How to Become a Good DBA Consultant: Key Qualities you should Posses


The road to becoming a world recognized DBA is not an easy one to take. However, panic not my friend, everything that you need to know about becoming a DBA administrator and the responsibilities that come with the title are all laid out in this post. Keep reading!

As it is with other demanding careers, I am sure that you want to equip yourself with all the relevant information to ensure that you have a good start in a career that not so many have the passion for. If truth be told, for you to become a good DBA, you must above all other things create a strong foundation from which you can grow.

  • Certification – Remember the phrase ‘Education is the key to success? Well, this is so true when it comes to employment and career choices. It is your certification that will give you ranks in the employment world. Therefore, for you to get attached to a company as the acting DBA, you must have some education background and credentials to back you up.

For example, Oracle, being one of the prevalent integrated hardware and software businesses in the world, offers certification for each supported version of a product. It is the certification that will help you deliver technical support and recommendations for companies that run specific Oracle products.

As a matter of fact, an Oracle certification might just secure you a promotion and/or a raise. Therefore, enrol for a certified course in database administration from Oracle; take it further into bachelors and master’s degree.

  • Experience–It takes industrial experience for one to be labelled a good DBA. Since more and more companies are now relying on database administration to secure their crucial data and information, you must prove yourself worth the position of a DBA. The best way for you to understand the whole shebang about databases and your responsibilities as the DBA consultant, then you must have years of experience.

Therefore, during your first steps into this career, seek first the experience and not just the pay, because at the end of the day, the experience will give you a chance in higher places.

  • Commitment – Being a DBA requires commitment at its highest level. Unlike other careers when people have occasional breaks during a financial year to relax, a DBA should be able and willing to work, perform and deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yes, you heard it right; it is quite a demanding job!

There is basically no specific working plan for a database consultant. The responsibilities that come with the title are so huge and at most times stressful. Believe it or not, DBA administration consultants work even during holidays because tasks like database maintenance don’t have a time frame.

With the three tips mentioned above, you can rest assured that your career in database administration and consulting is headed for greatness. Money will simply start to flow your way and more companies will be begging for your services. The more you polish your expertise through industrial experience; you get more chances to flourish in your career.

How to Pick the Right Gas Flow Meter


There are many reasons to invest in a flow meter for your gas application. By constantly monitoring the flow of gas at your facility, you are able to detect leaks and reduce wastage. By checking the flow, you are able to enhance safety and also increase efficiency in the delivery of the flow to the required points. Gas meters are used in industrial, commercial and residential settings where this product is used.

Whatever your application, measuring the accuracy of gas flow is crucial and if you are shopping for a flow meter to help in this, you need to get more insight on the same. There are different types of flow meters including mass flow, velocity, differential pressure meters and positive displacement flow meters. With the right information, it becomes easier to buy a flow meter that is suitable for accurately measuring gas flow.

Differential pressure flow meters –This type of gas flow meter relies on Bernoulli’s principle where the measurement of gas flow is equated to a pressure drop over an obstruction on the path of the gas flow. They include the orifice plate and averaging pilot tube.

Velocity flow meters – These flow meters measure velocity of the gas flow at one point or more points and then work out the flow velocity over the area. They include turbine flow meters, ultrasonic flow meters and vortex flow meter.

Mass flow meters –These determine the mass of the gas flowing through the flow meter. They include the coriolis flowmeters and thermal mass flow meters.

Positive Displacement –These include the Reciprocating Piston Meter, Nutating Disc and Rotary Vane Meter.

It is important to get the specification on the flow meter you choose in order to determine whether it will suit your unique application. It is advisable to choose a fast response flow meter and check the accuracy of the device. A trigger alarm will also come in handy in gas measurement and control and this should be a component of the flow switch you buy.

Buying the Best Gas Flow Meters

It is important to start your flow meter shopping process by determining what you need for your application. For instance, determine the type of flow you have as this will determine the type of flow meter you will buy. Once you have determined your needs, including the unique application requirement flow rate and any other needs, it is now time to go to the market.

As a rule of thumb, you should not be guided by cost alone. Instead, you should consider the brand reputation and read reviews for the flow meter you want to buy. It is important to go for the widest turndown which is defined as the ratio of the maximum and minimum flow rates a flowmeter can measure within its specified accuracy range.

Other factors to consider include ease of installation and maintenance. Go for a low-maintenance appliance which will not require regular maintenance and repairs. You should also ensure the supplier will offer necessary support if need be. A warranty will also come in handy to assure you that the flow meter is highly functional.

The ‘Emperor’s new clothes’ problem in project management


We are all aware of Han Christian Andersen’s story of an emperor who gets a new suit of clothes which cannot be seen by stupid and incompetent people. Initially the emperor wears these new clothes in front of his courtiers, who say nothing to him. He gets emboldened and goes around in his new pair of clothing in front of the entire town. No one in the town is ready to point out what is very obvious. Finally it takes a kid to spell out things as they are.

This is something that happens in the business world more often than we like to think. While undertaking projects we have a tendency to plan every little detail. However as is so often seen, project execution often throws our way challenges which were not planned for. Sometimes these challenges are glaring with obvious solutions and sometimes they appear as innocuous little niggles and very soon grow into complete mess like situations.

During planning phase we kind of benchmark our expectations and often times while execution we know that we are missing the benchmark but we gladly carry on as long as we are in a close enough approximation. The problem is that the approximation is always close enough for us. Nobody wants to be the first one to point out something which may not even be a true risk. The project status report therefore is always green on all parameters of a project until discovered otherwise. More often than not this discovery happens when it is too late to take corrective action.

The key to solve this problem plaguing the project management industry is to be able to Increase the sensitivity of the project risk management process to identify emergent risks faster while minimizing false alarms. There are a couple of ways to resolve this however to my mind the most effective way is to use the ‘Wisdom of Crowd’ functionality to gauge the health of the project. This could be done in a couple of ways, by passing out questionnaires, letting people take surveys , encouraging them to point out any potential disasters. Typically these kind of exercises are to be done individually and not as a team. The project manager can however use these inputs and make use of data analytics to understand and prioritize these risks.  Here the manager’s key skill lies in how he lets the data drive the next steps in the project. What kind of system the manager uses to interpret these risks (a good system should have a high ratio of true positives to false positives) is also going to determine whether the team spends time on solving actual problems or on falsely perceived risks.

Managers also need a certain level of skill and experience in dealing with this. Sometimes with all the thingsthat are running simultaneously in projects, managers are running from pillar to post trying to douse current fires with very little time left to use their analytical side and experience in addressing risks that are not yet full-blown.

With the advent of data science and its application to project management, we are entering into a phase were managers will have it much easier going forward. Systems which collect the wisdom of crowd ,analyze data and calibrate the status of the project as an output will see a huge acceptability from the project management community going forward. These systems will get smarter and evolve as time goes on. Eventually we will see the role of project manager will change too.

These are exciting times being brought forward by the application of data science and analytics in the practice of project management. The emperor might find it little difficult now to roam around naked on the streets of his town.

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Optimizing organic CTR for increased traffic and sales


Click through rate measures the number of new people visiting your website to check out your products and services. CTR is a direct measure of the effectiveness of your online marketing strategy. If you have an advertising plan in place, you will have a higher CTR. You must already know that boosting a post through social media and sponsored ads will get you more visitors. These are all benefits of paid search results.

Organic CTR is a little different. It includes only those visitors who have found you from direct Google searches. They have not come via an advertised path or from social media boost. It is a direct link that is not a result of your advertising efforts. Organic CTR is not dependent on your advertising budget. The exact number of people who click on your website from the Google search results is your organic CTR.

The link in the first place of Google SRL gets the most number of clicks. It claims almost 33% of all traffic. This means, the higher you are on the ladder, the more will be your website traffic.

Why is your organic CTR necessary?

Your total CTR will tell how smartly you have invested in advertising and PR. Your organic CTR will determine how well your title, keyword and website content is performing. This judges the performance of your site content on other sites in competition.

A general boost in organic click through rates improves your website ranking. This will rake in more views and create a positive feedback loop. Google takes to click through data as a reliable ranking signal.

How can you boost your organic CTR?

A recent study from Search Engine Watch stated that as keywords increase length, there is a constant increase in CTR, conversion rate and conversions per 1000 impressions. The ideal length of keywords is between 31-35 characters. The efficiency of the long-tailed keywords varies from industry to industry. The study also noted that keywords above 40 characters were not efficient and didn’t generate as many impressions. Always think of phrases containing the keyword that will be around 31-35 characters.

Should you review your title?

The title is the first thing any reader and visitor will notice about your post. You may want to make it one of your USPs. SEJ states that constructing titles from different perspectives keeps things interesting. There are four tactics you can try –

  • The jester
  • The hero or anti-hero
  • The feel good friend
  • The bad news bearer

On this note, we must let you know that including new punctuations do not create new titles. You need to add at least ONE new word to create a new title for your post. This strategy will help you repurpose old posts (with moderately high CTRs) by adding a new title, subheads, links, and metadata.

What are a few ways to increase your organic CTR?

Organic results depend upon direct user interaction. Your potential visitor and client will judge your website by the snippet they can see on their Google search results page. Here are ten ways in which you can increase your organic click through rate in the next couple of weeks –

  1. List all pages in order of descending CTRs. Once you find the reasons more people are drawn to page A and not B, you can quickly adjust your content strategy.
  2. Use power words that elicit an emotional response from your readers. For example – “children’s books that inspire creativity” is more useful than “10 books for bedtime stories” as a post title.
  • Reformat your content to include more lists, bullets, tables, and subheads.
  1. Include custom URLs with keywords in each of them for all indexed pages.
  2. Use numbers or refer to the volume of the feature. For example – do not just say sun-kissed beaches you can visit this summer. Include “5 suns kissed beaches you can visit this summer”.
  3. Work facts into your post. Include valid sources. People are more likely to garner a positive impression about sites that give them facts.
  • Include your special offer in the title of your page.
  • List down all possible questions your followers can ask about a product or post. Add the possible answer in the page description.
  1. Make a direct offer to your potential customer in your metadata.
  2. Include a call to action in your website metadata.

Increasing your organic CTR is the easiest way to get new buyers. This is not a standardized process, homogenized for all marketers. Each brand has its requirements and just like all good SEO services; you need to tweak your organic CTR strategy to best suit your company website interests. At the end of a successful strategy, your website will have more viewers, buyers, and higher conversion rates.

There is a bit of HPLC in our daily lives


Quite often, you will come across news about sports scandals involving top of the line sportsmen accused of doping.  Doping is a menace in sports today as some athletes often use performance-enhancing drugs to take unfair advantage in competition.  When a scandal surfaces, the sportsman/ woman in question has to undergo a range of tests of blood and urine samples to detect the presence of banned substances in their body. This is an ideal case when a High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Instrument (HPLC) comes handy to analyze the sample to separate the components in it so that the truth comes out. The scope of use of HPLC is widening by the day, and it has a broad range of applications in our lives that we are often not aware of. Let us look at some instances where HPLC plays a significant role in our lives.

Facilitating criminal investigation

A criminal investigation is about not only brains and brawns, but much science is involved in it. Scientific analysis of different kinds of samples obtained from the crime scene plays a critical role in criminal investigation.  Among various scientific methods used for analysis of samples, chromatography holds the center stage.  Chromatography is widely used in analyzing liquid samples to detect the components present in the compound. In this method, different elements are isolated from the compound that enables its quantification. It helps to detect alcohol levels as well as the presence of toxic elements in blood.

For pathological testing

Pathological testing that we all undergo at some time or the other is another area where we find the use of HPLC in our lives. As health consciousness has increased, more and more people undergo regular medical checkup for which different kinds of pathological test are done.  The same happens during medical treatment.  Since the aim of testing pathological samples is to detect the presence of different elements in a compound together with its levels, liquid chromatographic tests are most useful for precise results.

Detecting food adulteration

To find out whether or not food is adulterated, the use of HPLC is well known. Since testing by HPLC helps to pin point the various elements present in a food sample, it becomes easy to identify the unwanted element unscrupulous people add to food.  If you want to determine the purity of food items, then also you must test it by HPLC that enables detection of impurities in the sample. Chromatographic testing helps to overcome the limitations of other testing methods.

Chromatography saves lives

All of us remember the menace of Ebola virus that created havoc in 2013 in countries like Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone. Had it not been for HPLC, detecting the deadly virus and containing it would be a distant dream.  By using chromatography, scientists were able to identify antibodies that could neutralize the Ebola virus.

The advancements that have happened in fighting HIV/AIDS owe a lot to the contribution of HPLC. It has provided more insights to scientists that have given very positive results in controlling the dangers of the disease.




Deciphering the puzzle of numbers in ascertaining tractor tire size


It often happens that you buy a tractor for some particular purpose of landscaping and in the course of its use, the need changes. In such circumstances, it may turn out that, the tires fitted with the equipment are not exactly what you need for your present requirements. Since the type of tire relates to its functions, it is essential to know about the tire features and sizes for buying replacement tires. The size of the tire is perhaps the most important feature followed by some other aspects like tread and ply. Unless you can determine the right size of tractor tires, you can never buy it right. In this article, we have discussed how you can decode the numbers displayed on tires.

Expressing the size

The tire size depends on the type of tractor and the wheel type. However, you must be able to decode the numbers displayed on the tire to ascertain its size. The manufacturers use two methods of expressing tire size – the standard format and the metric format. In both methods, the numbers appearing in a sequence have a special significance which when correctly understood helps to get the size of tire.

  • Standard format – This is a simpler version of expressing tire size. You find two numbers separated from one another by a hyphen or dash. The first number is the width of the tire in inches and the second number corresponds to the wheel size or its diameter where the tire fits. The dash tells us about the tire construction, as it is bias ply. If instead of the dash there would be ‘R,’ it would mean that it is a radial tire.
  • Metric format – The metric expression of the tire size is a bit complex as it consists of more digits and alphabets. When you come across “525/85R42” the first number corresponds to the tire width expressed in metric units of a millimeter.  Although it is a metric format, the last number is the wheel size or diameter in inches. As earlier “R” is the type of tire and here it is radial.  However, the remaining number in the middle (85) needs some explanation because it denotes the aspect ratio.

Aspect ratio

The number 85 in the middle is a percentage obtained from the ratio between the height of the sidewall of the tire and width of the tire. Instead of expressing the ratio in its original form by using a colon as you find in 5:12, it is expressed regarding percentage. Here 85 mean that the height of the sidewall is 85 percent of the tire width.  From the expression, you can work out the sidewall height as 525 x.85 = 446.25 mm.

More numbers

There may be more numbers used in expressing the tire size as it conveys additional information.  If the number is 520/85-42 158 A8 R1, then the dash tells us that it is a bias ply tire. 158 is load index number, and A8 is speed index number.

The better you are in decoding the numbers easier is the tire selection.

Why Should Children Exercise Daily?


Children today are becoming obese as they have stopped playing outdoors. The technological age has brought with its video games, smartphones and the like. Kids do not like to step out of the home because they enjoy these virtual games sitting in one corner. There is no physical activity, and the result here is obesity and associated illnesses.

The immediate need for children to exercise

It is important for children of all ages to exercise to grow fit and happy. Their mental development also depends upon the amount of physical exercise they do. Schools are paying attention to this issue, and this is why they arrange for special physical training and sports classes for kids. However, the regime of exercise should be inculcated into their routine. This is why many gyms have stepped forward to encourage parents to bring their children and love the routine of exercise.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

You may have heard of this saying. The child needs to both study and plays to growing up into a happy emotionally balanced person. Daily exercises at the gym will help your child to improve both mental and physical health. The mental health of a person depends upon his or her physical health. This is why you must ensure that your child loves the idea to workout for at least 30 minutes in one day.

Experts from, a leading operator of trampoline parks in the USAsay that when it comes to working out, children should be aware of the right techniques as well. Exercise does not mean merely running about. The body needs a set of coordinated movements to ensure that it functions optimally. It is here that physical trainers for children step in. They will be instrumental when it comes to guiding children towards the path of good health.

Fitness trainers for children state that when it comes to their needs, it is important for them to ensure that children love the workout program. They say that when it comes to creating exercise programs for children, a lot of fun and diversity is thrown in. This helps the child to exercise enjoyable. The key here is to keep the child motivated, and he or she should love the routine of physical activity daily.

Experts say that like adults even children are different. This is why it is important for the trainer to understand the unique needs of the child and help him or she attain the highest levels of fitness with success!

There are gyms for children to join and you as a parent should encourage your child to get into some sport or physical activity. The child will benefit today and in the long run. The exercises should be enjoyable, and the child should practice them at home if needed. With the aid of a good trainer, your child can become health conscious, lean and fit in the long run without hassles at all!


How To Promote Your Marketing Blog On Various Social Media Sites


In the information age, corporate enterprises are realizing the importance of social media to promote their marketing blogs to large online audience. People who surf the internet loves these informal web pages because their content is very informative and up-to-date. Moreover, these companies get the opportunity to meet the individuals who browse through their business blogs at a personal level in the virtual world. However, all of this is meaningless for you, as an entrepreneur, if your potential online customers cannot find your blog. The following tips can help you generate online traffic to your marketing blog by utilizing the power of social media:

  • Create a personal profile that is relevant to your business

As an entrepreneur, there is no point creating a personal profile of yourself that is not relevant to the kind business you are operating. In order to expand your online business, you have to establish potential “connections” on why these online viewers should consider you an expert to discuss a particular topic. Moreover, it should be easy for them to find your marketing blog on the internet. For this, you need to write up a personal profile that gives informative details of the type of commodities and services your business offering these potential customers. Social media sites like Facebook contain certain web pages where you upload relevant information relating to your business.

  • Search for potential customers

In the virtual world, you need to attract potential clients to your business rather than wait for them to visit you. However, social media makes it easy for you as an entrepreneur to search for individuals with interests that are similar to yours. This is because it is possible for you to find them with the help of certain keywords. You want to attract that segment of the online audience to your marketing blog who interest to the type of business enterprise you are operating. The only way to achieve this objective is by continuous updating the content on this particular web page. This is one of the most important social media tips for promotion of a marketing blog to remember.

  • Be active

To ensure that your business strives in the virtual world, you need continuously update the information in the contents of your marketing blog for online viewers to show any interest. In fact, people who browse the internet may not consider it polite if you spam them junk commercial email without updating the content of your marketing blog. It is like going to a social function where you initially do not introduce yourself as entrepreneur to the individuals present but suddenly distribute your business cards when it is over.

  • Take advantage of the features of various social media sites

Every social media site has certain specific features that can help you as an entrepreneur to upload your marketing blog and introduce it to your target online audience. For instance, with Facebook you can create separate pages where you can provide information about your business. Similarly, you can connect your marketing blog’s RSS to your personal profile.

The above tips will go a long way in helping you promote your business’ marketing blog in various social media sites.

Author Bio – Larry Watson is a digital marketer and helps both small and large businesses with social media tips for promotion of a marketing blog for better traffic and revenue for their companies.

Different metals used for designing men’s wedding bands


Men’s wedding bands have become the flavor of modern day weddings. Earlier the gown and ring of the bride were given the major importance, but, today the selection of men’s wedding bands has also come under the limelight. There are lots of metals used nowadays for designing men’s wedding bands. Some of them are Titanium, Stainless Steel, Tungsten Carbide etc. Even till a few years back, Silver and Gold were the only options. But, now there are ample of options available. In fact, it can be said that Silver and Gold are becoming passé.

The best part of these metals replacing Silver and Gold is that there is no need for maintenance and just a little care is required. With time these metals are becoming more and more appealing for the buyers owing to their features. Let’s discuss some of the features that you can enjoy if you purchase wedding bands designed using any of the following metals:


This metal is strong and can handle rough use. If you purchase Titanium wedding bands, then you can ensure that it will be scratch proof. You can purchase it for daily use as well and there is no special care required for it. The best part is that it is completely averse to corrosion owing to the non-ferrous properties.


This metal is even harder than Titanium and there is no need to say that it is scratch resistance. So, you can also choose Tungsten wedding band for him. The designs available are just outstanding and there is no need to worry about the prices as well.

Stainless Steel

This is an alloy that is scratch and corrosion resistant. Unlike Tungsten and Titanium, it is not indestructible. Still, you can definitely expect a good performance as compared to Silver and Gold. In comparison to the above two metals, stainless steel bands are little cheaper. You can get one easily at the online and offline stores, but it is suggested not to buy a pricey item as the longevity may not be as you expect.

When it comes to purchasing men’s wedding bands, then definitely online shopping cannot be missed out. Today, you can simply get more variants at the online stores at compared to the offline ones. The prices are astounding, no need to break your bank which would have been the case otherwise with Gold and Silver bands. The prices of the above listed metals are within the budget of common people and the designs available are plenty. You will be perplexed to see the varieties of options if you visit this store

Apart from the metals discussed above there are various other options available for men’s wedding bands and you can select one on the basis of price, like and dislike of the recipient, style etc.