Type of roof that is being removed

An important point you cannot forget about when getting a quote from Galaxy roofers of Tampa is that the type of roof that will be removed before the new one is installed will affect the total cost. The quote is often based on the amount of time it will take to remove the old roof. The contractor will also add the cost of disposing the old roofing materials. The longer it takes to remove the old roof, the more expensive roofing will be.

Type of the new roofing materials

Certain materials take longer to install than others. Asphalt composition shingles are the entry level materials for sloped roofing. The clay and concrete tiles are mid-range options. With the flat roofs, the price will start with coatings, modified torches, hot-mop built-up roofs and so on. Always get the specifics and ask for a price breakdown before committing to any one roofing company.

Roof warranty

You should not forget about the roof warranty. The type of warranty you get will affect the cost. The types of warranties include extended or no-dollar-limit warranty and the warranty where the roofer is backing the workmanship and labor of the project. A standard warranty is cheaper than the extended warranty.

These are the main things that affect the overall cost of roofing. In addition to that, you have to bear in mind that contractors charge differently for their services. It is your duty to find an affordable contractor and negotiate a fair deal with him.

Things to Pack before Heading for a Wildlife Vacation at a Tadoba Accommodation


Nothing could be more exciting than planning a wildlife vacation at the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve that is situated in Maharashtra, India. This sprawling tiger reserve is pretty often called the ‘jewel of Vidharba’, thanks to the amazing flora and fauna that is found here. The Tadoba National Park is the destination to head for if you are looking for a getaway that is marked by serenity and tranquility. The pristine forest is worth exploring and you need to get prepared for a thrilling jungle safari at the National Park.

Vacations could be great fun but it could be quite challenging to organize and plan the entire trip. It is important to pay attention to everything that goes into packing as you must not forget to carry your essentials. While packing for a wildlife vacation, always remember to consult a doctor so that you carry all relevant medication associated with the wildlife trip. You must consider maintaining a checklist. You may go on striking things out till you are 100% sure that you have managed to pack everything that would be needed for your wildlife trip.

Before turning your attention to packing, you must, however, research on the Tadoba hotels so that you spend your vacation in a cozy and comfortable hotel or resort that is situated within a close proximity to the fascinating National Park.

Here are some of the packing essentials.

Remember to Take Along a Plug Converter

You must include the appropriate electrical plug adapters. In the event you end up with the wrong ones, you would not be able to charge your cell phone or computer throughout the course of your wildlife vacation. In order to avoid such a panicky situation, you must do ample research on the Internet to know exactly which plug converter would work for India.

Do Not Forget Mosquito Repellent

Tadoba is certainly one of the most popular tourist hot spots in India. You must visit the renowned National Park only after proper planning and perfect packing. When you are exploring the jungle, it is best to apply mosquito repellent on the exposed areas of your body to avoid mosquito bites that may lead to dangerous diseases such as malaria, dengue, encephalitis etc. You may use the standard spray or a biodegradable lotion if you so prefer.

Carry Along a Hand Fan

In any jungle, you must expect lots of mosquitoes as these are wonderful breeding grounds for them. You must never compromise your health while having vacation fun. So, carry a hand fan when you are going on a jungle safari to protect yourself from mosquito bites. Hand fans are regarded as the most effective and smartest tool for the tourists in an effort to combat the attacks and bites from mosquitoes.

Carry the Right Clothes

You need to wear light-weight comfortable field pants to protect yourself from insect bites and splashy mud. So carry appropriate full pants to cover your legs while enjoying a jungle safari. You must carry pairs of socks that are supposed to be long enough for pulling up right over your pant cuffs. By the way, it could be a great idea to buy leach socks that are tightly woven for extra protection. You must pack scarves and bandanas to drape around your head or neck for absorbing sweat.


If you carry the above-mentioned articles along with a good camera for exceptional wildlife photography and also, a pair of sunglasses to ward off the harsh rays of the sun, you are all set for the jungle safari at the Tadoba Tiger Reserve.

Tips on How to Pack Right for a Super Golf Vacation


It is all too very easy for golf enthusiasts to get lost in the selection of the golfing venue and holiday destination and completely forget about packing adequately for the trip. If you don’t pack with a little thought and foresight, you will not only ruin a lot of the joy of your golfing holiday but also you will be reduced to mooching off your companions. While you should definitely pack light, it’s also very important that you pack right. Some useful tips:

Decide On Your Shoe Strategy

Of course, you need to take along your favorite and most comfortable pair to wear on the greens. It is usually very sensible to carry a spare pair in case you manage to ruin it with water or mud. Because you will not be playing golf every day, you should also carry a pair of trainers for casual use. Including a pair of street golf shoes can be quite handy for replacing the second pair and the trainers. Remember you are on a holiday, so you’ll need a pair of dressy shoes for those dinners at the resort’s classy restaurants, however, this pick really depends on your evening plans. A pair of flip flops is great for lounging around the pool or taking a walk on the beach.

Dress to Suit the Weather but Be Prepared for Surprises

Depending on where you have booked your golfing holiday, you will need to carry climate-appropriate clothes. However, regardless of the destination being located in misty mountains or near sunny beaches, you will need to keep in mind that the weather can change dramatically in an instant, so you need to carry with you apparel to combat rain and cold, even if the weather forecasts do not show any such need. Explore to get an idea of the clothing requirements at various popular golfing destinations around the world.

Be Smart About Money

Some people like to travel with loads of cash, while others carry the bare minimum and let their credit cards do the heavy lifting. If you are visiting some remote and exotic destination in some foreign land, do inquire if the resort will accept credit cards and whether there are any ATMs around should you want cash. Carrying a decent amount of cash, especially in singles, is great for tipping because large denomination notes will be a big waste. It is better to carry the foreign currency with you rather than change dollars outside as your own bank will usually provide the service free of any charge.


A perfect golfing trip revolves around getting the details right. Remember to carry a charger for the phone and laptop, and an adapter so that you can plug it into the wall socket even in foreign lands. Carry printed copies of your passport, schedules, addresses and important phone numbers to reduce your dependence on electronic devices. Do carry OTC medicines for aching muscles, indigestion, insect bites, etc. and some high-protein dried food in case you get stranded somewhere.